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Bill Farquharson

Language Teacher Trainer at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Keen on exploring the use of digital media to enhance instructional delivery and online collaboration. Supports Aberdeen Football Club and has two terriers.

AI in learning

Bitcoin. Industry 4.0. Proposal writing. L & D Governance. AR and VR training. Learning needs analses. Dissertation. Learning activities. Learning analytics. Stats & significance testing. Qualitative Study. Bitcoin. Operational plan. Mobilisation plan. Digital transformation. Digital Learning Strategy Roadmap. Communication and Community. Digital Learning Roadmap Communication and Community If you have been engaging stakeholders through the process and getting their buy-in then communication and community engagement will already be happening.

Communication and Community

By communication and community we refer to the communication of plans to all stakeholders in a way which facilitates and understanding and buy-in.


Flowcharts. Ministry of education. Tawafuq. Calculate learning hours. US immigration. WCAG Accessibility. Taxi driver training. Blended learning in Digital Age. Research in significant learning. Course Design for Higher Education. Phlebotomy. Course accreditation. Leadership. Arabic training providers. Teamwork. Performance review and management. Assertiveness.

FE Engineering Exam

Transition to e-learning. Strategic management. Entrepreneurial skills. Wordpress. Powerpoint graphics. Incubators. Win win negotiation. Selecting an e-learning vendor. 911. Doroob. Return on Investment.

Skills transfer. Agile Teams. Ginger beer. E-learning authoring tools. Guitar lessons. Html5. Technology in SA schools. Notional hours and academic credits.

Games and learning

Telephone skills content. Call centre content. Training implementation. Pine floors. Visa applications. Organisational management, leadership and learning. Excel skills. Learning ecologies. Creative Journaling. Digital Literacy Resources. Neuro-learning. Donald Schon (Schön): learning, reflection and change. Contents: introduction · donald schon · public and private learning and the learning society · double-loop learning · the reflective practitioner – reflection-in- and –on-action · conclusion · further reading and references · links · how to cite this article Note: I have used Donald Schon rather than Donald Schön (which is the correct spelling) as English language web search engines (and those using them!)

Donald Schon (Schön): learning, reflection and change

Often have difficulties with umlauts). Donald Alan Schon (1930-1997) trained as a philosopher, but it was his concern with the development of reflective practice and learning systems within organizations and communities for which he is remembered.


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Communities of practice

Images online. Using google docs.