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Untitled. Beers and Blogs: Linking social media and beverage brands. Ahhh, nothing quite like tweeting about the beer you’ve just cracked open, am I right? Okay, so maybe not everyone associates enjoying an ice cold beer with social media, but you’d be surprised at the level of correlation between the two. In fact, the beverage sector is quite intricately linked to social media. Insights from platforms like twitter can be used in a variety of ways to help beverage brands establish a strong social listening framework. We find the beverage sector so interesting to analyze that we decided to put together a Beer Industry Report to gain a brief understanding of the industry’s social media landscape.

Evaluate competitive landscape and overall brand health Social Listening tools are particularly adept when comparing several brands within an industry. Samuel AdamsLagunitasHeinekenBlue MoonGuinness Right away we notice that the import beers have larger volumes of mentions than the domestic craft brews and are dominating the social realm in terms of mentions. The HEINEKEN Company - Age Gate. Heineken > Brands. Heineken, The Most Social Beer Brand | Austin & Williams. A recent study by the L2 think tank* that assessed the digital competency of beer brands in the United States found that just two, Heineken and Budweiser, earned a “Genius” ranking. L2′s report said: “On the social media front, Heineken had very little competition, nabbing the top spot for most Facebook fans, most Facebook engagement, most Twitter followers, biggest YouTube community, and most individual YouTube channel views.

In fact, Heineken is so dominant on YouTube that its biggest competitor on the platform, Budweiser, had less than half of Heineken’s views when data was collected.” Heineken is a social media superstar. At last count, it was the alcohol brand with the most likes on Facebook, with more than 12 million. One of their most popular series was a job interview for an Event and Sponsorship Intern. They created a contest called “The Candidate,” aka the first job interview you can’t prepare for. I’m confident this amusing, feel-good video inspired many 12-pack purchases. How Heineken Uses Social Media — The Social Pieces. Heineken is available in almost every country on the globe and is the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand. Heineken has different social media channels in different countries. The Dutch Heineken channels alone have huge followings, with more than 20 million likes on Facebook, over 17k followers on Twitter, and over 15k followers on Instagram.

So what did they do that makes them so popular? Dutch is crazy about King’s Day. On King’s Day, you’ll usually find orange-pride, live music, DJs, parties and a citywide street market. This year the weather was not looking good on King’s Day and many people complained about it on social media. Heineken Ads | Digital Marketing & Social Media Campaigns. Quantifying the Impact of a Social Media Campaign: Heineken, the Champions of the Champions League. At the start of any season, Cristiano Ronaldo’s football manager will, I’m sure, sit him down and say, ‘Cristiano, I want 30 goals from you this year’ and Cristiano will reply in his ‘I’m the greatest footballer of all-time’ voice and say, ‘I’ll give you 50’. The example I’ve used is extremely simplistic but the point is his management has made clear Cristiano’s objective and the metric we use to gauge results (goals scored) is easy to measure in order to determine whether his campaign has been successful (probably) or not (here’s hoping).

However, the social media campaigns that Heineken has embarked on, starting with its ‘Share the Sofa’ campaign and now moving on to ‘Champion the Match’, aim to achieve the beer giant’s lofty ambition of being the only beer associated with the Champions League. Brand awareness and loyalty are the name of the game. Heineken has been a sponsor of the Champions League since 2005. Heineken | Detailed statistics of Facebook page | Socialbakers. Heineken Is Giving People Free Beer on Social Media | Definition. Heineken and Gratafy have teamed up to give consumers (21+) what they really want: free beer. This summer, Heineken has been all about Subway Symphony, a movement to make city subway turnstiles more musical. Their new Gratafy-powered “Enjoy a Heineken On Us!” Campaign is a follow-up to the city-focused campaign; “Heineken wants you to explore your city,” and they want you to do it with a free beer in your hand.

According to Rob Amram, the senior media director at Heineken USA, "Heineken has always put a premium on reaching customers in innovative ways, and we're truly excited about this partnership. Facebook and Twitter are areas where our customers frequent the most, and through Gratafy, we're connecting with them in arguably their most social setting, to offer a complimentary Heineken, Heineken Light, or Dos Equis. " How does it work?

Legal consumers on Facebook and Twitter are directed to a web page that looks like the above photo. Why Gratafy? 8 Social Targeting Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Heineken - DMN. July 07, 2016 Heineken USA's media director shares the secrets to success he's learned over the years. International beer drinkers are about to open a bigger tab. According to research and consulting firm Allied Market Research, the global beer market is expected to accumulate $688.4 billion by 2020—producing a compound annual growth rate of 6% over the course of 2015 to 2020. And brewers like Heineken are fighting for wallet share. “Over the past 10, maybe even a little bit closer to five years...the number of beers people drink every month has remained about the same,” says Frank Amorese, media director for Heineken USA, “but the number of brands that they drink has grown a lot.”

To stand out from competitors on the tap and on the shelves, Heineken relies on targeted social ads. “That gives us the freedom to give the right person the right message at the right time,” he says. Here are eight lessons to take away from the brand's experience. 1. 2. 3. . - Is the ad “thumb-stopping?” 4. 5. 6.