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An Updated Deadlift Cycle for Average Joes / Elite FTS. You might remember a few years back I had a deadlift cycle included with an elitefts Make-A-Wish Manual, which I used to hit a series of PRs despite being on a pretty significant diet.

An Updated Deadlift Cycle for Average Joes / Elite FTS

Being that time of the year, I've been thinking about that cycle and some other things I've added lately that have kept my pulls moving steadily up. My template (below) still follows a bastardized Westside ME/DE split. Before I get to the details and to my rationale for the cycle, this is for gym rats — if you throw this in as a peaking cycle before a meet, you'll dick yourself over. This is also for lifters who are at the point where they have solid technique and are only occasionally breaking PRs.

My Thinking Behind This When I sat down to put this together, I had a few core criteria. Increasing Specificity: As a conventional puller, I would start the max-effort part of the training cycle with sumo pulls and finish with conventional pulls done from a slight deficit. Lifting Notes. 7 Brutal New Upper Body Exercises. If your chest, shoulders, and triceps have stopped responding, switch to new assistance exercises.

7 Brutal New Upper Body Exercises

The landmine, floor sliders, and the Dead-Squat bar are very effective tools. You don't have to ditch your main lifts. Keep the core lifts the same while trying new assistance lifts. If your pushing exercises have stagnated or they're giving you pain, here are seven new ones designed to pack some muscle onto your upper body. 1 – One-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press with Iso-Hold Single-arm dumbbell bench press variations are typically done in one of two ways. While both versions work, for a little extra pec demolition, try holding two dumbbells and pressing with one arm while holding the other arm at approximately a 90-degree angle, and then repeating in reverse on the other side in one continuous set. You want the non-pressing arm to be bent approximately 90 degrees, which puts the dumbbell a few inches off the chest, forcing the pec on that side to contract hard the whole time. Go Push. Tip: One Dumbbell, Full-Body Strength. The Effects of Eating Truckloads of Protein by Mike T Nelson, PhD | Today.

Tip: One Dumbbell, Full-Body Strength

Tip: Do Pull-Ups Anywhere Like This. The Food That Really Made America Fat by TC Luoma | Today Chances are, if you're fat or even a little chubby, this food is a big part of the problem... even if you're not eating it.

Tip: Do Pull-Ups Anywhere Like This

10 Best Unilateral Exercises. If you've never built up your single-leg strength, take 6 weeks to bring your unilateral competency up to par.

10 Best Unilateral Exercises

You can achieve levels of joint torque and muscle activation with unilateral exercises that are similar to double-leg exercise, without all the spinal loading. Getting stronger at single-leg work will transfer over to bilateral work. 10 Exercises You've Never Tried: Backside Edition. One of my favorite T Nation article series is the 20-installment monster called Exercises You've Never Tried Before.

10 Exercises You've Never Tried: Backside Edition

I like it so much that I want to bring it back. Rather than list a bunch of random exercises though, I'll base my installment around a common theme: the backside of the body (aka the posterior chain). And more specifically, low back-friendly exercises to work the backside of the body. Maybe you've hurt your lower back and can't load your spine with the heavy basics like deadlifts and barbell rows but still want to strengthen your posterior chain. Or maybe you're already banging away with heavy deads and squats and just want some accessory work that won't hammer your lower back any further. Either way, these exercises may be just what the doctor ordered.

Best of Chest. Take a look at a Roman suit of armor.

Best of Chest

What do you notice? You probably notice that the armor is, well, jacked. It has rock-hard abs, sculpted lines, and it's inevitably topped with a powerful chest. No doubt about it, the pecs have been a symbol of strength and power for thousands of years. No wonder Mondays are International Chest Day in gyms all over the world. The Cure for Weak Glutes. Signs of Wimpy Glutes When the glutes aren't doing their job, muscle function and movement mechanics in the hips – as well as strength, power, mobility, stability, posture, and athletic performance – suffer.

The Cure for Weak Glutes

Here are a few signs that indicate weak or dormant glutes. Knee pain: If you experience any significant form of chronic or acute knee pain and discomfort, chances are that your glutes, as well as your hamstrings, aren't functioning properly. Maintaining an appropriate balance of strength between the anterior and posterior portions of the thigh and knee is critical for ensuring joint health and proper movement mechanics. Faulty mechanics: Look at your squat, hinge, and lunge mechanics. Best of Triceps. Quick, run to a mirror and flex your arm.

