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Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine – A Guide’s Guide to San Clemente Island. Tips – NOTICE: Inflatable Navy, and want to be Navy Members, we are now an official Outcast Float tube dealer and we should have some basic inventory in stock shortly. We are working out details for a special offer and if you would like to be notified, please send us an email with your contact information to WOW – Here is another fantastic piece of work just put together by Aaron, (sapdawg11) which he posted on FNN. We thought you would enjoy learning some of his trout catching secrets.

Super job Aaron, you have many talents. It’s no wonder your a great fisherman. THANK YOU for being so generous with your information and the time it took to put this together. Techniques for fishing the trout worm at Corona Lake Pics, Vids, and some good sound! The rubber worm has found broad application in fishing ranging from ripping the kelp for calico’s off of our coast to catching “bucketmouths” and winning national bass tournaments in inland lakes. Ah yes, the trout worm. Action. Surface Iron Strategy for Calico Bass - BD Outdoors. When it comes to fishing, I’ve always been big on theorizing why what works works and what doesn’t doesn’t. More often than we as anglers like to admit, when it comes to lure coloration, our confidence is usually based on things that have nothing to do with piscatorial preferences.

This is especially true in regards to choosing a surface iron to fish for calico bass. Considering that the bulk of a calico’s diet is comprised of bait fish, like anchovies and sardines, it’s somewhat counter intuitive to fish a jig with lots of reds, yellows and browns. But if you were to direct any bass fisherman to a peg board full of different color jigs and asked them to choose a “bass color” they’d go right to something dark and brown.

While bass do eat things that are dark and brown, like crabs and squid, those delicacies rarely swim across the water’s surface at the medium to fast retrieve you’d use with a surface iron. Like many things in fishing, my color choice worked great until it didn’t. Fishing Halibut On The Sand - BD Outdoors. My friend Mike Abenoja is a programmer by trade. We’ve collaborated on various projects. He is the technical expertise behind So Cal Salty. Mike is a fishing fiend like me. He is a pro-staffer for United Composites and a principal behind I haven’t done much surf fishing during El Nino, but Mike has been making me want to get back on the sand. I’ve never caught any halibut off the sand (I have scored legals off the rocks), so I wanted to learn more about what he’s doing.

Talk to me a little about the difference of fishing for halibut off the sand vs. off a boat On a boat you target soft drop-offs or hard bottom. What do you mean by structure? Any beach will hold halibut. When is a good time to go? The best time to target halibut on the surf is 2 hours before peak tide and then fish through to 1 hour after peak tide. You mentioned you fish artificials mostly. My favorite dropshot bait is the Zoom Fluke (right), but any plastic that mimics baitfish will work. Bass and Water Clarity - Anglers Club Magazine. By Ben Team The number of variables bass anglers must consider is staggering. Consider bass and water clarity, before you even think about lure selection, line weight and other gear-related issues, you have to take stock of the season, air temperature, water temperature, recent weather and the characteristics of the body of water you are fishing.

Then you have to decide where you think the fish will be hanging out in that water. Are they holding down by the dam or up in the feeder creeks? Once you have narrowed down their geographic location, you have to figure out their preferred holding depth. Were it not for the fact that careful navigation of these innumerable criteria often results in the sweet, five-pound-tug of a thrashing bucketmouth at the end of your line, you would have probably hung up your rods long ago. Here is the problem: That bass catching equation has another variable bass and water clarity. Water Clarity Several things can cause the water to become more turbid (cloudy). Private Boat Calico Bass | Calico Bass Fishing Tips | Erik Landesfeind. My last couple columns were spent discussing sport boats and their relationship with the private boaters who spend the summer following them around.

In response to these columns, I received multiple messages from readers telling me that I was wasting my breath because, “Those private boaters will never learn”. However, I didn’t receive a single comment from anyone admitting to be, or defending, the boaters who followed the fleet. I’m not all that surprised that no one spoke up, I certainly wouldn’t if I were them, but silence doesn’t equate to not caring or wanting to learn, maybe it’s that they just don’t know what questions to ask. So if you’ve got a “friend” who spends their fishing time following the fleet and would like to get them help, I invite you to send me a message with any questions about fisheries that your “friend” would like to see covered in future columns. Let’s get back to fishing. 1) Learn how to fish a swimbait. 2) Learn how to read conditions.

SoCal Wahoo Tactics - BD Outdoors. It’s official, there are enough wahoo in our local waters for fishermen to target them. While it’s still going to take quite a bit of luck to be at the right place at the right time, there are some things you can do to stack the odds in your favor. Like pretty much everyone reading this, I have zero experience in targeting wahoo from my own boat, so I reached out to some captains for advice.

