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Deep Fried Eagle Deep Fried Eagle I love it when I get random IM’s. Scammers, Foreign People (or foreign scammers) and Bots make for a good time. ENJOY! petylove: Hello there Stylus: hi petylove: How are you doing?
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passingstrnge.tumblr Photo 1783 Notes kittykittybangbang:I want this poster for my office.passingstringe: Great PSA series. I remember the R.E.M. one (already-then-outdated) at my adult ed (i.e. night school for losers) room. Want to get my hands on the elusive Stiing edition- he’s wearing a poet’s shirt and reading Mary Shelley ::drool:: (via monsterfreckles) passingstrnge.tumblr
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The Constant Absurdity portuguese-history: Calçada Portuguesa - Portuguese Pavement ArtThe origins of calçadas are somewhat unclear. The popularity of tiles in Portuguese art first exploded with the introduction of geometrical ceramic arts by the Moors. Decorated tilework, known in Portuguese as azulejo, soon came to cover houses and churches across the country. But the first recorded calçada was not the product of an artist’s whimsy, but as a makework project for prisoners thought up by an army officer.In 1842, military commander Eusebius Furtado ordered inmates in the Castelo de São Jorge, a Lisbon prison, to cover its courtyard with a zig-zag pattern of tiles. The result attracted attention from as far away as Paris, inspiring none other than Louis Daguerre to make it the subject of one of the world’s earliest photographs. The Constant Absurdity
SEI PASSI NEL GIALLO – GEMELLE at RomaFiction Fest Italian Premiere Tuesday, September 27th 2011 @ Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio10:30 p.m. Director: Roy BavaItaly 2011, 100’(Leader Film Company for RTI – Mediaset) Angela Wyler asks police chief Valerio Strada to find Christine, her twin who she hasn’t heard in two years and who had a stormy relationship with the officer years back. Directors Lounge Blog Directors Lounge Blog
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diary | page 1 The Villa Savoye is considered by many to be the seminal work of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Situated at Poissy, outside of Paris, it is an iconic architectural example of early modernism, the so-called International Style. The house addressed "The Five Points", Le Corbusier's basic tenets of a new aesthetic of architecture: 1/ Support of ground-level pilotis, elevating the building from the earth and allowed an extended continuity of the garden beneath. 2/ Functional roof, serving as a garden and terrace, reclaiming for nature the land occupied by the building. 3/ Free floor plan, relieved of load-bearing walls, allowing walls to be placed freely and only where aesthetically needed. diary | page 1
Directors Lounge Tonight we turn it up with the final farrago of film gems in DL Selection XVII, 19 arty snacks from around the world into yours. Among World Premieres are Canadian Víctor Ballesteros’ “VVOOLLVVOO” and Karl F. Stewart’s (who just arrived in town) “Video of Shadows - Title A B or C.” In town and on board are Javier Pernas, Euro-premiering his “Piel/Skin” (Argentina/Spain), Dimitris Argyriou (Greece) with his short film “One Line” and Dutchman Michael Fleming with “Avalanche.” Directors Lounge
Nikola Tamindzic on Tumblr. I’m enormously proud of the work Catapult and I did together, and hope this campaign will help draw attention to important issues women are facing today, such as forced marriage, child slavery, and forced prostitution. The campaign has been enormously successful so far, with pieces in The Guardian, Mashable, and BuzzFeed already out there. Help Catapult get the word out there, and find a women-led project to support! Love, Nikola Even in 2014, the rights of women and girls are severely threatened by sex trafficking, slavery, child marriage and other violations around the world. Nikola Tamindzic on Tumblr.
Carnal Knowledge. This is where we give it to you hard & fast. For slow & long, go here. We make every effort to maintain the source of the photos we post & re-blog from other Tumblrs, if you see a photo of yours here and you want to tell us you took it or you want it removed just send us a note at carnaltalk(a) Carnal Knowledge. Carnal Knowledge.
Alter Ego Alter Ego Abr. 2 2014 Via thatswhaticallsexy 236 notas (vía le-voleur-de-beaute) Abr. 2 2014
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