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Woodworking Newsletter. I designed this bench to fit the small garage at my home in England.

Woodworking Newsletter

There was no room in that garage to open the doors of my compact car, so for years I'd pushed it in and pulled it out by hand. To fix this, I cut a wide doorway in the concrete block side wall, supported the roof with a steel joist and fitted a sliding door with a 1/3 height window. The garage was now too good for the car; instead, I moved my workshop into it from the rather smaller garden shed. My new shop deserved a proper workbench. I wanted a classic L-shaped European cabinetmaker's workbench with shoulder and tail vises.

The projecting shoulder vise, however, would be an obstruction in the narrow workspace and would be both difficult to use and painful to bump into. Design Features To avoid the problem of colliding handles, the shoulder and tail vises share a common handle with a cap on one end. Hidden Patterns of the Civil War. "Hidden Patterns of the Civil War" collects a number of interrelated projects on the sectional crisis, slavery, and emancipation during the Civil War era, with a particular emphasis on the histories of the city of Richmond and the state of Virginia.

Hidden Patterns of the Civil War

Grouped as "texts" and "maps," these projects use digital tools and digital media to uncover and represent patterns that are not easy to find when we look at particular pieces of evidence in isolation and only become evident when we visualize a wealth of evidence in graphs, maps, and models. Revealing patterns in text and across time and space, many of these visualizations are intriguing and surprising, offering us new insights into this dramatic era of intense social, political, and military conflict. Text Mining the Dispatch This project explores and analyzes the topics that dominated the local news in Richmond during the Civil War. Proceedings of the Virginia Secession Convention. Emergency writing motivation techniques. If you want to write right now but just don’t feel motivated, here are some immediate ways to get fired up.

Emergency writing motivation techniques

Any one of them might do the trick: pick whichever seems most likely or appealing and give it a try. If it doesn’t get you right on track, try another one. No self-motivation trick is sure-fire, and we often tend to feel that if we’re not motivated now, there’s no way to get motivated, but there’s strong evidence in psychological and neurological research that we can change our moods, focus, and motivation–in fact, our emotional and motivational states can change very quickly, given the right setup. [image by gruntzooki] Keep in mind that just reading this list isn’t going to motivate you—it’s doing one or more of the things this section describes that will make the change. Get a little exercise. If something’s bothering you, fix your thoughts. Visualize a result you like. Just start typing. Meditate. Why did you decide to write this piece?

Write it out. Find inspiration. Mary Hopkin Those were the days.

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