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A self-made success? Let’s kill that myth. JUDY WOODRUFF: One of the core tenets of the American dream is the belief that any individual, regardless of their background, can make it big.

A self-made success? Let’s kill that myth

Millionaire tech entrepreneur Jason Ford has done just that, but he believes that he and other successful people get a lot of help they don’t often acknowledge. He explains in tonight’s edition of In My Humble Opinion. JASON FORD, Entrepreneur: Everyone loves a good success story. It’s the American dream, working your way up from nothing, armed only with your wits and a strong work ethic. And for those who make it, it feels great to think you got there all on your own. I didn’t inherit my wealth. But look a little deeper, and it turns out that version of my success story is a lie. But, before I was born, my parents got help from their parents to buy a house in a safe neighborhood with good schools. My wife’s nana was a school teacher as well.

So, we can blow up the myth that I’m a self-made success. The Racism of Mass Incarceration, Visualized: an Interview With Bruce Western - The Atlantic. Europe's Forgotten 'Hitler' Killed Over 10 Million Africans. Most people have no idea of who is pictured above, but you should.

Europe's Forgotten 'Hitler' Killed Over 10 Million Africans

The sight of this man should cause a similar revulsion to that of seeing Mussolini, Mao, Stalin or Hitler, as he committed an African genocide that resulted in the killing of over 10 million people in the Congo. Why Fundamentalist Christians Fear Intellectualism. This article was first published at Patheos.

Why Fundamentalist Christians Fear Intellectualism

You are what you believe. Why Fundamentalist Christians Fear Intellectualism. The 11 nations of the United States. Sexism may be harmful to men's mental health. Men who see themselves as playboys or as having power over women are more likely to have psychological problems than men who conform less to traditionally masculine norms, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

Sexism may be harmful to men's mental health

"In general, individuals who conformed strongly to masculine norms tended to have poorer mental health and less favorable attitudes toward seeking psychological help, although the results differed depending on specific types of masculine norms," said lead author Y. Joel Wong, PhD, of Indiana University Bloomington. The study was published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology. Wong and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 78 research samples involving 19,453 participants that focused on the relationship between mental health and conformity to 11 norms generally considered by experts to reflect society's expectations of traditional masculinity: • desire to win • need for emotional control • risk-taking. Stop Asking Me to Empathize With the White Working Class.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / mikeledray The only people who were surprised by white people voting for white supremacy is other white people.

Stop Asking Me to Empathize With the White Working Class

Muslims, black folks and other people of color have been petrified of this outcome for a long time now, because we know how white power will do anything to preserve itself. We have seen it, worked beside it, watched it on the news, lived next door to it, witnessed it call itself our friend and then question our experiences with racism when we recount them. For 18 months we have watched this demagogue with nary a workable policy to his name wage one of the most violent campaigns against us in our lifetimes, and seen his star rise because of it. 'Not All White People' and Derailing Conversations — Annalee Flower Horne. This is an entry from the department of Things That Activists of Color Have Already Explained More Than A Million Times.

'Not All White People' and Derailing Conversations — Annalee Flower Horne

'You Want Racial Politics? We’ll Give You Racial Politics!' Get out the Doritos.

'You Want Racial Politics? We’ll Give You Racial Politics!'

Pop the top on your Bud Light. Go down to your man cave, plop down on your La-Z-Boy, invite your friends over and turn on the Packers game. TX coach on Trump's win: 'I’m a rich white guy, and I'm sick to my stomach thinking about it' "Right now I'm just trying to formulate thoughts.

TX coach on Trump's win: 'I’m a rich white guy, and I'm sick to my stomach thinking about it'

'Racial Battle Fatigue' Is Real: Victims of Racial Microaggressions Are Stressed Like Soldiers in War. Black people are experiencing a scientific phenomenon that is not a figment of their collective imagination.

'Racial Battle Fatigue' Is Real: Victims of Racial Microaggressions Are Stressed Like Soldiers in War

It is having an impact on their mental health, and they are not faking or imagining what is happening to them. The condition is known as “racial battle fatigue,” a term which was coined by Dr. William A. Official Apologizes for Police Role in Mistrust by Minorities. Photo The president of one of the nation’s largest police organizations apologized to minorities on Monday for past mistreatment by the police that has helped fuel a deepening mistrust of law enforcement within predominately black and Hispanic communities.

