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The Urban Hen Party Part II -Keeping Small Flocks Healthy. While at the Urban Farm Show last weekend, I took a bit of time away from the U.H.P tables to wander around the whole show and admire some of the rural chickens on display for formal judging (I now want an all-black flock, those Black Cochins and Black Orps are gorgeous!!)

The Urban Hen Party Part II -Keeping Small Flocks Healthy

I also checked out all of the other tables and booths set up around the periphery. Tucked away in the very back (near the petting zoo) was a booth for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (AB.VMA) in partnership with the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada. (*Please note that I am terrible at remembering names, I should know better than to not write names down by now.* Sorry!) The woman at the table, upon hearing that was I a CLUCK representative was very happy to have a moment to chat about some of the publications that the AB.VMA and the Gov'ts are jointly putting out and that she was hoping we could help spread the word about these resources.

And, of course, I am very happy to!