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Watcher of the skies. At her discretion. Art (not art) Memory in motion. SchnatterKatz. Search & Destroy. Deep Fried Eagle. I love it when I get random IM’s.

Deep Fried Eagle

Scammers, Foreign People (or foreign scammers) and Bots make for a good time. ENJOY! Petylove: Hello there. Bedazzled! Blue. Julia Murakami. Japanese Guerilla Paparazzi. ArtsexdesigN. Passingstrnge.tumblr. Photo 1783 Notes kittykittybangbang:I want this poster for my office.passingstringe: Great PSA series.


I remember the R.E.M. one (already-then-outdated) at my adult ed (i.e. night school for losers) room. Retrospace Zeta. Le chicon magique. Sex and beauty. The Constant Absurdity. Directors Lounge Blog. SEI PASSI NEL GIALLO – GEMELLE at RomaFiction Fest Italian Premiere Tuesday, September 27th 2011 @ Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio10:30 p.m.

Directors Lounge Blog

Director: Roy BavaItaly 2011, 100’(Leader Film Company for RTI – Mediaset) Angela Wyler asks police chief Valerio Strada to find Christine, her twin who she hasn’t heard in two years and who had a stormy relationship with the officer years back. Testumblr. Archive / RSS Testumblr.


Apr 25 chong2-ho1: Ryoko Kuninaka : 国仲涼子 (via tetris) Girly Folk. Nofound. 好きなのはあなたの全てじゃなくて. Betty´s Bonbons. Diary. CLAYTON PATTERSON "$16 BURGER SHOW" at Galerie Au Bon Punk, New York Clayton Patterson is a little recognized but prolific painter, photographer, and embroiderer who has been a visionary of Manhattan's Lower East Side for decades.


The show features never befor seen work, historic embroidered hats (which have been collected by the likes of Gus Van Sant, Matt Dillon, Mick Jagger, and Thomas Guinzburg) as well as Clayton's icon art. The exhibition is presented by Galerie Au Bon Punk, a collective partially comprised by the punk-rock group Dameht, and serves as a farwell for Clayton before he moves away from NYC. Photo Elise Gallant Click to see more pictures.



Directors Lounge. Nikola Tamindzic on Tumblr. I’m enormously proud of the work Catapult and I did together, and hope this campaign will help draw attention to important issues women are facing today, such as forced marriage, child slavery, and forced prostitution.

Nikola Tamindzic on Tumblr.

The campaign has been enormously successful so far, with pieces in The Guardian, Mashable, and BuzzFeed already out there. Help Catapult get the word out there, and find a women-led project to support! Love, Nikola Even in 2014, the rights of women and girls are severely threatened by sex trafficking, slavery, child marriage and other violations around the world. International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8, continues to spread awareness and garner support — and change — for women across the globe. Catapult, a crowdfunding site dedicated specifically to the advancement of women and girls, has released a startling new visual campaign in an attempt to make this year’s IWD “more than just a cover story.”

Learn more about Cover Stories, and make a contribution. Carnal Knowledge. Desvelado. Alter Ego. Alter Ego Abr. 2 2014 Via thatswhaticallsexy 947 notas (vía le-voleur-de-beaute) Abr. 2 2014.

Alter Ego

WEB SEX. Oh! you pretty things. Oh!

oh! you pretty things

You pretty things lady in london Kumi's moblog. Diana Rainbow Cheese. Diana Rainbow Cheese Photo April 25, 2014 big in japan Tags: diana rainbow cheese big japan big in japan Photo.

Diana Rainbow Cheese

Okara de Champagne. Okara de Champagne Search (via 漫画で無かった事にされてる黒歴史:哲学ニュースnwk) Men and Their Rabbits. Claudia Catalina. Bebe le strange. Bebe le strange. ★ Symon Chow's Photography & Design Blog ★ X.T.C-tumblr. YOON, INSUH. Michaelcrowe.tumblr. NⒺRD in L♥VE. Ask The Dust. ° ~ ultraviolet ~ ° U L T R A V I O L E T sex desire religion & the truth__________________ Between no longer and not yet on the threshold of some brighter thing __________________ more by astralis: Deviant ArtFuckyeahreligionFemmes de SadeAsk me7777777 (called seven because has only 7 followers) And also the trees Be aware that this is a holistic and wholesome tumblr.

Explicit images of nudity and gore can show up from time to time. So better don`t fucking follow me if you suffer from any form of puritan neurosis. Wicked Affair. The art resort. Sasapongroove!! The art asylum. By art-asylum on 09th Apr 2014 artnotart: Eglė Rakauskaitė (and Gintaras Makarevičius) — In Honey, 1996-7 (Source: rifles) freundevonfreunden: When Kate Moss met Mario TestinoA collection of intimate photographs published by TASCHEN documents the journey of the legendary collaboration between Kate Moss and Mario Testino. artlistpro: Hans Bellmer, “Tenir au frais (‘Keep Cool’),” maquette for the cover of Le Surréalisme, même #4, , 1958. Epéntesis Tumblr. Vasuki. I’m taking a break from Tumblr. Whether I’ll be back, who knows. It’s just been a huge waste of time for me. I don’t get anything done, my marks are awful, I don’t do anything productive with my time. See you all whenever. Opened computer science assignment Typed out function headers Closed computer science assignment.

PlaceboKatz - Veronica Lake 1940’s vintagegal. I say shut up. "And Jim is always with us. In the air, in the ether, in the electricity. Twiggy's pick. Jane Minou.