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Why clients need clipping path services.... - Clipping Path India. Target interest with #backgroundremoval,... - Clipping Path India. IN THE STUDIO: Why dark tones work best when shooting product photography. In the first of a series of “IN THE STUDIO” for Clipping Path India, we talk to high-speed product photographer Neal Grundy about his work with big brands such as Diadora, Kirk & Kirk and Tron.

IN THE STUDIO: Why dark tones work best when shooting product photography

We gain an insight into his interesting method of explosions, paint and vibrant colours he chooses to work with and take a step into his studio and find out why dark tones are a great choice when shooting and editing product photography. He explains what symbolism dark tones can add to a variety of products that appear across e-commerce sites around the globe and how they can add an expensive and slick feel to products in front of the lens. What is it you consider when you are trying to create a vision for a new client? What does this entail exactly? “We are actually doing a photo shoot for a new client at the moment who are a spectacle company, they want some standard e-commerce shots of the glasses against white, and they want 12 key hero shots for magazines.

Background Removal - Clipping Path India. Depending on the objects in your photos and what the images are to be used for we use different techniques to remove the background.

Background Removal - Clipping Path India

Our classical way to do it is by drawing a clipping path in Photoshop with the Pen Tool to remove the background. For our dtp professionals drawing a clipping path is not that complex, and this technique is especially useful for images with a sharp edge where it gives a perfect shiny edge in the output image. However, when the object has a fluffy edge like hair or fur, there are different tools and techniques available in Photoshop that we use. For example, Background Eraser Tool, Magic Eraser Tool, Colour separation technique. Based on the type of image, different technique is applied to achieve the best result. Our graphic designers use the latest techniques in Photoshop or alternative tools to obtain the absolute best quality cost ratio in the industry.

No job is too big or too small. Why Clipping Path India for... - Clipping Path India. How to Make 3D Sphere in Photoshop. We know that there are many interesting and cool methods in Photoshop.

How to Make 3D Sphere in Photoshop

You just need to discover and utilize them to make some creative things. This small but comprehensive guide takes one of them. I believe that you will be with me in this radiant for making some beautiful 3D spheres through our beloved tool Photoshop. Here I'll go with a basic information, only. So let's get started. First, make a new square canvas with BG black, here I've chosen a 1040x1040px canvas. Now go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare to make a lens flare with your appropriate choice, than Ok. Go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates, Choose Polar to Rectangular and OK. Now rotate it through Image >Image Rotation > File Canvas Vertical. 4 Important Things to Know About Amazon Product Image Requirements - Clipping Path India.

Amazon is one of the largest online stores that serves millions of customers and hosts sellers from all over the world.

4 Important Things to Know About Amazon Product Image Requirements - Clipping Path India

Since they have a reputation to keep, sellers must adhere to each Amazon product image requirement. A valuable marketing tool in any online store has to be a quality image. Your goods on amazon will attract attention if photos are striking to customers. It is important to understand that there are many choices customers can choose but what makes your commodity stand out is if it has image requirement for marketplace. Poor quality picture will always make customers look away. 1. 5 Reasons why optimizing product photos can bring E-Commerce success. When it comes e-commerce, the most important thing is images.

5 Reasons why optimizing product photos can bring E-Commerce success

You owe it to yourself to make sure that the product photos on your e-commerce store are not letting the side down. After all, it makes little sense to spend good money on marketing and promotion if the presentation of your products is not up to par. Mask out the background from complex... - Clipping Path India. World's Favorite Photo Editing Company:... - Clipping Path India. Find answers to some frequently asked... - Clipping Path India. Type of image or need: 1. To remove... - Clipping Path India.

Image Manipulation Service for Neck Joint, Color Variation & Selection. Image manipulation involves altering or transforming an image, in a professional context, where skilled graphical designers using Photoshop manipulate one or more images into a new unique image.

Image Manipulation Service for Neck Joint, Color Variation & Selection

Manipulating an image is not so much about a special technique as it is about the intentions of showing certain strains in a photo – often special features or benefits of a product. The intention is to create a finished composition which is seamless and looks natural. Once our skilled operatives have worked their magic, you’d never know that the finished creation is not the original. To #RemoveBackground from a product... - Clipping Path India. What's Hot and What's Not for E-Commerce in 2017. Live chat with Clipping Path India:... - Clipping Path India. Clipping Path India has a reputation for... - Clipping Path India. Think about better CTR and more sells... - Clipping Path India. Clipping Path India offers affordable... - Clipping Path India. Tutorial on Photoshop CS6 Tools: This... - Clipping Path India. Worried about the natural look of... - Clipping Path India.