Captain Steve Lassley may be best known for his domination of the marlin tournament circuit, but he’s got a good handle on the wahoo fishery as well. “The potential is there to find wahoo on any and all banks and high spots right now” explained Lassley. “I’d focus my energy on spots ranging from 25 to 60 fathoms in depth. The Rockpile, Descanso Bank, the 14, the east end of Clemente, Catalina, Anacapa, Santa Cruz islands, they can all hold fish. In regards to what to look for, Lassley advised, “You’re going to want to focus on any place where kelp paddies stack up”. Choosing Bass Lures | Anglers Club Magazine.

By Ben Team Falling temperatures cause bass to break their lethargic summer patterns and begin feeding aggressively. Coincidentally, this is also the time of year when the baitfish populations are struggling to find cover, as the weeds and grass begin turning brown and dying. These factors often make fall – especially early fall — one of the most rewarding times to pull a lure through the water. Select the right lures, and your arms will grow weary from dragging bass out of the lake all day. Crankbaits When the bass are gorging themselves on shad, it is hard to go wrong with a quality crankbait. Keep an assortment of crankbaits on hand, so that you can target different depths. Spinnerbaits Spinnerbaits may look absurd to human eyes, but when raced through the water close to clumps of grass or weeds, they look delicious to bass.

You can find spinnerbaits in virtually any color combination imaginable, but chartreuse and white are the most effective colors in most circumstances. Buzzbaits. Workin’ those Weed Beds | Anglers Club Magazine. By Ben Team A dense grove of aquatic plants provides bass with shade from the sweltering sun, protection from predators and oxygen for, well, breathing. But the benefits do not stop there; most weed beds also hold a variety of prey species, including minnows, sunfish, insects, turtles, rodents, frogs, salamanders and even smaller bass.

With these factors in mind, it becomes easy to understand why bass spend so much time lurking amid tangled mats of vegetation. Knowing that bass love these areas, anglers have learned to target weed beds early and often. Often, weed beds are incredibly productive, allowing you to catch a boat full of 1- to 3-pound bass. With a little luck, you may even haul the occasional leviathan out of the weeds. The trick is, fishing these areas without dragging half of the weed bed back with your lure. Fortunately, by using the right techniques and lures, you can fish weed beds without much of a hassle. Skim the Surface Skirt the Edges Punch through with Power. How To Fish the SoCal Offshore Bite | FISHTRACK.COM. Published:August 29, 2014 Share This Article: Opah have been showing up more and more for offshore anglers, especially those jigging down deep or fishing a sardine with a sinker.

Photo courtesy of Red Rooster III. This FishTrack MODIS Chlorophyll shot taken July 17th shows the amount and extent of warm blue water that pushed into the Southern California Bight during the early season. It also pays to study the Sea Surface Temperature charts against the Chlorophyll imagery. Viva El Niño! With hot water and SoCal fishing feeling more like a trip to Cabo San Lucas, there have been certain tactics and techniques that have come into their own, from the visual cues to adjusting with the bait issues that go along with having hot water in the bait tank. To stay successful, crews need to adapt and realize that getting jig strikes have not been the best way to stock the boat. The downside? The tuna, both bluefin and yellowfin, have been weary of eating trolled lures. -- Capt. Gearing Up for Offshore Fishing - BD Outdoors.

The biggest issue I ran into when I started fishing offshore in my own boat was figuring out how many rods and reels to bring. Early on, I erred on the side of caution because I was afraid to get out there and not have something that I needed. After a few trips spent stumbling over all of the excess gear, I paired my arsenal down to a much more manageable size. These four rods will cover just about anything you’ll encounter while fishing offshore on your own boat. Starting at the top is my trolling rod / heavy bait stick. This is a Rainshadow RCJB 84H matched with a Penn Fathom 40N 2-speed reel. This 7-foot heavy action graphite composite rod is rigged with 80-pound Berkley Pro Spec Braid to a short 60-pound fluorocarbon leader.

