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Bidinis Hand Bags

Bidinis is an emerging fashion brand based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in 100% Italian made leather bags and accessories. Thanks to Caterina Bidini, the name behind Bidinis and our Creative Director, we have a deep connection to the Italian tanneries and artisans that produce our bags, in order to combine the genuine luxury and highest quality craftsmanship of Italian made leather goods at accessible price points. We are on a mission to bring forward and redefine this contemporary idea of luxury to Australia and beyond delivering functional yet stylish products entirely Made in Italy.

Fine Leather Hand Bag, Clutches & Wallets Made In Italy! Leather Bags Of Different Kinds. Leather bags have their very own attractiveness and also elegance.

Leather Bags Of Different Kinds

When you bring a leather bag, it certainly transforms your look. If you are checking out a social sector or signing up with a board meeting, having a trendy natural leather messenger bag by your side will certainly help you make your personal statement. There many styles as well as kinds offered. Select your favored one. Bidinis Hand Bags. Bidinis Hand Bags - Australia. Bidinis - Fine Leather handbags, clutches and wallets made in Italy.