Official Apologizes for Police Role in Mistrust by Minorities

The apology by Terrence M. Cunningham, who leads the International Association of Chiefs of Police, came during a speech in San Diego at the group’s annual conference. The remarks were an unusual yet symbolic step by law enforcement, whose members have often denied responsibility for deteriorating relationships with the communities they serve. For law enforcement officials to regain the trust of minorities, they must begin “to acknowledge and apologize for the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in society’s historical mistreatment of communities of color,” said Chief Cunningham, who also leads the Police Department in Wellesley, Mass. Systemic Racism Is Real. Ever hear someone say something like, “Hey, wow, great news everybody! Racism’s over! We fixed it!” They’re genuinely excited that we elected an African-American president. They’ll tell you how the first mainstream black superhero character, Black Panther, just appeared in a big new movie.

And by the way, P.K. Maybe white pushback against the African American History Museum is about something more — Shannon Dingle. I haven’t been to the museum yet, but I expect there are exhibits on slavery. My ancestors include white slave-owners in the South. That’s my history too. I haven’t taken a deep breath while standing before this museum, but I expect to read about how our Constitution didn’t value black Americans as full people. My ancestors supported that. Class in America and Donald Trump - Campaign supporters await the arrival of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Westfield, Indiana. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/AFP/Getty Images) In her new book, White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America, Nancy Isenberg rips apart the myth that the United States is a class-free society where hard work is rewarded by social mobility. She examines a piece of America’s social fabric that is older than the nation but is often ignored and even hated.

In this email exchange, Isenberg says that poor whites have been at a disadvantage since the British sought to unload their expendable “waste people” onto colonial America. Unconscious Reactions Separate Liberals and Conservatives. BLUE STATE, red state. Big government, big business. Gay rights, fetal rights. The United States is riven by the politics of extremes. To paraphrase humor columnist Dave Barry, Republicans think of Democrats as godless, unpatriotic, Volvo-driving, France-loving, elitist latte guzzlers, whereas Democrats dismiss Republicans as ignorant, NASCAR-obsessed, gun-fondling religious fanatics.

An exaggeration, for sure, but the reality is still pretty stark. According to the experts who study political leanings, liberals and conservatives do not just see things differently. Meanwhile examining the contents of 76 college students' bedrooms, as one group did in a 2008 study, revealed that conservatives possessed more cleaning and organizational items, such as ironing boards and calendars, confirmation that they are orderly and self-disciplined. “These are not superficial differences. Open Letter to White People Who Are Obsessed With Black-on-Black Crime. Dear Caucasian Brethren, I decided to sit down and write this letter to you because every time I try to have a nuanced conversation with you, I am interrupted by the same shrill refrain.

Here is an excerpt from every conversation when I ask you to help me find a solution to a problem: Us: Black Lives Matter seeks to end the abuse by the state against— Systemic Racism Is Real. If Black Lives Matter Isn’t A Racist Hate Group, Ever since Black Lives Matter formed in 2013, its leaders have repeatedly tried to brand it as a peaceful organization. It purports to advocate equal treatment for African Americans, and to pursue this goal by nonviolent means.

Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds. Beyondtheglasswall. I am a white american male. Expanded results methods cnn. 6 Facts From New Study Finding NO RACIAL BIAS Against Blacks In Police Shootings. White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed. Shocking new report: Bombing people causes people to hate you. How anti-racists play into the skinheads' hands. If such a thing existed, “The Neo-Nazi’s Guide to Getting Attention” might go something like this: There's a deep divide in how blacks and whites see race. New numbers prove it. A report that asked thousands of people about their views of racism has found the nation to still be deeply divided, with majorities of black and white Americans holding nearly opposite views of the impact of skin color. About 4 in 10 black Americans doubt the the country will ever reach the point where they are treated as equals to whites, according to the Pew Research Center survey released Monday. WATCH: Jesse Williams On Black Lives, Equal Rights And Freedom.

