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Tutorial Magazine / photoshop / effects. Magnetic Silly Putty "Hack" Creates Freakish Magnet-Devouring Blob. The Science of Star Trek. The Science of Star Trek Is Star Trek really a science show, or just a lot of "gee, whiz" nonsensical Sci-Fi?

The Science of Star Trek

Could people really DO the fantastic things they do on the original Star Trek and later programs in the series, or is it all just hi-tech fantasy for people who can't face reality? Will the real world come to resemble the world of unlimited power for people to travel about the Galaxy in luxurious, gigantic ships, and meet exotic alien beings as equals? Well, as for the science in Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry and the writers of the show have started with science we know and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it to fit a framework of amazing inventions that support action-filled and entertaining stories.

Write for Star Trek. Write for Star Trek You too can sell a script to the most influential TV show in the world - if you know the formula.

Write for Star Trek

By Jeff Greenwald Let's pretend it's your job to watch Star Trek. Medicinal Marijuana Cultivation Information.