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Jo Paterson sur Twitter : "Ho Hum. another day, another day of digitizing 18th-Century scores @westernulibs #musicology #Opera #digitzation. Brilliantly performed Fidelio evokes tears, shouts of 'bravo' Opera Lyra Ottawa sur Twitter : "#operalyraottawa board member Patti Blute walks lights for La Boheme!! What a BOARD!! Around Town: Nothing stuffy or boring about this opera night. Everyone was able to laugh about it at Opera Lyra’s opening night party for Tosca but you could imagine the backstage drama that unfolded Saturday night when word first broke that one of the singers had suffered a severe allergic food reaction just before show time.

Around Town: Nothing stuffy or boring about this opera night

Conductor Tyrone Paterson learned the bad news only 10 minutes before the opera was to start at the National Arts Centre. Judith Ginsburg, whose job it is to coach the talent and accompany rehearsals on piano, filled in on stage for the ill singer’s minor role of henchman. Tribute to Tyrone Paterson. Bōwman Media. MichaelFabiano : A great day! I accepted the... Amazon. BARIHUNKS “BEST OF 2013” It's time for for annual feature highlighting the best of the year on Barihunks.


This is our most popular post every year and we spent weeks combing through the archives to present you the "BEST OF 2013"!!! 1. Hottest photos - Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek & Zachary Gordin: We can't even begin to tell you the chatter that these two photographs created. They are both featured in our 2014 Barihunks Charity Calendar and have instantly become fan favorites. For any of you doubters out there, these guys not only look hot, but they can sing! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. BARIHUNK DEFINITION: A handsome or pretty baritone. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. LaTraviata in Concert. Opera Lyra sets higher standards. Mar Posted: March 23, 2013 Saturday at 3:20 pm Photo: Eddie Hobson.Jonathan Estabrooks sings Baron Douphol in La Traviata by Verdi for Opera Lya Concert performances of opera can often be problematic., and you can experience a severe let-down when the performers essentially drop anchor once they arrive on stage, disregard the drama and proceed on the assumption that their only job is to sing the music.

LaTraviata in Concert. Opera Lyra sets higher standards

But Opera Lyra happily sets higher standards. This, in spite of a straightforward concert setting — the female soloists in ball gowns, the men in white tie and tails, the National Arts Centre Orchestra behind them, and a full-throated Opera Lyra Chorus taking up the rear. Both performers and orchestra were attentive to the needs of Verdi’s score. Jim Watson, operatic champion! Mayor rides to the aid of Opera Lyra. Opera Lyra, like a tragic heroine of the stage, is fighting to overcome the forces that oppose it.

Jim Watson, operatic champion! Mayor rides to the aid of Opera Lyra

The Ottawa company has financial troubles, as previously reported in The Citizen, and as suffered by some other performing arts groups these days. The company is going on the marketing offensive with a new series of promotional videos, each featuring one of “our city’s most recognizable names and faces,” the company’s webpage says. “These leaders of our political, cultural and business sectors are all opera fans, and they’ve all agreed to ‘come out’ and share their passion for the art form with the public at large.” Lizziebowgirl : New is... Untitled Document. OperaLyraOttawa : #operalyraottawa loadin. Raising... Opera singer back to perform in hometown - Entertainment - By Michelle Nash Ottawa South Local Community News. Posted Aug 23, 2012 By Michelle Nash Click to Enlarge. San Francisco Opera - Nixon in China Tweet Seats Application.

San Francisco Opera is looking for a few socially savvy Tweeters to attend the final dress rehearsal of Nixon in China on Tuesday, June 5 at 2 PM and Tweet through the entire performance.

San Francisco Opera - Nixon in China Tweet Seats Application

John Adams’ rhythmically rich re-creation of a presidential trip to Beijing has established itself as a great American opera, a work of “clarity, simplicity, shocking elegance” that “will be around for the long haul” (The New York Times). We want your authentic opinions and thoughts, and perhaps even a scene-by-scene recap of the onstage action. Gig_Mag_Canadian_Opera_Feature. Verismo. Given the number of reality programs on TV these days, we might be forgiven for thinking that the notion of exploring real life in art and in literature is a new idea, yet about 1890, an Italian opera movement, now known as verismo (which roughly translates as "true to life") also looked at the lives of ordinary folks in moments of extreme personal tragedy.


What separates these operas from their predecessors is that the heightened emotions are not centered on kings and mythic heroes, but rather on common people in the contemporary world. Towards the end of the 19th century, several literary movements came to light that sought to portray the lives of everyday people in a frank, unglamorous manner, and also to treat these stories in a serious way, as momentous happenings. The first of these literary movements took hold in France. Realism, as its name implies, concerned itself chiefly, not with the imagination or dreams, but with harsh reality and cold facts.

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