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Easy To Make Matar Kachori Recipe. Snacks hold a very significant aspect in Indian food and who doesn’t love to have some while having a party at home or preparing a surprise for the kids!

Easy To Make Matar Kachori Recipe

Let us share with you the recipe of Mater Kachori, which is delicious to the core. Ingredients: For the dough 2 cups of maidaCarom seeds (ajwain):1/4 tsp1/4th cup melted ghee or oilSalt : according to taste For the filling. Mothers' Zone - Kanda Poha - Vegetarian Breakfast Recipe. Mother's Zone: Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas That Will Make Baking Interesting. Questions To Ask before Choosing the Latest Indian Baby Boy Names 2016. New parents are always very excited about naming their little family member and they make sure that the identity is best suited to their child.

Questions To Ask before Choosing the Latest Indian Baby Boy Names 2016

Not every family is willing to use the latest baby name list for their little one, but this does not mean that you should not take a look at the current trends, as the latest Indian baby boy names list 2016 may also contain some interesting and good identities in it. Popular names may be very famous today, but they might be obsolete in the coming few years. So, while choosing the best identity for your newborn current popularity should not be the prime factor, but yes it can surely be a guideline to show what words are doing great now. Baby Shower Food Ideas That Can Keep Your Guests Drooling. Food plays an important role in every celebration and when it’s time to welcome a new member to the family, then everything becomes grand and awesome recipes are added to the list that can keep the guests drooling.

Baby Shower Food Ideas That Can Keep Your Guests Drooling

Baby shower or Godh Bharia celebration is a ceremony where a family keeps a celebration to welcome the unborn child and to bless the mom to be. So, if you are planning to host a bash for the mother, then let me share with you some great nibbles and main course menus that you can offer to the guests coming home. Baby showers are usually held in the afternoon so you can keep some light snacks with a complete meal course. Mother's Zone: Baby Bathing Tips: What to Do and What Not. Bath time can be really fun for your baby, but it is also a time when mothers should be very careful as cleaning up a slippery, squirming and screaming baby needs a lot of practice.

Mother's Zone: Baby Bathing Tips: What to Do and What Not

Following certain baby bath tips can make things easier and your baby will soon start to love splashing in the water and play with floating toys and bubbles. To help young mothers enjoy this special time with the baby, we are sharing few bathing tips that will make things easy. Temperature: Make sure that the bathroom temperature is comfortable and the water is warm. Make This Christmas Special For Your Kids. Are you in search of some ideas that can make Christmas all the more special for your kids?

Make This Christmas Special For Your Kids

If so, then here are a few tips and suggestions for you. Give them a try and let your kids feel the magic that Christmas brings along! Celebrate Chhath Puja Festival. Chhath is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated by the people of Bihar with great pomp and joy.

Celebrate Chhath Puja Festival

This is a traditional festival that is dedicated to the God of energy and is also known as Surya Shashti or Dala Chhath. People in various states of the country celebrate this to seek blessings from Lord Surya and for the well being of the family. People of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal Orissa, Asaam celebrate this festival where the ritual of Araghya is offered to the Sun God with great devotion. Many people also worship the Chhathi Maiya on this particular day. The history of Chhath puja. Interesting Babysitting Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Busy and Safe.

Baby sitting may be a difficult task to manage if you are unplanned for the day, but if you put some little efforts then you can easily make the day interesting for both the kids and yourself.

Interesting Babysitting Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Busy and Safe

Babysitting can be one of the most difficult tasks to manage and when you have kids aged 5 or more it is all the more difficult to make them sit at one place. Active kids are whom all of us love, but when it is time to manage them, it can be really stressful. Sometimes it is almost impossible to entertain the little kids and they get bored and start becoming cranky. So if you are facing the same problem while babysitting your little child, then here is help to make the time more fun-loving and entertaining. Mother's Zone: Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas for Large Groups. Are you planning to throw a baby shower soon?

Mother's Zone: Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas for Large Groups

Baby shower is a party that is arranged to honor the would be mommy and daddy and also to welcome the little baby. Once the date is fixed, you may be busy sending invitations to your guests and start making arrangements related to the decorations, food and even games to entertain the guests. Few months back, I had arranged for a baby shower party for my sister in law. The decoration ideas and games that we had arranged are still fresh in my mind. So, let me share with you some unique ideas to organize baby shower games for large groups that can keep your guests engaged and busy. Everyone loves to play games, but not everyone loves those run of the mill baby shower games. Rangoli Designs for Diwali on Pinterest.