Best of Triceps

Or, if you're at work and reading T Nation on the sly while the boss isn't looking, at least visualize yourself flexing your arm in the mirror. Did you do it? Okay, good. Tip: 7 Ways to Do the Glute-Ham Raise. This is a comprehensive progression scheme for the glute ham raise or GHR.

Tip: 7 Ways to Do the Glute-Ham Raise

Here's the main thing to remember: To make it easier, position the footplate lower and/or further from the hip pad. To make it harder, position the footplate higher and/or closer to the hip pad. The Perfect Snatch. What is the "perfect" snatch? Go ahead, pause a moment and think naughty thoughts. All finished? How To Build A Bulletproof Backside. Posterior Chain: Top to Bottom Before lifters learned the term "posterior chain" they used to just say they were doing "back work. " It was what strength athletes did to create balance and stability for the competitive lifts. They did rows, lat pulldowns, work for the spinal erectors and rear delts, etc. All good stuff. But simply throwing in rows, pulldowns, and face-pulls won't cut it.

Strength Exercises That Work Your Core. Just under two weeks ago while working on my perfectly sculpted abdominals (actually they look more like a scrambled jigsaw puzzle), I was reminded of a conversation I had a few years back with a former high level discus thrower turned coach. I was fairly new to the world of training and I was a complete stranger to Testosterone Nation altogether, so my only resources for knowledge were books and coaches in my proximity. Not to downplay my old resources at all, but T-Nation made it a wee bit easier to get great ideas and information out to the public. The coach and I had made plans to get together for a workout and go over some of our newer ideas and pretty much just get a crazy workout in.

While warming up for a set of cleans I asked the former thrower how he trained his core. Tip: The Triple Pyramid Conditioning Challenge. Try something a little different to measure your progress and to test yourself. This challenge will do just that. All you need is a power rack (or Smith machine) and a bench. And, well, maybe a mop. The Challenge This challenge consists of horizontal rows, push-ups, and rear-foot elevated split squats. The Best Training Tool for Triceps. Kettlebells: Better Than Dumbbells Kettlebells are a highly effective training tool for triceps growth. The key is knowing how kettlebells can be applied to make certain movements even more effective than their traditional counterparts. The 7 Conditioning Secrets. Fighter or Runner? Tip: Stimulate New Triceps Growth. Strong Legs, Big Round Butts. The Best Core Exercise. Period. If you could only choose one exercise to train your core, it should be the single-arm plank. Here's what the basic move looks like: Now, if you want to take things up a notch, try these tough variations.

The Top 7 Bodybuilding Methods of All Time. The 7 Best Muscle-Builders. The Top 9 Dumbbell Bench Press Variations. The barbell bench press has its place, but dumbbell benching has several advantages over the bar. Tip: A New Exercise for Glutes & Quads. Try Hindu Push-Ups for a More Muscular and Powerful Chest. Strong Traps, Healthy Shoulders. Upper Traps. Get Some. Squat Like a Champion. The squat is a highly functional exercise that every athlete should be doing, or working their way up to doing. The biggest obstacle lifters face when squatting is their mobility. And with mobility, you either move it or lose it Squatting ability should be assessed on a continuum. Find the movements that you can do well and gradually work up in difficulty as your mobility improves. 4 Easy Ways to Fix Shoulder Pain.

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Pre-Workout Warm-Up. 4 Ways to Burn Fat That Beat HIIT. The Set / Rep Bible. Tip: Do the Dumbbell Snatch. The Best Exercises. Period. 8 Simple Moves to Strengthen Your Knees & Stop the Pop. Can I Lift Weights With A Herniated Disc? Troubleshooting the Deadlift - Personal Trainer Development Center. Simplifying Shoulder Health for Strength Athletes. Your Secret Weapon for Pain-Free Muscle Growth. Beyond GPP: Find Your Movement Flow. Deadlifts: Which Type is Best For You? Tip: Do the Rack Pull and Chin-Up Superset. Tip: Use Cluster Sets for Size & Strength. What are Strength Exercises for Runners? The Science and the Programming. Predator Conditioning. Neural Charge Training. Shoulder Greater Loads With the Snatch Press. Add Yoga to Your Workout Program. Why a Non-Yoga, Non-Hippie Guy Thinks You Should Do Yoga. Yoga Sequence For Holiday Stress. 6 Yoga Poses for Better Posture. Muscle Imbalance Charts.

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Here's an explanation on the best exercises for the all the body's movement patterns. Pretend that you don't see sit-ups or crunches listed in #4. – bigchris123

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