The next two combos are both Rainshadow RCLB 80M rods matched with Penn Fathom 25N reels. My bait rod is a Rainshadow RCLB 79ML rod with a Penn Squall 15 level wind reel. Fishing Spots- L.A. to Oceanside. Southern California Ocean Fishing Hot Spots. I've put years of research and testing into bringing you all the great fishing hot spots including maps and GPS Coordinates for your fishing fun. No more wandering around looking for good places. Just pop these numbers into your GPS and follow the arrow to great fishing holes. There are a number of different fishing types, from nearshore kelp beds to sand and mud flats to open water surface fishing. I've broken these down into different categories since the species, techniques, and of course, the locations are different for each type of fishing. In each category, I explain exactly where to fish and what species of fish you're likely to find in that habitat. Once you read this treatise, you'll know more that 90% of the local fishermen, and you'll greatly multiply your chances for success.

Kelp Bed Fishing Hot Spots Shallow reefs all over Southern California grow thick stands of kelp, a rapidly growing brown algae. Kelp bed hot spots Flats Fishing Hot Spots Flats hot spots Wrecks and Reefs. Ike Jime Part. 1 – How to keep your fresh catch fresh | Japanese Anglers Secrets. Well, it’s sad. But it does happen if you don’t know the proper way to handle your catch. The fresh catch this morning can be smelly and slimy this evening. There’s a routine which so many Japanese amateur anglers do every time they catch fish to keep them fresh and delicious. Later I learned that this is a traditional routine among Japanese commercial fishermen and it is hardly known to the rest of the world. So I’d like to share it. The method is called “Ike-Jime”. We don’t use the word “kill”. Hmmm… I’m not sure why. Maybe because we use the term as a process of cooking, rather than hunting.

Whatever the reasons, I use the term “close” here in respect to the tradition. There are 3 steps to close the fish, and there are some ways to store fish until you get home. 1CLOSE THE FISH IMMEDIATELY As soon as you catch a fish, close it immediately. The easiest way to spot the brain is to pull down the lower jaw wide open, and you see the edge of the skull sticking out just above the upper jaw. Fishing 101: How To Tie The FG Knot (Strongest And Thinnest Knot For Braid To Mono) | FishCrack. How to Rig a Swimbait. You'll often hear, or read in this case, me talk about perfection in the details. Once you have the boat and body of water, your fishing success is determined by your ability to correctly address each critical detail. If you take care of the little things, the rest will come naturally and you will get one step closer to reaching the top 10% (or better) of the fishermen/fisherwomen population.

You should always have a goal of continual improvement, no matter what level you are at in your fishing journey. This creates the drive required to learn, improve, and reap the benefits of your own improvement. This article will help sharpen your fishing catching prowess and improve your game. The concept is simple and so is the objective. In fact, most are obsessed with catching more fish and bigger fish.

One piece of wisdom I offer is the gluing of the swimbait body to the lead jighead. I told you it was simple! You lost a fish and the loss of that one fish was completely preventable.  Capt. Big Bluefin November 2014. How to Fish Santa Monica Bay Structure Bass | Jimmy's Fishing Corner. It’s January and the last boats returned from the cod grounds not long ago. It’s time to break out the leadheads and put your reflexes into overdrive. It’s time for winter structure bass fishing – Santa Monica Bay style.

The skipper will set up on a “stone,” and you’ll be bouncing your squid-tipped leadhead on top of the stone. Without a moment’s notice, you drop several feet into a hole and get bit immediately. You’re caught off-guard. You react as fast as you can, but it’s too late. What feels like being stuck in the bottom is actually pure force of the sand bass as it wedges itself between the rocks and flares out its gills – the sand bass’s ultimate defense. Background When I was younger, my dad and I fished out of Dana Point. Where Are These “Stones” You Speak Of? These “stones” are actually artificial reefs that are scattered around the Santa Monica Bay, with the vast majority of them being off of Malibu and Santa Monica.

Tackle Tips: What to Get Before the Trip The Bait Calicos. Western Outdoor News - California's ONLY Outdoor News Since 1953. Surf Fishing for California Halibut | – California Surf Fishing- A Light Line Revolution With Bill Varney. I’m asked all the time what is the best tasting fish from the surf. Well the truth is, I release all of my fish back into the water with one exception—the occasional legal halibut. And it seems like I’m not alone. California Fish and Game Department has stepped up their monitoring of halibut fishing this year in response to concerns about over fishing–All the result of so many anglers turning to halibut because of the closure of salmon fishing along the West Coast. Fortunately, halibut fishing has been exceptional this year from San Francisco Bay to the Mexican border with many three fish limits the rule. A non-migratory fish, the California halibut grows to over 60 pounds.

Best Places to Find Halibut Boat fishermen love to target halibut but fishing for them from the surf is also productive. Open beaches offer a challenge when looking to target halibut. Halibut also congregate in the offshore troughs that are built just below the waves. Again, look for the formation of eddys. Tackle.