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Cunningham Design: low impact draw unit. The next design i am featuring in this blog is the 'low impact draw unit' one of the first designs i made for my many portfolio sites.

Cunningham Design: low impact draw unit

The idea for this came literaly out of the blue-which is rare for me- while i was trying to think of innovative draw designs. the idea basicaly was to try and minimise the amount of components used in makng an item of furniture, and this design seemed to fit that bill. The draw unit is made out of one piece of OSB board with minimal wastage due to the fact that all of the off cuts are used to make the draw runners. These draw runners work by slotting into the main frame of the draw unit and hence the draws simply slide in and out of these slots and this creates a very minimalist but effective draw runner system.

To add to the minimalist feel the draw handles are replaced with cut out holes and the finish piece is varnished to seal the OSB board. A Wooden Coffee Table Contains a ‘Playable’ Labyrinth with Moveable Figures. Designed by artist and cabinetmaker Benjamin Nordsmark, the Labyrinth Table is a minimalist rectangular coffee table that contains a maze underneath a glass top.

A Wooden Coffee Table Contains a ‘Playable’ Labyrinth with Moveable Figures

The piece contains a set of six metal figurines that can be moved with the help of magnetic knobs. For his work on the project Nordsmark won a Silver A’Design Award earlier this year. (via Laughing Squid, My Modern Met) Free Woodworking Plans. Diffuseur film à lumière en rouleau 1,2x20m. Le rouleau de film diffusant est un accessoire utile pour studio photo vidéo qui convient de modifier tous les types d'éclairages.

Diffuseur film à lumière en rouleau 1,2x20m

Ce diffuseur peut être découpé en morceau de différentes dimensions selon les usages. Par exemple, il peut se fixer au coupe-flux d'une torche à LED vidéo avec des crochets ou bande adehésive. Il est idéal pour prendre des photos pour des produits réfléchissants, par exemple, produit en métal, en verre, en plastique. Vous pouvez créer une réflexion magnifique et éliminer des ombrages indésirables pour les surfaces réfléchissantes. La plus part d'éclairage de studio et ambiant produit la lumière dure et intensive. Shinium - Brilliance by Design: Resin-inlaid Wood.

A non-jewellery post, for a change.

Shinium - Brilliance by Design: Resin-inlaid Wood

We were running a bit short on shelving in the kitchen and wanted somewhere we could store all the preserves we're going to make from the garden this year, so we went to the timber yard to see what they had. They had this, 155cm long piece of chestnut. It was pretty heavily cracked and pitted, with knotholes and so on. But, I had a plan.


Light. Divide. Store. Small. CNC. Index. WEED & WOOD. A_manual_of_carpentry_and_joinery. Hairpin Legs For Less. Furniture - Reinhard Dienes Studio. Furniture - Reinhard Dienes Studio. Disko tables basses par Krumnikl Environment. Je vous présente cette sublime série baptisée « DISKO » du designer berlinois Kevin Krumnikl, fondateur de la marque Krumnikl Environment.

Disko tables basses par Krumnikl Environment

Ce magnifique mobilier inspiré d’une table basse, intègre à la perfection le matériel Hi-Fi en version vinyle et CD, le tout assemblé dans des bois nobles tels que le cerisier et l’aulne. Kevin Krumnikl and his dazzling purity. Photo © Olivier Pol Michel Yatzer is always on the lookout for new talents and, why lie, we really feel a big satisfaction when we are the first to present designers that we are sure they will give a lot to talk about in the near future.

Kevin Krumnikl and his dazzling purity

That is the case of Kevin Krumnikl, one of those rare experiences of love at first sight! Krumnikl creations transmit you a warm feeling of familiarity without being boring and are full of numerous hidden details that make them special. They capture everybody’s attention without being flamboyant and pose an austerity that inspires. They could fit perfectly even in an empty room, taking over all the space around them. Futons, couettes, matelas de laine – Literie écologique. Des couchages sains pour un repos écologique!

Futons, couettes, matelas de laine – Literie écologique Mathias Hahn - product design. For Zeitraum The E8 table is based on an observation of an impromptu composed piece of war time furniture that ended up as a dining table.

Mathias Hahn - product design

The long and narrow format allows it to be used as an every-day work and kitchen table, where temporary items such as laptops or paperwork can easily sidestep during meal times. With its overhangs it serves as a twelve person dining table. The contrast between natural timber and colour emphasises the two-dimensional character of the top surface and its quality as a worktop. All surfaces except the top are coloured, using a staining technique that offers saturated and bright colours, while ensuring that the natural texture of the wood remains visible. Corresponding to the E8 Table, the E8 Bench is designed alongside the same language.

E8 is available in a broad set of colours, including different shades of cold and warm grey and several spot colours. Tip Ton Chair by BarberOsgerby for Vitra. Fox & freeze - creative cooperation. Framed by Koenraad Ruys for Moca. KITOKI-DECO. Cubic Light cubic_lamp-05 – TrendsNow. Pssstt... Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects. Japanese architect Hiroyuki Tanaka designed the structure of this table based on the roof and pillar systems of ancient temples.

Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects

Called Temple Table, the wooden design features four interlocking frames made of batons with the same section. Photographs are by Shimizu Ken. Here are some more details from Hiroyuki Tanaka: Mobilier Decoration Enfant - Bianca and Family.