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Rose Heller is a family owned business located in Orange County California and was formed in 2000. specializes in selling bicycles and accessories worldwide through in providing the complete selections of Fixies, Beach Cruisers, Chopper Cruisers, Road Bikes, and Bicycle Accessories.

Bikes Xpress: Enjoy a Speedy and Comfortable Ride With Commuter Bikes! Do you want a faster ride to work?

Bikes Xpress: Enjoy a Speedy and Comfortable Ride With Commuter Bikes!

Tired of your old bike? Well, you’re in luck! The cycling world is offering an unmatched collection of commuter bikes combined with fast speed and stylish models. If you want to make your commute easy and fun, then check out the specialized range of commuter bikes for sale. When it comes to deciding on commuter bikes though, make sure to take your time and find the most reliable store to choose the right commuter bike for you. Don’t Limit Yourself When Buying Electric Mountain Bikes For Sale! – Bikes Xpress. The advancement of technology is bringing tremendous change to many industries, and the bike industry is no exception.

Don’t Limit Yourself When Buying Electric Mountain Bikes For Sale! – Bikes Xpress

New technology has hit the bike industry with full force. Getting Bikes for your Children. The Growing Fascination with the Road Racing Bike! – Bikes Xpress. Road racing bikes have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years.

The Growing Fascination with the Road Racing Bike! – Bikes Xpress

Whether you’re a competitive racer or a more casual rider who just wants a high quality bike, road racing bikes are sure to be a thrill to ride. While other types of bikes also provide a fun experience, road racing bikes give you the power to travel at the highest speeds on paved roads. If you’re in the market for a new road bike there are some great review sites to help you choose the best one. When you are ready to finally make a purchase, you can usually find the best value online. What Can You Get Out Of An Electric Folding Bike? Get the best Electric Beach Cruisers Bicycle. Bikes Xpress: Change Your Kid’s Life, Buy a Children’s Bike Today! At one point in time, bikes were viewed as strictly an efficient mode of transportation.

Bikes Xpress: Change Your Kid’s Life, Buy a Children’s Bike Today!

Since then though, through innovation, technology, and design, bikes have become much more. Aside from the fact that biking is both mentally and physically beneficial, they have become a sense of individuality. This idea is particularly true for kids. For a lot kids, a bike will be their first mode of transportation, freedom, and individuality. It will be something they take pride in.

The only issue with having such a large selection of children’s bikes in the market today is that it requires a little bit of research to find the best bike for your kid. AFFORDABLE BIKES FOR BOYS! – Bikes Xpress. The popularity of biking has grown significantly in recent years.


It is no secret that there are few hobbies that offer the excitement and health benefits that biking does. There are countless bikes for sale from a ton of different retailers ranging in size, color, and style. It is up to you to figure out which bike fits your exact preference. Fatboy Mini BMX Bikes- An Exciting and Adventurous Ride! - Bikes Xpress. Bikes Xpress: What Makes Bmx Bikes A Different And Exciting Experience? The improved quality of bicycles over recent years has been very noticeable.

Bikes Xpress: What Makes Bmx Bikes A Different And Exciting Experience?

Whereas, a bicycle used to just be a simple way of transportation, innovation has propelled the market to new grounds. Due to the fact that every bike dealer has experienced the same innovation and popularity increase, competition has trended in the same direction. This is great for the customer; it is for this reason it is not hard to find a top-notch bike at a great price.

Nowadays one can purchase a bike that meets their exact specifications with ease. Before making a purchase though, one must ask the question… do I want this bike to race? Let The Street Really feel Your Adventurous Journey! - TP Article Directory » TP Article Directory. Electric Folding Bikes – Bikes Xpress. The market for electric bikes is booming right now and it is easy to see why.

Electric Folding Bikes – Bikes Xpress

If you are not familiar with the hype circulating around electric bikes, I suggest you visit an online bike website and check out some of the reviews. It is a fun and exciting way to ride that is cost efficient, a great form of transportation, and overall, still an incredible form of exercise. Most of these electric bikes give the rider the luxury to choose between fully electric or just an assisted pedaling mode.

