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How a Stapler Changed My Life. How a Stapler Changed My Life. 6 Elevator Pitches for the 21st Century.

Myers Briggs

On Your Own. Rooke Smarts - Wiseman. Branding. Steve Jobs on The Secrets of Branding. Finding your passion. Failure. Did You Know 2016. Seth Godin, Backwards. Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth@TheScotsCollege. STOP STEALING DREAMS: Seth Godin at TEDxYouth@BFS. 5 Tips for a Happy Life from Winnie the Pooh. “Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”

5 Tips for a Happy Life from Winnie the Pooh

“Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best — ” and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.” Winnie the Pooh is a kind bear. He cares greatly about his friends. And he has always seemed like a pretty happy bear to me. He’s also a favorite of mine so today I’d like to simply share 5 of my favorite happiness tips from that honey loving bear. 1. “You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. Getting bogged down in details, focusing on the small problems can have advantages. Don’t make the classic mistakes of spending too much time nitpicking or making mountains out of molehills.

Keep your attention on that. 2. “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. 3. 4.

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GTY. Company Culture. How Minecraft and Duct Tape Wallets Prepare Our Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet. EdSurge Newsletters Receive weekly emails on edtech products, companies, and events that matter.

How Minecraft and Duct Tape Wallets Prepare Our Kids for Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

When I was 11 I loved designing web pages and playing Sim City. Adults in my life didn’t recognize these skills as valuable, so neither did I. Actually, I began to feel guilty for using my computer so much. In high school I stopped making web pages altogether to focus on sports. So, now I’m building DIY, the online community I wish I had when I was young. My objective with this wide-ranging set of skills, and involving the community so closely in their development, is to give kids the chance to practice whatever makes them passionate now and feel encouraged –– even if they’re obsessed with making stuff exclusively with duct tape. The Mentorship Journey.

Where are you going and who’s taking you there?

The Mentorship Journey

You might’ve noticed that I write a lot about mentorship. I have a post about it HERE and HERE TOO – have a read after this post! I have been fortunate to have had several amazing mentors, whether they were from a formal program or informally as well. I firmly believe that with my learnings from them is what makes me a strong mentor today.

Inventories, Assessments, Surveys

Safety. Linked In. Email Etiquette 101. The use of e-mail in corporate culture is pervasive.

Email Etiquette 101

I rarely get letters any more. Even phone calls are uncommon. But I get scores of e-mail messages every day. Yet, I am continually surprised at how people often misuse this medium. Big Think Mentor. TEDxSanJoseCA - Phil Cousineau - Mentorship ... Passing the Torch.


Carol Anne's Rock Our Strengths Blog! Beyond the Resume: 11 Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention. Many smaller firms and start-ups are learning that a resume isn’t the best away to determine talent, potential or culture fit.

Beyond the Resume: 11 Ways to Grab an Employer’s Attention

So we started thinking: what would happen if the resume no longer existed? How to Discover Your Career Sweet Spot. Do you know your “sweet spot” when it comes to work?

How to Discover Your Career Sweet Spot

I often find that many people don’t have the first clue. Sometimes we discover our strengths over many years of trial and error. We throw ourselves into work situations that don’t fit our strengths well and then we become frustrated with our lack of progress. We see other people in our same field and wonder why it seems so easy for them and yet hard for us. The raw truth is that they are in their sweet spot and you are not. University of Minnesota Strengths Finder. 5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search.

Brie Weiler Reynolds is the content and social media manager at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings, and a former career advisor.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search

At FlexJobs, Brie offers job seekers career and work-life balance advice through the FlexJobs Blog and social media, including Pinterest. Now that Pinterest is a full-blown cultural phenomenon, people have started considering it for uses other than inspiration for recipes, home decor and the latest fashions. And with a shaky economy and millions of people either out of work, underemployed or looking to change jobs, Pinterest is now being used as a job search tool. At the beginning of 2012, Mashable asked, Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search? Your name is a brand — treat it as one online. The digital business landscape has changed tremendously over the last couple of years and personal branding is starting to play a crucial role online.

Your name is a brand — treat it as one online

Having a strong personal brand can do so much more for you than just win you a new job. It adds credibility to your name and can improve the reputation of any business associated with you. In business, people aren’t buying products, but people. With the advent of social media, it’s also easier to be won over by someone’s personality than by their marketing strategy. 10-year-old CEO discusses his cookie company. Now playing 10-year-old CEO discusses his cookie companyup next Ice cream with a social missionmsnbc originals - 10/20/14 LA scrapping food wasteMelissa Harris-Per - 10/18/14 How Ebola could trigger famine in West Africa Food insecurity growing Congressman fights for food revolution Ed Schultz shares his favorite home-cooked mealMelissa Harris-Per - 10/05/14 China on a buying spree of limited resource ‘Top Chef’ calls out GOP lawmakerPoliticsNation - 09/29/14 First Lady’s healthy choice New report exposes high alcohol use in USRonan Farrow Daily - 09/22/14 Can food aid stem growth of terrorist groups?