Filezilla Tutorial - Step-by-step procedure for uploading or downloading files - Clipping Path India. Perfect clipping path and Photoshop... - Clipping Path India. GET 20% OFF YOUR ORDER NOW! Know more at... - Clipping Path India. Perfect #clippingpath and #Photoshop... - Clipping Path India. Some people like to mask a complicated... - Clipping Path India. Clipping Path India - Journal. Clipping Path India - Journal. Biju Toha on Behance. Clipping Path India - Journal. How to Apply Drop Shadow Tool in a Photo. Drop Shadow tool is the most simpler and easy handling tool used in photo editing.

How to Apply Drop Shadow Tool in a Photo

It gives a striking look to the object in a photo frame. Try it out with this tutorial. Drop Shadow is a cool photograph-editing tool. Logo Design. Great improvement in placing an order from a quotation! - Clipping Path India. We’ve made some great improvements in placing an order following a quotation, which is part of our continuous enhancements to serve you better.

Great improvement in placing an order from a quotation! - Clipping Path India

Automatic invoice and order creation, together with our dedicated staff work behind-the-scenes to deliver your free quote. How to Achieve Pixel Perfection From Vector Shapes in Photoshop - Bijutoha & Design - Graphic Designer, Logo & Brand Identity Specialist. A good and easy trick to achieve pixel perfection in Photoshop.

How to Achieve Pixel Perfection From Vector Shapes in Photoshop - Bijutoha & Design - Graphic Designer, Logo & Brand Identity Specialist

The reason that it needs a clean vector shape without unwanted anti-aliasing. As a designer, when I create any kind of design, Photoshop and Illustrator are my favorite tools to discover something special. In this regard, sometimes I used to take both tools together, I mean need to add vector shapes in Photoshop such as logo, icon etc. but I've seen a common issue that, when I take them from illustrator to Photoshop and zoom in, faded their pixels. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to solve this issue to get exactly the shape you are looking for.

First. Now copy and pest it on Photoshop. We see a dialog box that asks us, how we want to paste it in our vector shape. If you want to see your issue, then zoom in a little bit closer here.. See the issues in red boxes, This is unwanted anti-aliasing or feathering what I'm going to solve now. Clipping Path India - Timeline. Clipping Path India - Journal.

Quick Tip : How to Enable Arabic Writing in Adobe Photoshop CC - Bijutoha And Design. Clipping Path India - Journal. Clipping Path India - Journal. How to Create Wave or Moire Pattern in Illustrator? - Bijutoha And Design. In my previous post, I've made an Illustrator pattern called moire or wave pattern and it is totally free for both personal and commercial projects and you can modify it.

How to Create Wave or Moire Pattern in Illustrator? - Bijutoha And Design

But now in this post I'll show you a step by step guides to teach you how to use Illustrator to create this awesome pattern by yourself. 1. Create a Grid via Rectangular Grid Tool Result 2. Select it and create a mesh envelope through Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh. Result 3. Thus, hold another column anchor points such as above and move or draw them like below.... Arabic Logo and Brand Identity. Clipping Path India - Journal. Clipping Path India - Timeline. Clipping Path India.

Photoshop Tutorial

Clipping Path & Photoshop Services with... - Clipping Path India. Difference between Clipping Path and... - Clipping Path, Photoshop Masking and Other Image Manipulation Service. Clipping Path India. Introducing the World’s Most Popular Online Photo Editing Service Portal from Asia. Graphic Tips for an Editor’s Digital Portfolio. Like It is quite customary for an editor to showcase his work to clients. To have a competitive edge, a graphic resume is considered to be the best presentation style for any a professional. Graphic tips for an editor’s digital portfolio make it easier to get more work. It is cost-effective and also the ideal way to do online photo editing business. Now that most people have switched to cyber highway, emailing a digital portfolio makes perfect sense. So what is the best way to prepare the digital portfolio? Photoshop software is an excellent medium to develop an attractive resume. Width: 1600 pixels Height: 2000 pixels Resolution: 200 (images) Background Color: White (or any other tone) Whatever stage of his career, the editor should focus on quality of work rather than quantity.

There are two ways to make the online portfolio work. If it’s not a Creative Graphic Design, Then It’s not salable. Throwing Light On Dynamic Photoshop Drop Shadow! Multiplication of Image Masking Techniques by a Specialist. Reduce Hair Raising Experience with Photoshop Hair Masking Tools. Cut the Junk-Effective Cut Out Image Techniques for Product Packs. Create the Illusion not Disillusion with Hollow Free Image Masking. Advanced Photoshop Masking Secrets Revealed! Recognizing a Great Graphic Specialist for Photoshop Clipping Path. Unique Clipping Path Services.

