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#OSEF. Home : Rosario Gallardo. Titty City. Porn & Beauty. All Tomorrow’s Girls. ■[日記][art]近況と「高橋真琴の原画展」の感想 21:28 先週は、月曜日から土曜日までびっちりPTA絡みの仕事(保護者会を含む)が入ってしまったのと、いよいよ昼間のシフト勤務を開始したことで、とても慌ただしかった。

All Tomorrow’s Girls

当初自分が考えていた予定では、先に勤務を開始して、その一週間ほど後から役員の仕事が始まる計算だったのが、本社の都合で変更となり、結局、同時期に2つの新規の仕事をスタートさせることになってしまった。 慣れない仕事で食事のタイミングも失ってばかりなので、今後はどこでも食べられる兵糧丸のようなものをバッグに入れておこうと思った。 体調のほうは、私は風邪はひいていないのに、とにかく毎日悪寒がしている。 昼間気温が上がり、コートを脱いで半袖姿で歩いている人も目につく陽気でも、私はきっちりコートを着込んでいる。 Amanita phalloides. Au carrefour étrange. \\\ Beautiful and depraved. Archive / RSS Beautiful and depraved.

Beautiful and depraved.

For connoisseurs of premium filth. For more extensive filth, you can find me and many others at: Fi/thy Gorgeous Th/ngs I'm also here: and I can be reached at: beautifulanddepraved {at} My haikus: twitter Jun 22 Carlos Nunez. Bend Me Over. Bezembinder's illustrated links page 95 - because words are bori. Blonde Zombies. CONSTANT SIEGE. 奇的buoyage. Debauchette. DéModé. Codice binario. Eva Desnuda. A flower a day. Le blog Sexe de fluctuat. Fastidio :: pornblog and radical sexuality.

FFFFOUND! Fine nudes. Flash glam trash! Your guide to gutter culture. Graphik Addict. Fluffy Lychees. 40fakes. FrancesLean84. High On Sex. From Betsy With Love. Ne te promène donc pas toute nue! Lomoporno. Indie porn. IWR - Art and Culture Archive. April 2014 Art and Music Links For 04/21/2014 Kawase Hasui - Moon At Mangone (1930)

IWR - Art and Culture Archive

Home. Karin + Raoul. Liebre de Marzo. La Petite Claudine 3.0. LeWUB - dérivations dans les obliques. @mateurdart. Merkley???: I May Not Be God, But at Least I'm Real. Last night some friends and I stumbled across a cop car with it's window down and nobody in it.

merkley???: I May Not Be God, But at Least I'm Real.

We were completely unable to NOT prank it. We looked around for impromptu pranking materials and spotted some little baggies of dog poop which we gently placed onto the steering wheel. Some onlookers loved it while others wanted to kill us. "You are going to JAIL ASSHOLES! " Mira y Calla. Modfetish. The new shelton wet/dry. Nistagmus. OUTREPART / 100 astounding images from everywhere / updated ever. Pink Tentacle. PlaceboKatz. Pony_X. Real Nude Art. PonyXpress. Pornochicos. The Things That Excite Me. Supersaturated™ Suzanne G. - Giving Taste A Bad Name Since Kindergarten.

Sex and Blogs. The dailies. : : : : : : : photographs by aeric meredith-goujon : : : : : : : April 9, 2014 April 8, 2014 April 7, 2014 April 6, 2014.

the dailies

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Culture Touf - un projet photo participatif du crew UrbanPorn.

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    Merci! Cela dit il sent un peu la poussière, il faudra que j'y fasse un peu de ménage... Toute suggestion d'ajout est bienvenue.
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    Bon allez c'est plus cul que culture ou alors culture cul... Mais a priori pas (trop) de porno, plutot du cul chic! Enjoy...