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This group centers around bookmarks that help you rapidly develop web sites and applications using frameworks, freebies, snippets of code, and any other helpful tool to get you rapidly prototyping your ideas. Feb 29


Code Challenge - Try something new The Challenge During May 2012, I challenged people everywhere to code a small project using a language or environment that was new to them or that they had only casually messed around with. Possible options suggested were: Python, Django, Bottle, Pyramid, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Java, ASP.NET, PHP, Objective-C, PhoneGap, Flex, or any other. In mid-May, I encouraged participants to return here and share their project, tell us about their experience, and what this challenge taught them. Why this challenge? My good friend and fellow nGeneer, Jeff Croft, had kicked off a conversation about a specific programming language and how awful it is. Code Challenge - Try something new