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Why do only some people get 'skin orgasms' from listening to music? The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think. It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned — and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments.

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted. It seems obvious. It seems manifestly true. How It Works – Fisher Wallace. The following licensed healthcare practitioners are qualified to authorize the purchase of a Fisher Wallace Stimulator®:Primary DoctorPsychologistPsychiatristOBGYNChiropractorAcupuncturistNursePhysician’s AssistantOr access online authorization at: Treat Symptoms with Advanced Technology Designed collaboratively by world-class engineers and doctors, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® uses patented waveforms to gently stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals responsible for healthy mood and sleep.

How It Works – Fisher Wallace

Unlike antidepressant medication that inhibits neuronal receptors from absorbing serotonin, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® enables the brain to produce serotonin naturally while improving the brain's ability to regulate the limbic system. Proven in multiple published studies, the device is cleared by the FDA to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia, as well as chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia) when used on the body. Coping With Anxiety: 7 Ways of to Manage Your Anxiety. 7 Ways of Managing and Coping with Anxiety.

Coping With Anxiety: 7 Ways of to Manage Your Anxiety

Study links brain structure, anxiety and negative bias in healthy adults. Healthy college students who have a relatively small inferior frontal cortex - a brain region behind the temples that helps regulate thoughts and emotions - are more likely than others to suffer from anxiety, a new study finds.

Study links brain structure, anxiety and negative bias in healthy adults

They also tend to view neutral or even positive events in a negative light, researchers report. The researchers evaluated 62 students, collecting brain structural data from neuroimaging scans and using standard questionnaires to determine their level of anxiety and predilection for negative bias. Previous studies of people diagnosed with anxiety have found similar correlations between the size of the IFC and anxiety and negative bias, said U. of I. psychology postdoctoral researcher Sanda Dolcos, who led the study with graduate student Yifan Hu.

But the new findings, reported in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, are the first to see these same dynamics in healthy adults, the researchers said. How the Amygdala Affects Anxiety. The amygdala is a set of small, almond-shaped clusters of nuclei near the base of your brain.

How the Amygdala Affects Anxiety

These almond-shaped clusters are the most active when you experience fear or aggression, due to the fact that they are responsible for triggering the body’s fight or flight response. Anxiety and panic attacks occur when environmental or emotional stressors convince your amygdala that you are in danger. This article will discuss the reactions the amygdala sets off in your body, the reasons behind anxiety attacks that start in the amygdala, and what you can do to keep your amygdala from setting off a chain reaction of panic when there’s nothing to be anxious about. What is Your Anxiety Score? Sexual Violence Might Reshape the Female Brain. “My independence, natural joy, gentleness and steady lifestyle I had been enjoying became distorted beyond recognition.

Sexual Violence Might Reshape the Female Brain

I became closed off, angry, self-deprecating, tired, irritable, empty.” These chilling words, penned in a letter that a woman known only as “Emily Doe” read aloud in June to her attacker, former Stanford University student Brock Turner, offer a mere glimpse into the emotional devastation left by her rape. For Doe and others among the estimated one in three women who experience sexual violence, the damage can ripple throughout a lifetime.

But sexual violence may leave more than just emotional scars: New research suggests sexual violence may change victims’ brains. Perfectionism And Shyness Are Survival Tools. As a child survivor of an abusive environment, I discovered that my survival brain had created mechanisms of shyness, perfectionism, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Perfectionism And Shyness Are Survival Tools

Intense control and punishment cycles force our brains to figure out ways to manage the sensory overwhelm. Over the course of my journey, these patterns suppressed the most beautiful aspects of my emerging self and kept me from achieving my highest potential. Sometimes we will put on a mask to hide our true feelings from the world. My Own Betrayal Came Naturally As a child, my own personal betrayal came naturally. 4 Dopamine Boosters to Improve Depression Symptoms, Mood, and Motivation - University Health News. When we think about depression, lack of motivation, or difficulty focusing and concentrating, the well-known brain chemical (neurotransmitter) serotonin often comes to mind.

4 Dopamine Boosters to Improve Depression Symptoms, Mood, and Motivation - University Health News

While it’s true that low serotonin is a problem for many people with depression and other mental health issues, researchers have known for years that other neurotransmitters are also involved. A study published in JAMA Psychiatry in the year 2000 reported that people with clinical depression also have significantly lower brain levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine.[1] Since then, we’ve learned a lot about dopamine’s role in mood and mental health and about what can be done to restore low dopamine levels. The 3 Most Common Issues We Bring to Therapists.

19 More Motivational Quotes From Coach Wooden - Coach John Wooden. A Harvard psychologist explains why forcing positive thinking won’t make you happy. (iStockphoto) All people, at times, fill up with grief, spill over with joy, or tremble with anger.

A Harvard psychologist explains why forcing positive thinking won’t make you happy

Most of us are taught early on to manage these emotions by sharing and reveling in the positive ones, while repressing or apologizing for the negative ones. Either way, we learn not to probe our feelings too deeply. Habits of People With Concealed Depression. Depression is more than simply being sad, it is the systematic and chronic overwhelming feeling of self-loathing, dread and helplessness.

Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Not everyone who experiences it shares the extent of their pain or seeks treatment. Your 9 Top Defense Mechanisms, Revisited. How to Manage Panic Attacks. 9 Life Lessons From Famed Psychologist Carl Jung. Carl Jung was a famous philosopher and psychologist. He developed and spread the idea of analytic philosophy, terms like archetype, persona, introversion, extroversion and personality complexes were his concepts. 11 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Serotonin: Part II of "How Happiness Heals Your Brain" - All Body Ecology Articles. You deserve to be happy. These food and lifestyle tips from Body Ecology founder, Donna Gates, can boost your serotonin and bring more happiness into your life, naturally! In part 1 of this 2-part series, I highlighted the importance of serotonin, “the happiness hormone,” including how your brain makes serotonin.

In this piece, I will share tips to boost serotonin naturally, through your food and lifestyle. Serotonin plays an essential role in: How to Increase Dopamine, the Motivation Molecule. 4 Steps to Calm Yourself When You’re Anxious. The Top 10 Ways to Boost Good Feelings. How to Increase Dopamine Naturally. Effects Of Poverty Impact Gene Expression In The Brain, Leading To Depression: Study. Various studies link poverty and depression. At the same time, a growing body of scientific research shows how biological factors also lead to symptoms of depression.

Duke University researchers combined behavioral data with genetics and brain imaging to show how poverty can lead to biological changes — in this case, gene expression — in the brains of teenagers. The altered genetic expression influenced the teens’ cognitive development, which in turn led to depressive symptoms as they grew older. The researchers examined how chemical tags that influence expression of a gene, known as SLC6A4, changed over time. Essentially, every gene contains a set of instructions to code for specific proteins (or other cell products), yet the amount of protein a gene is able to make can be modified by other genes and other processes. There are 9 Different Intelligences. Which One Fits You? - Many people believe that if you are good at subjects like math or language, you are intelligent.

However, there are other several forms of intelligence that we often ignore. Howard Gardener, an American development psychologist, gave a description of 9 forms of intelligence in 1983. Improve your Brain Power with Neuroplasticity. New Study Reveals Creative Genius is Linked to Being Easily Distracted – The Earth Child. 8 Task Management Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done. Change by the bundle: Study shows people are capable of multiple, simultaneous life changes: Study shows people are capable of multiple, simultaneous life changes.

5 Fascinating Studies That Prove the Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature. 23 Scientific Happiness Hacks. By Dr. The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you. 8 Emotional Patterns That Can Disturb Our Inner Peace. 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control. 8 Emotional Patterns That Can Disturb Our Inner Peace. Welcome to How Misinformation Spreads On The Internet. Relax... Women Prefer Low-Cortisol Men. Self-Made Millionaires' Secret Habits. The 5 Myths That Hold You Back From Forgiveness. 4 Psychological Studies That Will Complete Change The Way You See Yourself. 5-HTP: Prozac's True Alternative.


Three Reasons Why We Shouldn't Confuse Selfies with Vanity. Do People See Emotions in Your Face That Aren't There? 4 Steps for Overcoming Fear and Anxiety. Worry and anxiety linked to high IQ? This Doctor's Breathing Method Can Help You Fall Asleep In Less Than A Minute. Psychological Projection: Dealing With Undesirable Emotions. Why Road Ragers (and Others) Rage. 13 Things to Remember If You Love A Person With Anxiety.

6 Examples Of Psychological Projection We All Commit. » How Routines Make Goals Achievable. 7 Behaviors Most People Think Are Negative That Are Actually Healthy. 3 Powerful Ways Empaths Can Help Prevent Panic Attacks. The Best Cancer Fighting and Immune Boosting Food Choices for Beating and Avoiding Cancer. New Study Links Social Anxiety To Being An Empath. 9 Things Only Passive-Aggressive People Do. 5 Reasons We Don't Let Ourselves Be Happy. I Heart Intelligence The 9 Multiple Intelligences - Which "Smart" Are You? Researchers show how self-control can drain your memory banks. This Guy Got High On 52 Drugs Then Drew These Trippy Self-Portraits. Everybody Is A Genius - The best brain possible.

3 Steps to Healing Your Inner Child. Understanding the Difference Between Emotions and Feelings – and Why It Matters. 55 Ways I’m More Committed To Self-Sabotage Than Self-Improvement. 10 Easy Things That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science. Women and Sexual Exhibitionism. Psilocybin Mushrooms show 80% Success Rate for Quitting Smoking. Can't sleep? Try this. The 7 Traits of a Free Thinker. 4 Alternative Herbal Remedies for Anxiety (Tried and Tested) A Man Got High On 52 Different Drugs Then Drew These Trippy Self-Portraits.

11 Reasons Never to Shame Anyone. Here’s why heavy metal is good for you. How We Discovered The Dark Side Of Wearable Fitness Trackers. 10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brain Works. Free Personality Test. 21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression. Levels of Human Consciousness - Bernard Alvarez. 7 "Negative" Behaviors That Are Actually Healthy. The 4 Styles of Humor. 6 Things That Trap Us In Fear. 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Out In Nature! The 10 Paradoxical Traits of Highly Creative People. Cultivating positive emotions.

Study: Social Anxiety May Be Associated with Being an Empath. 7 Things We Just Learned About Human Nature. Why Is Real Change So Difficult? You Have Heard of The Divine Feminine But Where is the Sacred Male? The difference between open-minded and gullible. 3 Questions You Have to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Guilt. I heart intelligence 25 traits of mentally strong people - i heart intelligence. 3 Tips for Developing Fine Motor Control During Childhood. The (Only) 5 Fears We All Share. Ten Choices You Will Regret In 10 Years - The Awakened Minds. 13 Ways Gratitude Will Significantly Improve Your Life. Positive Psychology Expert.

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Mindfullness. 7 Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Exercise.