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25 Fun, Quirky and Memorable Customer Appreciation Ideas. One Last Thing Without a happy team that loves customers on the front lines, your company wouldn’t have any customers to say thanks to.

25 Fun, Quirky and Memorable Customer Appreciation Ideas

Consider these four ways to thank your customer champions: 1. Create a Friday Afternoon Club. A company we know treats their team to beer and sponsors ridiculous games every Friday at 4pm. 2. 3. Préparer sa stratégie de communication. Dans ce second article concernant la communication, je vais poser les bases pour une église qui souhaite débuter une réelle réflexion sur sa façon de communiquer.

Préparer sa stratégie de communication

Certains points seront traités brièvement, mais les articles de ces prochaines semaines reviendront avec davantage de détails sur certains éléments qui nécessitent davantage d’informations. Vous trouverez dans celui-ci de quoi faire un bilan de l’existant avant de vous lancer dans l’élaboration de votre stratégie de communication. Comment communiquez-vous aujourd’hui ? L’idéal avant de démarrer une réflexion sur votre communication est de faire un bilan de la communication existante (souvenez-vous, on communique toujours !) Quels sont les moyens à votre disposition aujourd’hui ? – Votre bâtiment – Logo – Votre nom – Votre slogan (phrase d’accroche) – Site internet – Réseaux Sociaux (Twitter, Facebook, …) – Signalétique – Papier (plaquette, bulletin, …) – Vidéo – Sono – Vos réunions. 5 apps making life easier for South Africans. As smartphone penetration increases in South Africa, mobile apps are increasingly in vogue.

5 apps making life easier for South Africans

Aside from game, photo and music apps, there are some that are genuinely making life easier for people and changing the way they go about things. We take a look at five of the best. Vula Mobile Developed by Dr William Mapham in 2011 in response to problems he experienced while working in rural Swaziland, Vula Mobile allows health workers in more rural areas to conduct a basic eye test and relay the results to a specialist elsewhere. A messaging platform incorporated in the app then allows any defects to be identified and the right course of treatment determined. The beauty of Vula is that it tackles the problem of a lack of skilled medical practitioners in rural areas, and the delays often occasioned by having to send information to more urban areas for analysis. OurHood OurHood is an app for neighbours.

Les applications mobiles du pratique. 18 Apps Every Smart Boss Knows About. Small business owners wear a lot of hats.

18 Apps Every Smart Boss Knows About

On any given day, the average small business owner is responsible for managing a number of different projects and tasks that all compete for their time—sales, marketing, HR, customer service, payroll, building employee schedules, product fulfillment…you get the idea. If you’re an owner of a business, managing all of these tasks at once can be difficult and stressful if you haven’t yet put certain processes in place or taken advantage of certain tools. In this post, we’re highlighting 18 small business apps that can save you time, make your job easier, and make your business better. Click the logos below to learn more about each app: 1. Name: XeroWebsite: makes it great: Xero is a super simple and convenient way for small businesses to take care of accounting. 2.

Name: Zenpayroll Website: makes it great: Zenpayroll makes it easy for small business owners to pay their small team of employees. 4. 5. 6. Les outils pour communiquer : comment choisir ? Quels outils choisir pour atteindre ses objectifs de communication ?

Les outils pour communiquer : comment choisir ?

Voici une question que bon nombre de marketeurs se posent. Pour apporter une réponse, il convient d'avoir une bonne connaissance des différents outils possibles et utilisables. Ce qui signifie notamment d'identifier ceux qui sont classifiables dans le registre de l'influence à moyen terme et ceux dont l'objectif est de faire vendre tout de suite. Articles 12 outils pour faire connaitre un commerce ou une petite entreprise – Partie 1. Nespresso: experiential marketing at its best. Customer experience is all.

Nespresso: experiential marketing at its best

This is the mantra being used for digital transformation roadmaps and the theme for this year’s digital marketing trends. One brand that understands customer experience is Nespresso. Here’s a rundown of exactly how the coffee-meets-tech brand provides great CX for its aspirational customers. Kick back, allow me to bring you some creamy opinion in a glass cup. Clooney Might as well start with George.

He has a villa in Italy, he is a thinking man and an action man, an activist, a morally sound connoisseur, he sets the tone for what Nespresso is trying to achieve. The boutiques Nespresso has its own stores, except they’re actually called boutiques. 25 awesome African TV ads. Stimulated by the vibrancy of our emerging economies and the breakthrough of telephony and consumer goods, the cradle of mankind has over the years become the eldorado of advertising that everyone wants a piece of.

25 awesome African TV ads

This has transformed commercials into remarkable filters through which we can follow the trends and their evolution across various societies over time. So here follows a finely handpicked selection of 25 memorable African ads for you to enjoy the continent in all its witty, multi-facetious, cultural, brainy, creative and artistic glory. The elegance of retro-vintage 1. “Super Timor” (Ivory Coast,1986) To start this list with a huge kick, here is a truly unforgettable commercial directed by Etienne Chatiliez in 1986 for Super Timor, the powerful insect repellent.