Javascript Testing

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jQuery-inlog jQuery-inlog jQuery-inlog allows you to easily debug your jQuery code. See exactly what you pass to functions, what they return and in which context (this-value) they were executed. No more alert($obj.length) to see if your selector worked. No more pain when chaining many calls and figuring out which one fails NEW: See nested or recursive calls in the right order. Wooot.
Proxino Proxino You can use Proxino as a library function within the Node enviornment. The function takes two arguments: first a string of JavaScript, and second a string specifying the name of your exception-handling function. It produces as output a new string of JavaScript, instrumented with special exception-handling capabilities. This feature may be convenient for developers serving their JavaScript files through a server based on Node.
testling - automated javascript tests in all the browsers testling - automated javascript tests in all the browsers Use the test runner you like best! The only thing your test runner needs to do is to produce TAP output on console.log or process.stdout. Here's an example project using mocha. You can also use tape to output TAP output in browsers and in node. Here is what a simple tape test looks like:
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Test Swarm: Distributed Continuous Integration for JavaScript