A lot of these bikes also come with the added ability to fold up into a very convenient size, making it easy to pick the bike up and bring it into the office, car, or house. If you are considering buying electric folding bikes, the proper amount of research should take place. Some reputable brands to consider are: Experience A Fun And Exciting Ride With Electric Commuter Bikes! - Bikes Xpress. Range Of Bikes for Bike Enthusiasts – Medium. Range Of Bikes for Bike Enthusiasts Most people have the desire to ride two wheel bicycles but only some get a chance to ride and others can’t because they cannot afford expensive bikes.

Range Of Bikes for Bike Enthusiasts – Medium

Nevertheless, people are excited about different bicycles and bikes these days. With the changing time, the latest technology has made cycling even better. In terms of bikes, they have the latest features with different gear options, lighter stronger material, improved components and more which applies to both adult and children’s bicycles. Children particularly have always loved riding with their friends but more and more adults are doing the same.

The majority of people have a misconception about bikes that they are expensive but there are many online stores that truly have affordable city bikes for sale, with the enhanced features latest technology, speed, light framework designs. Experience An Exciting and Thrilling Ride With A BMX Bike! – Bikes Xpress. Riding at high speeds and performing various tricks requires a durable and versatile bike that can withstand the impacts of this style of riding.

Experience An Exciting and Thrilling Ride With A BMX Bike! – Bikes Xpress

Bikes Xpress: Get An Electric Commuter Bike With Electrifying Performance! As technology has become more and more innovative so have bikes.

Bikes Xpress: Get An Electric Commuter Bike With Electrifying Performance!

Bikes used to be built in a simple way and transportation on one was not quite as desirable as it is today. As people became more intrigued by biking, the design and quality followed. Nowadays there are electric bikes that are nothing short of incredible. They have changed the game in terms of commuting on a bike. Riders can now travel greater distances at higher speeds while maintaining a healthy level of exercise without working up an uncomfortable sweat before work. Electric Commuter Bikes are sold in many different online stores so finding the one that fits your needs should not be hard.

Electric Commuter Bikes can come off as intimidating at first but with the proper research or explanation from a representative you will see they are actually very user friendly. Add Some Style to Your BMX Bike with a Pair of Colored Tires – Bikes Xpress. Biking has always been an affordable and convenient form of transportation but in recent years studies have proven it to be more than that. Biking is very beneficial not only to one’s physical health, but mental health as well. If we combine these positive aspects with the shear fun and enjoyment one gets out of riding a bike, it is understandable why biking has become immensely popular over the years.

As time goes on bikes have become more and more unique. They used to be built in a simple way with only transportation in mind but bikes have taken turns in many different directions since then. Which brings us to the BMX bike. Colored BMX tires can completely change the appearance of your bike giving it a look that fits your exact preference.

Colored BMX tires can be found on numerous online stores in almost any color. Like this: Like Loading... is a family owned business recently under new ownership and management in 2015 located in Broward County, Florida. Electric Beach Cruisers- For a Fun & Comfortable Riding Experience! – Bikes Xpress. Bicycles are enjoyable for people of all ages. Whether your passion is trekking up a mountain or cruising down the beach, biking has been a fun and healthy hobby for many years. Since the early stages of the simple bike, their design and style has undergone various advancements in structure and design. Beach cruisers are one style of bike that has been trendy since its induction into the bike community and it is understandable why.

They are designed with balloon tires, an upright seat, and long curvy stylish handlebars. They are affordable and incredibly comfortable to ride. Solid and durable.Thick and wide tires.Stylish and elegant designs.Comfortable and simple to ride. Due to their stability and easy to ride features, electric beach cruisers are gaining immense popularity among cruisers. As the biking industry has made their presence prevalent on the internet, finding an electric beach cruiser has never been easier. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Like this: Like Loading...