At the BET Awards on Sunday night, after receiving the network's humanitarian award, Jesse Williams began with the usual litany of thanks. 40 Acres and a Mule Would Be at Least $6.4 Trillion Today—What the U.S. Really Owes Black America by Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn and Jeff Neumann. Tales of African-American History Found in DNA. The Liberal Blind Spot. Photo CLASSIC liberalism exalted tolerance, reflected in a line often (and probably wrongly) attributed to Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Selfie fans regularly overestimate how attractive they are, scientists find. What It's Like To Be A Principal Of Color Dealing With White Parents. In a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in northwest D.C., a parent attending a school meeting is angry that her child doesn’t have enough time to play at recess. She berates the school principal — a black woman nearly a foot shorter than she is — in front of the other parents, pointing a finger no more than two inches away from her face and shouting, “How do you expect to keep your job?” The principal has been at her new job for no more than five weeks, and recess time is unfortunately out of her control due to academic requirements for other parts of the school schedule and other factors. Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides. Medical Racism and the Ignoring of Black Pain. Religious People Tend to Be More Racist, Study Finds. How America Bought and Sold Racism, and Why It Still Matters. KRS-One: “The Ruling Class Of White People Are Psychopaths”

Myth Busted: Scholars Fire Back Against Memes Pushing Narrative of Irish Slaves in the Americas. Black Lives Matter and the 'Irish slave' myth. 6 Startling Things About Sex Farms During Slavery That You May Not Know. Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston. San Francisco deputies charged in jail 'fight club' case.

NBA player Jeremy Lin addresses Asian stereotypes at Oscars. America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality. White Americans are nearly as blind to their racism as ever before. The Black History of Latinos. I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people. 4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears. I, Racist. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... Why don't black and white Americans live together? How Should Racism Be Defined? More Hard Hitting Words From The Dalai Lama About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society. Uk.businessinsider. Four Simple Reasons Smart People Shouldn't Believe in Races. 3 Things Close Minded People Do That You Don’t Have To. 6 Examples of Psychological Projection We All Commit.

The Surprising Thing I Learned from Studying My Brain on Various forms of Meditation for 7 Days. Racism, police brutality, cop pages, and other stuff... - IAmNotTheBabysitterIAmNotTheBabysitter. Here's what's holding black students back, from preschool through college. Negativity, anxiety and fear: A neuroscientist explains conservatives’ fear-driven political attitudes.

Has Spirituality Become Another Egotistical Identity? Matt Damon Interrupts Successful Black Woman Filmmaker to Explain Diversity to Her. Ore. Police Officer Who Turned in Chief for Racist Comments Says He’s Received Death Threats. Discrimination during adolescence has lasting effect on body: Decades of unjust treatment impacts stress hormone levels, researchers find.

Review: 'The Making of Asian America' is a stirring chronicle long overdue. DEA Agent Speaks Out: We Were Told Not To Enforce Drug Laws In Rich Communities. The Surprising Brain Differences Between Democrats and Republicans. White Americans and racism: 'Now they're starting to listen' A Gang of Rich, White Surfer Dudes Is Terrorizing a California Beach Town. 12 things white people can do now because Ferguson. There are 6 Scriptures about homosexuality in the Bible. Here's what they really say. 40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People. Fox News's Megyn Kelly can't handle the truth about race and the justice system. 7 Things Truth Seekers Need Stop Doing - Bernard Alvarez. 5 Things White Women do That Black Women Can't Get Away With. These Disturbing Pictures Expose Everything Wrong With Modern Society.

Why It’s Important To Understand Your Dark Side. WATCH: Southern Man Brilliantly SCHOOLS America On Racism And White Privilege. The Secret To Being Influential. 15 Limiting Beliefs That Aren’t Serving You Or Anyone Else. NFL player Benjamin Watson's Ferguson post on Facebook goes vira. Racism Archives. When-will-the-north-face-its-racism.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT. 8 Things White People Really Need to Understand About Race. ‘Racism without racists’: White supremacy so deeply American that we don’t even see it. The Last Taboo: Black Women with White Men on the Small Screen. The Female Pain Body Embody Inner Beauty.

"THE COLLECTIVE FEMALE PAIN-BODY" (excerpt) The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Exploring the Psychological Motives of Racism. Ego - The False Center. A Way to Meditate: For People Really Bad at Meditation. How Meditation Won the Super Bowl. Single Session Of Relaxation Response Practice Alters Gene Expression Involved In Inflammation, Energy Metabolism, Insulin Secretion. S**t Your Ego Says - How To Stop Believing And Start Laughing.

Competition is a double-edged sword for teenage girls. How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (and Stop Feeling Lousy About Yourself and Your Life)