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BimSrv is a BIM services company in Noida, India that provides Revit Modelling, BIM Modelling, 5D Modelling, CAD Customization & 3D Visualization services to design, engineering and construction. For more info visit us at

Revit Consulting - BimSrv. Transitioning to BIM can often be a painful and frustrating process.

Revit Consulting - BimSrv

Your investment remains under utilized or worst goes down the drain as nobody in your office wants to shift. At times, Revit can just become a Presentation tool and gets liimited to creating noce presentations and 3D Renderings. The entire process stops at this stage and everyone is uncomfortable trying Energy Analysis, Daylighting Studies or a Complete set of Construction Drawings.

Producing Drawings often takes much longer than it took in AutoCAD adding to frustration. Everyones morale goes further down and you see no hope. The range of services being provided include: Revit ImplementationRevit Custom FamiliesRevit Custom TemplatesCustom Standard Details LibraryRevit Tutorials. Quantities - BimSrv. 5D Modeling combines 3D Models from a range of software with Time & Cost to produce an Integrated model from all disciplines.

Quantities - BimSrv

Effective Multi-Disciplinary coordination in 3 Dimensions along with Clash Detection provides great insights into the project for all stake holders. Along with Integrated Quantity Takeoffs and Timeline Schedule from Project Management Software such as Microsoft Project. Cost and Timeline are linked to project elements to create a 5D model. 3D building elements from all disciplines combined together into a single model enable unprecedented insight for all stakeholders. Walkthrough that not only show up external spaces but internal spaces inside ceilings to show up structure and services provide information on construction issues long before construction starts on site. How can BimSrv be of help to you? BimSrv can take inputs from disciplines - Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, Project Managers to create a single virtual 5D Model.

Architecture Modeling Services. BimSrv provides complete range of Revit Modeling & Documentation services including: Revit Architecture Modeling,Revit Structure Modeling,Revit MEP Modeling.

Architecture Modeling Services

We Deliver Revit Construction Drawings,Revit Construction Details,Revit Presentation DrawingsCAD to Revit ConversionAs Built Models Customized Services Each discipline and every office has its own peculiar needs, workflow and standards. Experienced professionals at BimSrv understand your specific needs and are able to quickly grasp your Design intent. Clash Detection - BimSrv. CAD Outsourcing Services - BimSrv. CAD Design Services. BimSrv's provides Comprehensive AutoCAD Services.

CAD Design Services

As a general Drafting tool, AutoCAD is suitable for all Technical Drawing. BimSrv specializes in providing AutoCAD services to all AEC professionals. As a default, BimSrv uses AIA CAD Standards that have been automated to ensure Standards Compliance. CAD Standards can also be customized to your office standards and ensure consistency in drawings that are issued from your office BimSrv can provide you with a complete suite of AutoCAD based services customized for your needs. To get started Inputs: What you may need to send us? Sketches:Your Free hand sketches are enough to get the work started. What we Deliver? Presentation Drawings: Complete set of Presentation Drawings for your Concept or Design Development stages of your Project.Sketchup Models: BimSrv can develop full Sketchup Models from your Sketches or AutoCAD Drawings.Construction Drawings: BimSrv delivers full CD Set right from your sketches or Preliminary Drawings.

Limitations of converting CAD to Revit - BimSrv. You often need to convert AutoCAD to Revit.

Limitations of converting CAD to Revit - BimSrv

At times to convert "Standard Details" to Revit or use DWG files to build a Revit Model. This article focuses on using DWG files to build a Revit Model as well as limitations of the process. Revit Model that is built up using AutoCAD will not be an exact replica in terms of "Graphic Representation". This post will help you be aware of such limitations. AutoCAD to Revit model is not automatic. AutoCAD Drawings are composed of geometric elements and contain no information about building elements. Modeling Building Elements DWG file is imported in Revit and used as a reference to model elements. In contrast, Revit models are often used to generate quantities. Blocks & Families Most of your Plans, elevations, sections look almost identical to your typical AutoCAD drawings.

Fonts Earlier versions of AutoCAD used shape fonts or SHX fonts. Units Lunits → Enter → “4” or "2" if unit settings are Feet & Fractional inches.