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Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine – A Guide’s Guide to San Clemente Island. Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine The saltwater fishing magazine for America's West Coast and beyond!

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine – A Guide’s Guide to San Clemente Island

A Guide’s Guide to San Clemente Island How To Features September 3, 2015 Put plainly, running to San Clemente Island is a commitment that many private boaters are reluctant to make. The main reason is that it’s a pretty damned long run from any launch ramp, the shortest being the 55-mile crossing between Newport Harbor and the west end. But this article isn’t about staying closer to home.

Tips – NOTICE: Inflatable Navy, and want to be Navy Members, we are now an official Outcast Float tube dealer and we should have some basic inventory in stock shortly.

Tips –

We are working out details for a special offer and if you would like to be notified, please send us an email with your contact information to Surface Iron Strategy for Calico Bass - BD Outdoors. When it comes to fishing, I’ve always been big on theorizing why what works works and what doesn’t doesn’t.

Surface Iron Strategy for Calico Bass - BD Outdoors

More often than we as anglers like to admit, when it comes to lure coloration, our confidence is usually based on things that have nothing to do with piscatorial preferences. This is especially true in regards to choosing a surface iron to fish for calico bass. Fishing Halibut On The Sand - BD Outdoors. Bass and Water Clarity - Anglers Club Magazine. By Ben Team The number of variables bass anglers must consider is staggering.

Bass and Water Clarity - Anglers Club Magazine

Consider bass and water clarity, before you even think about lure selection, line weight and other gear-related issues, you have to take stock of the season, air temperature, water temperature, recent weather and the characteristics of the body of water you are fishing. Private Boat Calico Bass. My last couple columns were spent discussing sport boats and their relationship with the private boaters who spend the summer following them around.

Private Boat Calico Bass

In response to these columns, I received multiple messages from readers telling me that I was wasting my breath because, “Those private boaters will never learn”. However, I didn’t receive a single comment from anyone admitting to be, or defending, the boaters who followed the fleet. SoCal Wahoo Tactics - BD Outdoors. Anglers Club Magazine. By Ben Team Falling temperatures cause bass to break their lethargic summer patterns and begin feeding aggressively.

Anglers Club Magazine

Coincidentally, this is also the time of year when the baitfish populations are struggling to find cover, as the weeds and grass begin turning brown and dying. These factors often make fall – especially early fall — one of the most rewarding times to pull a lure through the water. Workin’ those Weed Beds. By Ben Team A dense grove of aquatic plants provides bass with shade from the sweltering sun, protection from predators and oxygen for, well, breathing.

Workin’ those Weed Beds

But the benefits do not stop there; most weed beds also hold a variety of prey species, including minnows, sunfish, insects, turtles, rodents, frogs, salamanders and even smaller bass. With these factors in mind, it becomes easy to understand why bass spend so much time lurking amid tangled mats of vegetation. Knowing that bass love these areas, anglers have learned to target weed beds early and often.

How To Fish the SoCal Offshore Bite. Published:August 29, 2014 Share This Article: Opah have been showing up more and more for offshore anglers, especially those jigging down deep or fishing a sardine with a sinker.

How To Fish the SoCal Offshore Bite

Photo courtesy of Red Rooster III. This FishTrack MODIS Chlorophyll shot taken July 17th shows the amount and extent of warm blue water that pushed into the Southern California Bight during the early season. It also pays to study the Sea Surface Temperature charts against the Chlorophyll imagery. Gearing Up for Offshore Fishing - BD Outdoors. The biggest issue I ran into when I started fishing offshore in my own boat was figuring out how many rods and reels to bring.

Gearing Up for Offshore Fishing - BD Outdoors

Early on, I erred on the side of caution because I was afraid to get out there and not have something that I needed. After a few trips spent stumbling over all of the excess gear, I paired my arsenal down to a much more manageable size. These four rods will cover just about anything you’ll encounter while fishing offshore on your own boat. Fishing Spots- L.A. to Oceanside. Southern California Ocean Fishing Hot Spots. I've put years of research and testing into bringing you all the great fishing hot spots including maps and GPS Coordinates for your fishing fun.

Southern California Ocean Fishing Hot Spots

Ike Jime Part. 1 – How to keep your fresh catch fresh. Fishing 101: How To Tie The FG Knot (Strongest And Thinnest Knot For Braid To Mono) How to Rig a Swimbait. You'll often hear, or read in this case, me talk about perfection in the details. Once you have the boat and body of water, your fishing success is determined by your ability to correctly address each critical detail.

If you take care of the little things, the rest will come naturally and you will get one step closer to reaching the top 10% (or better) of the fishermen/fisherwomen population. You should always have a goal of continual improvement, no matter what level you are at in your fishing journey. This creates the drive required to learn, improve, and reap the benefits of your own improvement.

This article will help sharpen your fishing catching prowess and improve your game. The concept is simple and so is the objective. In fact, most are obsessed with catching more fish and bigger fish. One piece of wisdom I offer is the gluing of the swimbait body to the lead jighead. I told you it was simple! You lost a fish and the loss of that one fish was completely preventable. Big Bluefin November 2014. How to Fish Santa Monica Bay Structure Bass. It’s January and the last boats returned from the cod grounds not long ago. It’s time to break out the leadheads and put your reflexes into overdrive. Western Outdoor News - California's ONLY Outdoor News Since 1953. – California Surf Fishing- A Light Line Revolution With Bill Varney.