10-year-old CEO discusses his cookie company

First annual Schultz Fish Fry Book: Dealing with food allergies Study details evolution of American eating Study: Food gap worsens between rich & poor Fighting for fast food worker rights ‘The GOP is messing with your kids’ school lunch’ Volunteers work 100M hours at food pantries Burger King relocating to boost profits? Food fight for GMO labeling. Rebecca Koch on Twitter: "#advice: 1. Nothing worth having comes easy. 2. Work your ass off for what you love. cc: @t_livinthedream.

How Facebook’s newest teen engineer supported his family with apps until cashing in. There’s nothing that highlights the fact that Silicon Valley is the new Wall Street, gold rush, colonial settlement — insert your American Dream rags-to-riches historical moniker here — quite like the story of 18-year-old Miami resident Michael Sayman.

How Facebook’s newest teen engineer supported his family with apps until cashing in

This week, Facebook hired Sayman as one of its youngest full-time engineers in history. He wouldn’t tell me his salary, but admitted his friends are already pressuring him to “buy a Tesla,” which he won’t do because he’d “rather save the money.” Before you go throw up at the idea of a teenager buying himself a Tesla off tech riches, there’s few people who deserve that luxury quite as much as this kid. I met Sayman four months ago, when the then 17-year-old developer caught Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. Zuckerberg featured him at the company’s f8 conference, and offered him an internship in one of Facebook’s first class of high school interns.

He had poured the last year of his life into building the game, which was a version of charades. The Real Reason Your Job Isn't the Right Fit. Have you ever been told how lucky you are to have your job—and felt a sense of utter confusion? Maybe you just can’t put your finger on what exactly you don’t like about your current role, and because of that you’re still there, especially since people keep telling you how happy you should be.

If this is you, fret not. This could be a case of unidentified career values. The Best Jobs, Industries, and Locations for College Grads.

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Blogs. Internships. Resumes. The Bullying Culture of Medical School. The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired. It’s because college kids today can’t do math, one line of reasoning goes. Or they don’t know science. Or they’re clueless about technology, aside from their myriad social-media profiles. These are all good theories, but the problem with the unemployability of these young adults goes way beyond a lack of STEM skills.

As it turns out, they can’t even show up on time in a button-down shirt and organize a team project. The technical term for navigating a workplace effectively might be soft skills, but employers are facing some hard facts: the entry-level candidates who are on tap to join the ranks of full-time work are clueless about the fundamentals of office life. A survey by the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Another employer survey, this one by staffing company Adecco, turns up similar results. As much as academics go on about the lack of math and science skills, bosses are more concerned with organizational and interpersonal proficiency. And all internships are not created equal.


Interviewing. The Met, The Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center, Providence and Newport, Rhode Island. The Met empowers its students to take charge of their learning, to become responsible citizens and life-long learners in a safe school environment. This Super Stylish 9-Year-Old CEO Will Make You Feel Lazy. By now, you've probably seen a fair share of kids who dress better than adults. But have you ever seen a kid with an absurdly keen fashion sense who is also the CEO of his own company at age 9? Meet Mr. Cory, founder and CEO of Mr. How does my brain work? 24 Steps to Creating an Awesome Teacher Blog - Teach Junkie. Employment-related social media you should be using. Employers have invaded social media and it doesn’t look like they’re leaving anytime soon. Forty-three percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates and an additional 12 percent plan to start soon, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to deactivate your profiles — in fact, employer involvement in social media is great news for your job search. With an influx of recruiters, hiring managers, career coaches and human resources professionals saturating social media, it’s time to embrace their presence and glean the best advice and resources they have to offer. Even better, you get to browse social media all for the benefit of your job search. The Value of Internships: A Dose of the Real World in High School. Katie Gavares spent three weeks in England during her junior year at High Tech High in San Diego working with British educators to incorporate project-based learning.

It was a mandatory school internship, a standard part of High Tech High’s education program, and it left a lasting impact on her. High Tech High is a network of charter schools devoted to project-based and real-world learning and a leader in the movement to spread tools and tactics to deepen learning nationwide. “I took away so much from my experience,” Gavares said recently on a Deeper Learning MOOC panel dedicated to the opportunities and challenges around internships for middle and high school students. “It’s different to be the lead on an all-day thing, and being in charge of having everyone understand a concept by the end of the day.”

Gavares worked for one week with university professors and high school headmasters talking through how school structures had to change to make room for project-based learning. Career Systems International - Beverly Kaye, Interviews & Videos. If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching. Free personality test. Members Login Log in to your account below:


Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself. The College Degrees And Skills Employers Most Want. Watch Out TED Talks: Here Comes A New Generation. TED’s educational arm is launching TED-Ed Clubs, an effort to support students who research, write and present and record their own ideas in a TED talk format. “The goal is to stimulate and celebrate the best ideas of students around the world,” said TED-Ed Director Logan Smalley. TED-Ed piloted the project with 100 schools, focusing mostly on middle and high school aged students. How helicopter parents can ruin kids' job prospects.