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New Atrial Fibrillation Drug Pradaxa Approved

We will provide you with a dropdown of all your saved articles when you are registered and signed in. Oct. 20, 2010 -The FDA has approved Pradaxa, a new drug to prevent blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation. Dabigatran: Finally a substitute for the dreaded coumadin is close… Much energy in previous posts have centered on the ablation of heart rhythm disturbances.

Dabigatran: Finally a substitute for the dreaded coumadin is close…

Navigating a GPS guided catheter through the beating heart, triangulating the source of the ectopic impulse, and then delivering a cautery-like RF lesion is fun to do, gratifying to all involved, and makes for decent writing topics. However cool ablation is though, it is not all that a doctor of the heart rhythm does. Despite what one can read on internet news sites, dysrhythmias like atrial fibrillation more often than not, require medical therapy. The dreaded blood thinner, warfarin (Coumadin) comes to the fore often. In aggregate, I have likely spent months of my life discussing the risks and benefits of this much maligned drug.

For Reducing the Risk of Stroke Associated With AFib That's Not Caused by a Heart Valve Problem. Newletter : Most Young Kids Don’t Get Enough Exercise. Welcome to Learn, Create and Grow a Greener World. Newletter : Best Diet Plan: 6 Mini Meals or 3 Squares a Day? HRS Online, home of the Heart Rhythm Society. Mozilla Firefox. Health Beat.