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4 inspiring kids imagine the future of learning. After more than 13 years of research convinced him that children have the ability to learn almost anything on their own, 2013 TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra aspires to shape the future of learning by building a School in the Cloud, helping kids “tap into their innate sense of wonder.” In the spirit of Mitra’s invitation to the world to “ask kids big questions, and find big answers,” we asked four brilliant young people to tell us: What do you think is the future of learning?

Here, their answers. Adora Svitak, 15-year-old writer, teacher and activist “One of the most powerful shifts in the future of education will come from not only the tools at our disposal, but from an underutilized resource: the students whose voices have for too long been silent. We’re pushing for seats at the decision-making tables, empowering ourselves by shaping our own learning, and taking on activist roles both online and off. Watch Adora’s talk to discover “What adults can learn from kids” » Join the conversation! Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud. Future Learning Short Documentary. What Does A Modern Education Look Like?

What Does A Modern Education Look Like? By TeachThought Staff What Does A Modern Education Look Like? By Marie Bjerede first appeared on; it has been reshared from a 2012 version. Well into the 21st century, we are still trying to get a handle on what a 21st century education really is – both the question of what young adults really need to know and be able to do and the question of the best way to help them get there. I first encountered this issue as a high-tech executive when coaching talented engineers through a series of workplace myths.

Young engineers tend to come out of school with a mindset that the only truly valuable contributions are individual contributions. It is also common for young engineers to believe that real problems have only one right answer and that they will get the best “grade” from a supervisor if they come up with it. Skills Needed In the Modern Workplace Definition of a Modern Education Principles of a 21st Century Education 1. 2. 3. 4. Stop Teaching Kids to Play the Game of School. Bobby was an 11th grade student in my English class…and he was angry. “I don’t understand this project, Mr. J. What are we being graded on and when is it due?” I looked around at the class to see a handful of students just like Bobby. They weren’t used to this. In their 11 years of school, the game had been simple. “There is no grade Bobby,” I said. Bobby turned from my gaze towards his backpack and muttered, “this is stupid” under his breath. If you’ve been following my blog or read my book, you know this scene is when I introduced the “20% Project” to my students for the first time a few years ago.

I want to make this clear to teachers and parents right now: Teaching our kids to play the “game of school” will not help them later in life. This Isn’t A Race I recently read an article by Oliver Emberton, “Life is a maze, not a marathon“. Are we teaching students that life is a marathon, or a maze?

How to Shift Away From the Game of School So, it’s become clear that: 1. 2. Big Picture - Personalized Learning One Student at a Time - an innovative education alternative. Deeper Learning MOOC (DLMOOC) | A free, flexible, nine-week online course that will allow K-16 educators to learn about how deeper learning can be put into practice. The Met, The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, Providence and Newport, Rhode Island. The Met empowers its students to take charge of their learning, to become responsible citizens and life-long learners in a safe school environment.

5 TED Talks Teachers And Students Should Both Watch. Education is one of the most integral parts of our lives and something that tends to influence who we are, what we do and where we go in life. However, like everything in our fast changing world, it too is moving forward at an amazing pace and new research, technology and ideas are coming to the fore at an alarmingly fast rate. We’ve looked through some of the most amazing talks on the web and have compiled a number of our favourite videos on education. These are the stunning ideas that are at the very cutting edge of learning and have the potential to change the way we are taught and learn forever. Ken Robinson – How Schools Kill Creativity Ken Robinson is possibly one of the most famous education lecturers in the world and his TED Talk on ‘How Schools Kill Creativity’ is probably one of the most walked of the series.

Robinson makes a very entertaining and interesting case that the way we are taught doesn’t help our natural creative impulses and in fact quells them. 5 TED Talks Teachers And Students Should Both Watch. Jonathan Drori: What we think we know | Talk Video. Josh Mandel: Welders Make $150,000? Bring Back Shop Class. The Power of Quiet~ Changing Perspectives and Opening Minds. I have learned many things from being a parent. Some things I expected to learn, like how to make the best macaroni and cheese or how to do laundry, read a book and cook dinner all at once. These are the things parents expect to learn in the throws of parenthood, these are the easy parts.

Fortunately, parenting runs deeper, parenting teaches us about sacrifices, differences and perspectives. Our daughters are perfect replicas of my husband and me. My perspective (or lack there of) on the power of quiet became evident one day when my daughters and I were shopping and I saw some cozy bean bag chairs. I bought the ONE chair and I created that cozy spot for ONE in our classroom and guess what? In my quest to understand and appreciate the power of this alone time and the power of quiet I started to listen more carefully to those around me and that's when I found the resource that changed my perspective on the power of quiet.

Transforming My Teaching~ Mary Lee's post- Last Week's Ted Talk.