Godh Bharai-A Ceremony to Welcome the Unborn Baby. Godh Bharai or Baby shower is a popular ceremony among the Hindus and friends and relatives wait for about seven months to celebrate the soon to arrive family member.

Godh Bharai-A Ceremony to Welcome the Unborn Baby

This is an occasion that is celebrated to welcome the unborn baby to the family and lots of blessings, gifts, jewelry are showered on the expectant mother for their good health and safety. Godh Bharai means to "fill the lap" with flowers, clothes and many other things. It is a special occasion that is popularly known as Shaad in Bengal, Valaikappu in Tamil Nadu and Seemandham in Kerala. Mother's Zone: Some Interesting Recipes for Your Baby Shower’s Dessert Display. Desserts often hold a special place in any party menus and a luscious collection of dessert recipes are something that everyone loves to eat.

Mother's Zone: Some Interesting Recipes for Your Baby Shower’s Dessert Display

Hot or cold, desserts can turn an average meal into something that is simply great and whether it is pudding, cakes or etc, children or adults, everyone relishes them to their heart. Delicious desserts are always a major highlight and a baby shower can be a great reason to enjoy some great baby shower dessert recipes. While you are gearing up to welcome the unborn bundle of joy, it is also a time to treat your taste buds with some collection of desserts that may include ice creams, mini donuts, strawberry pies and many more. Mother's Zone: Some Interesting Recipes for Your Baby Shower’s Dessert Display. Artistic Diwali Rangoli Design Ideas - Bhubaneshwar. Snacks For Perfect Baby Shower Party - Services In Bhubaneswar - Latest Mehndi Designs for Karva Chauth Other items Bhubaneswar.

Maa Kah Ek Kahani Hindi Poem for Mother’s day. माँ कह एक कहानी Download Poem कवि: मैथिलीशरण गुप्त “माँ कह एक कहानी। ” “बेटा समझ लिया क्या तूने मुझको अपनी नानी?” “कहती है मुझसे यह चेटी, तू मेरी नानी की बेटी कह माँ कह लेटी ही लेटी, राजा था या रानी? “तू है हठी, मानधन मेरे, सुन उपवन में बड़े सवेरे, तात भ्रमण करते थे तेरे, जहाँ सुरभि मनमानी। “वर्ण वर्ण के फूल खिले थे, झलमल कर हिमबिंदु झिले थे, हलके झोंके हिले मिले थे, लहराता था पानी। “गाते थे खग कल कल स्वर से, सहसा एक हँस ऊपर से, गिरा बिद्ध होकर खर शर से, हुई पक्षी की हानी। “चौंक उन्होंने उसे उठाया, नया जन्म सा उसने पाया, इतने में आखेटक आया, लक्ष सिद्धि का मानी। “माँगा उसने आहत पक्षी, तेरे तात किन्तु थे रक्षी, तब उसने जो था खगभक्षी, हठ करने की ठानी। “हुआ विवाद सदय निर्दय में, उभय आग्रही थे स्वविषय में, गयी बात तब न्यायालय में, सुनी सब ने जानी। Karva chauth Special on Pinterest. Look Out For Shiner Skin and Growing Belly in 11 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms.

Colorful Diwali Rangoli Designs. Rangoli is basically a folk art of India which can be made with Flowers, Colors, Diya’s or any other item based upon one’s personal choice. Generally Rangoli are made at the entrance, on the living room floors and courtyards floors during any festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Sarswati Puja etc. Navratri Special on Pinterest. Discovering Being Pregnant: 4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms. The ideal time to take pregnancy test and hope to get two lines on that stick starts at 4th week. The first indicator among 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms is a missing period. The old menstrual cramps have not showed up then you might be in for a treat. Here are some other 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms which indicate a possible pregnancy:Do you smell that? If you find yourself questioning this often when others can’t sense it then something has changed. Possibly a pregnancy you will soon hear about. Pregnancy changes hormonal levels in your body. Mother's Zone: Intricate Karwachauth Mehndi Designs Can Make You Appear Stunning.