Bikes Xpress: Stay One Jump Ahead With Cheap Bmx Bikes! Biking has become more and more popular among the youth. Furthermore, the demand for bikes has sky rocketed over the years. For this reason, there is a large variety of bikes online that meet any individual’s needs. Biking is a healthy and fun activity that can be enjoyed by any kid. BMX bikes are designed in countless styles and come equipped with many different features. There is certainly no shortage of bikes in the market place nowadays. Bikes Xpress: Find a Great Selection of Children Bikes Online. The bicycle has always been a child’s first mode of legitimate transportation. This is due to the bike’s simplicity, safety, and excitement. Size, style, and safety are 3 factors to consider when purchasing children bikes . There are a ton of online stores that sell many different styles of bikes at reasonable prices. These online stores will certainly sell a bike that fit your kid’s specific needs.

Electric Mountain Bikes: Find Some Adventure and Stay Fit - Bikes Xpress. Interesting Facts about Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycles - Bikes Xpress. Bikes Xpress: TIPS TO CONSIDER WHEN PURCHASING AN ELECTRIC BIKE. Understanding Bicycle and Its Market Trends – Bikes Xpress. After the invention of the spoked wheel, the bicycle was the first method of transportation created. Many modifications followed, ultimately leading to the modern bike. The bike held most of the market among the general public up until the invention of cars and motorbikes. Due to these other modes of transportation bicycles began to lose their charm as well as a lot of their business. Bikes were on the verge of extinction considering their market was now limited to only those that could not afford motorized vehicles and professional cyclists.

The sales of explorer and city bikes were a rare occurrence. The 2000’s showed a rebirth in the bicycle market. This new demand for bicycles sparked up innovation. Countries such as Japan got on board with the environmental friendliness of biking and in turn shifted to using bicycles more so than ever. As bikes began to get more and more popular and demand continued to rise, the innovation followed suit. Like this: Like Loading... Riding a bicycle over curved walls, rough terrains and obstacles is really an adventurous and thrilling concept. Bicycle racing has become one of the most popular and favorite sports of the younger generation these days. Racing and performing stunts with the bicycles not only makes the rider excited but also gains the attention of the public. Understanding The Popularity Of Children’s Bikes (with image) · bikesxpress. As we all know, children love riding bicycles, on the whole this outdoor activity refreshes ones mind, and helps in keeping the body fit.

BUY STYLISH BMX BIKES & ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFESTYLE! Gone are the days when cycles were only considered as a means of transport. With the changing times, people are becoming more passionate towards cycling. Moreover, it has become one of the activities of our lifestyle. The majority of youth are engaged in cycling these days and consider it a fun oriented sport as well as a way to stay healthy. Check Out Kids Bikes Available For Sale Online: bikesxpressusa.

Today, bikes are available in plethora and every person, regardless of the age, can choose one to ride and enjoy. Stylish Cheap Beach Cruiser Bikes for Sale! Being easy to maintain as compared to other bikes, many people prefer beach cruisers. There are many cheap beach cruisers for sale out there in the market. But it is not easy to pick the right bike these days. High Performance Commuter Bikes for Sale in the United States - Bikes Xpress. A Complete Guide for Buying BMX Race Bikes in the United States! Apart from competitors and sportspersons, non-professionals also find racing bikes/road bikes a perfect way to stay fit and active. In order to buy the right BMX race bike, you should be aware of its characteristics and qualities. Feel the Leisure while Riding these BMX Race Bikes! - Bikes Xpress. Understanding the working of Mountain Bikes and their Numerous Components. Live A Healthy Life With Stylish BMX Bikes (with image) · bikesxpress. Get the Best of Specialty Bikes!

Make your Riding Experience An Ultimate One. BUY STYLISH BMX BIKES & ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFESTYLE! Top 4 Bikes you can buy for your Child! Kids are always scared a little when they ride a bike for the first time. Once they learn how to ride safely, they fall in love with riding. Get Services of Reputed Firm to Buy a Fat Tire Bike!