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SHOCKER: 3% To 7.5% Of Fans See Your Page’s Posts. If you have a business fan page, you want those fans to see your posts, right?

SHOCKER: 3% To 7.5% Of Fans See Your Page’s Posts

Well, the chart above shows that fan page owners are grossly overestimating how many people they’re reaching through posts. (Note: That chart based on pages that together represent more than 400 million fans; it was complied by PageLever, which is in beta and growing its data set. The PageLever charts rock (they’re much cooler than my lame MS Powerpoint table above), and if you want better Facebook Page insights, you should sign up for their beta.

The “approximate % of fans seeing posts daily” and “total daily impressions per fan” columns are daily, so these numbers are affected by pages that are not posting daily.) It’s more of a shocker than you thought, isn’t it? I’ve been told that HubSpot recommends a 0.5 percent feedback rate as a goal. If you aren’t thinking about how to get more likes and comments, you probably don’t understand how EdgeRank is reducing your visibility to your fans. How Facebook Dominated in 2009. To most observers, 2009 marked the year Twitter conquered the world.

How Facebook Dominated in 2009

Yet it wasn't the only social media company that grew like wildfire. There's another that grew even more rapidly, adding over 200 million new users and raising $200 million dollars — double that of Twitter's most recent round. 2009 was a breakout year for Facebook, even if some of its successes were overshadowed by its emerging rival. In fact, the two have been locked in a new battle for the soul of the web, and the right to be the platform where the world converses. To that end, Facebook's 2009 has partly been about fighting back through the opening up of its data and profiles, a process we sometimes call Twitterification.

While this year has been its biggest year yet, it has endured multiple controversies, attacked multiple threats, and become even more engrained in world culture. Facebook's Astronomical Growth Facebook broke the big barrier in January, surpassing MySpace in U.S. traffic. How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page » Techipedia. This article is updated.

How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page » Techipedia

If you are reading this in 2011, please see the new how to build a perfect Facebook page article. This is a guest post by Jesse Stay, founder and CEO of and all around great Facebook Fan Page coder. He’s volunteered to give away a copy of his recent book, FBML Essentials, to two readers. Scroll down to the end of the post for details on how to win. Conversations About The Internet #5: Anonymous Facebook Employee. Facebook employees know better than most the value of privacy.

Conversations About The Internet #5: Anonymous Facebook Employee

This past summer Facebook relocated from University Avenue in Palo Alto, CA — where several buildings fan out along the downtown strip — to a new central office in Stanford Research Park. A good friend and two-year veteran of Facebook invited me to check out the new space. When I arrived, a security guard handed me a non-disclosure contract to fill out, a requirement to enter the building. “Just making sure you’re not a Twitter spy,” he said.

I can therefore not describe the tour my friend gave, though photos of the new space abound on the Internet. The Rumpus: On your servers, do you save everything ever entered into Facebook at any time, whether or not it’s been deleted, untagged, and so forth? Facebook Memology: Top Status Trends of 2009. Privacy: Zuckerberg: Facebook Is Helping People. Facebook's recent privacy overhaul, which has been roundly criticized by privacy advocates, was a response to a "new social norm," according to the social network's CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Privacy: Zuckerberg: Facebook Is Helping People

Society is evolving away from the desire to be private and toward an increasing willingness to share more personal information with more people, he said, and his company's new policies reflect that. Webinar: The New PCI 3.0 Standard Learn the steps to take to get your company ready for PCI DSS 3.0 changes coming January 2015. We cover all of the details you need to know as we head to the deadline to complete and pass your PCI DSS 3.0 audit. View the PCI Webinar Series Now. Just a month ago, Facebook overhauled the privacy settings for its 350 million or so users and was targeted in an FTC complaint as a result -- yet company CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday suggested that online privacy has faded in importance in recent years. Facebook's privacy changes: the real reason behind the move - Te. Facebook Follies: Why Facebook's Recent Change to its User Agree.

Why are 130,000 Facebook users very angry?

Facebook Follies: Why Facebook's Recent Change to its User Agree

The culprit is a small but significant change to Facebook's Terms of Service (its contract with its users) that was made without full notification to all users. The change was a seemingly radical shift: Facebook amended its contract language to reserve the right to continue to use member content forever -- even long after users have closed their accounts or deleted their content. Users post a great deal of content on their Facebook pages, from age, to marital status, to favorite movies, cars, and even political affiliations.