Try These Navratri Vrat Recipe - Others in Bhubaneswar (129491) Choosing the Perfect Name from Various Indian Baby Girl Names 2016. Naming your baby might be one of the most confusing tasks for parents as there are no limitations. You can opt for a traditional name, a mythological one, or go for a truly modern or contemporary name. You can either look for a popular trend for the season to choose a unique name that is unheard of. Friends, neighbours, family members and colleagues, all have various suggestions for names the minute you tell them you are expecting! Mother's Zone: Your Baby Girl’s Name Reflects Her Personality. Who doesn’t want a beautiful and unique name for their baby?

But choosing the best identity that suit your child’s personality may at times be a difficult task. Not only this, the name should also satisfy all the members of the family. So the decision becomes really difficult as most of the time everyone doesn’t agree to a single name and its meaning. This is not the case with you only, I have seen this happen many times in my family whenever the family has expanded. Choose Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning Goddess Durga OFFERED from Bhubaneswar Orissa @ Classifieds > India > #432356 Choose Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning Goddess Durga OFFERED from Bhubaneswar Orissa. Quick and Easy Way to Spend Time with Your Child. Choose Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning Goddess Durga - Services In Bhubaneswar -

Choose Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning Goddess Durga - Services In Bhubaneswar - Choose Latest Indian Baby Name 2016 For Little One - Services In Bhubaneswar - Do you Know About: 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms - India, India. Celebrate Festival of Dussehra. India is a land of diverse culture and traditions as it has many religions that people follow. Festivals and celebrations are at the heart of the people and it is through these varied festivals held throughout the year that we get to see Indian culture at its best.

Dussehra or Vijayadashami is a popular festival in our country and is celebrated on the tenth day of the Ashvin month of the Hindu calendar. This day falls usually in the month of September or October and is the 10th day of the preceding nine days of Navaratri. This day also coincides with the immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga and holds great importance and significance for all. The name Dussehra is derived from two words “Dus” meaning ten and “Hara” meaning defeat. What is Dussehra festival? It is also believed that the Goddess Durga killed the demon King Mahishasura on that day and Vijayadashami is dedicated to Goddess Shakti, a combined manifestation of the divine energies of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Know More about Kolkata Durga Puja Festival. According to Hindus, Goddess Durga represents the divine feminine force that governs all existence, cosmic creations and changes in the world.

Puja of Ma Durga is a major festival of West Bengal for which everyone keeps waiting throughout the year. Celebrated on a huge scale with great joy and pomp, it is the puja of Goddess Durga after she gains victory over the demon Mahishasura. Usually celebrated during the period of September – October when the weather is pleasant giving the air a touch of festivity, the festival is celebrated by Bengalis from the day of Mahalaya till Dashami.

Most Popular Indian Baby Names of 2014. Jhansi ki Rani Poem in Hindi & English. Safely Baby Bathing Tips. Tips on Choosing an Ideal Indian Baby Boy Name. So now you are the proud parents of a baby boy and the birth of the new infant has brought immense happiness to the family. Which Popular Baby Name Is Perfect For Your Child. Choosing the best name for the bundle of joy is the most exciting and endeavoring task for new parents. Find Popular Indian baby names 2015. Mother's Zone: Baby Names That You Can Consider for Your Little One. Indian baby girl names meaning goddess durga. How to Exercise a Positive Influence Over your Children's Lives. In a society where severe reprimanding or refusing to spare the rod borders on abuse; some positive parenting tips can save the day.

Ganesh Chaturthi – The Famous Hindu Festival. Worried About Dark Circles Under Eyes? Here’s Help. Eyes are the most beautiful feature of the face and no matter how lovely they are, dark circles under the eyes can make a great impact on your appearance. The dark circles speak a lot about your health, routine and lifestyle. Now, there may be various reasons for them to appear, mainly from stress, hormonal changes, disturbed lifestyle or lack of sleep. Easy Steps to Do a Pedicure At Home. Productive Things That Housewives Can Do To Use Their Free Time. 19 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development. Know About Common 11 weeks pregnant symptoms. Onam Recipes. Plan Funny Baby Outings. Mothers' Zone - Planning Baby Outings can be Fun.

Mother Tutor. Essential Tips to Take Care of Newborn Baby.