Resize an Image and Crop It-A Professional Advice. Clipping Paths Optimization for Images. Basic Idea of Image Masking in Photoshop. New Year Greeting. How to Create Simple Manipulation Using Lighting Effects? Choosing the Most Experienced Clipping Path Service Company. Like When one is choosing a clipping path service provider, one needs to consider the required times, cost and quality. Companies from developing countries provide low-cost service and also overnight delivery.

But is this sufficient? Competition has increased as more offshore companies based in developing countries offer low cost services. Even in a niche industry like editing images where service providers offer a bouquet of advantages the key to recognizing the best are the quality and not just the low cost and quick turnaround time.

Many businesses have now gone online and the requirements of display of products have changed. Some clients are more demanding and need more than just services. An offshore company that is able to help the client with these points also proves to be of great advantage with the combination of good photo editing services. How Fashion Photographers can Use Image Resize for Better Results? How Clipping Path Has Changed the Way Photographs Look? Where there is a Clipping Path there is an Image Editing Boundary? The Competition has switched to Vector Graphics-Have You? Reclaim the Past with Photo Restoration.

Using Shortcuts with Clipping Graphics Successfully. Transforming Digi -Images with Photoshop Layer Masks. Improving Digital Art via Clipping Path Services. Drop Shadow-from Illusion to Illumination. Applications of 2 Kinds of Clipping Masks-Playing Hide and Seek with Pixels! Clipping Path India – Expanding Offshore Operations. Overnight Clipping Image-for Daylight Cost Saving! Clipping Path and Drop Shadow Mock-up. Why professional photographers must choose clipping path services. Text Effect Using Clipping Masks-Discover a New Creative Angle! Clipping Mask is not Clipping Path-Exposing the Myth. Customer Satisfaction Framed Via Photoshop Clipping Path. How is Photo Manipulation Possible? Clipping Path, Image Masking, Drop Shadow, Raster to Vector Samples.

When Does Photo-Editing Ruin the Image? Like Photo editing involves many complex kinds of digital procedures. Though most of the processes are done in order to make the photos perfect but there are chances that the process can go wrong. The effect of such mistake is disaster for the quality of the image. In some photos the preservation of megapixels is essential. Often even a minor change in resolution can mar the overall look. Here are some of the major causes that can ruin the images by novices or individuals who do not have any idea on how to use the photoshop software. Selection of the wrong process- An efficient photo editor must have the knowledge about all the different procedures.

Secondly, after the right selection o the process, it is important that the process is carried out perfectly. Photo editing is a fine job and requires patient handling. Use experienced online photo-editors Lastly it is important that the photo editing process is done by an experienced professional. Masking Techniques for Best Photo Results. Why Fashion Photography Needs Cosmetic Surgery of Clipping Path India? Can Photo Retouching Change the Tonal Quality of a Picture? Photoshop Masking Tutorial Using Magic Wand Tool. The tutorial will give you an idea, how to replace a background of an image effortlessly by using magic wand tool in photoshop.

By this tutorial anyone will be able to know about magic wand tool and the using process of this tool to mask an image. At first it is very essential to get a little idea about magic wand tool. Magic wand tool: There is much an accomplished graphic artist can do with his creativity with the right tools. The magic wand tool in Photoshop is just what the genie ordered for the graphic artist and the photo editor.

While in other selection of tools one need to segregate then the magic wand need not be dragged around. This brilliant feature allows unlimited use of tricks of the trade based on color properties of the pixel. Potential Guide to Essential Clipping Path Services. When Image Touching is Required? How Does Drop Shadow Bring Magic to Professional or Personal Photography? Importance of a professional for Raster to Vector conversion. The advantages of clipping path for digital photos. History of image retouching and color correction.

Best Methods of Photo Manipulation and Resizing. One requires photo manipulation for the right reasons- To improve their inherent quality. Specialist clip path professionals know this job very well. With a few tricks even resizing can be achieved. This is the power of technology that allows offshore companies even to do such jobs at a low cost. With sophisticated digicams it has become easy to take pictures. But yet the professionals score over amateurs. Welcome to the world of digital photography, where photo manipulation and resizing options can be innovated and applied.Have you taken any photograph and simply wished that the tree in the background appeared as green as it was in real? Photoshop is obviously one of the best ways a specialist uses to resize. But obviously for professional work it is best to deploy the services of trained and specialists in the job.

Digital Manipulation - A Successful Trending Technology. Today digital manipulation has become a thriving industry for many graphics designers. It has become realistic in terms of graphic content and also applications. Should Models Go for Photo Retouching and to What Extent? Color Correction- A Useful Way to Get Old Photos to Colored. Resize Your Picture and Get Advantages in Keeping Original Quality.