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26 Crazily Creative Recruitment Ads Your Need to See. Visual job descriptions are a very powerful way of engaging candidates and really advertising your job (something we spoke about last week). Not only that, but visually pleasing job ads make your recruitment efforts stand out from the crowd and make them more memorable – two aspects that are almost guaranteed to ensure you lure the perfect candidate to your company and away from everyone else’s. So, to get you all fired up and excited for your next big recruitment campaign, we’ve compiled 26 of the most creative recruitment ads from around the web.

Notepads at the ready people: 1. Web Developer Wanted. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 5 Tips For Landing The Internship You Really Want | Heather R. Huhman. When Lauren was a teenager, she dreamed of becoming an Olympic skier. As Lauren got older, she realized she didn’t want to become an Olympic athlete, but remained very passionate about the organization. Once Lauren entered college, she discovered she really wanted to work as a communications specialist for Team USA. It’s Lauren’s junior year of college, and she’s preparing for her summer internship search.

She’s researched sports teams, a variety of skiing companies, and a few nonprofit internships. One day, Lauren was scrolling through Twitter and discovered the United States Olympic Committee was looking for a summer social media intern. Feeling overjoyed about this perfect opportunity, Lauren decided to apply for the internship. Just before Lauren submitted her application, she started to have some doubts.

Many college students can relate to Lauren’s internship search. Here are five tips for landing an internship that’s “out of your league”: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. High School Internships Seen as Valuable Stepping Stone - College Bound. UserID: iCustID: IsLogged: false IsSiteLicense: false UserType: anonymous DisplayName: TrialsLeft: 0 Trials: Tier Preview Log: Exception pages ( /edweek/college_bound/2014/02/survey_shows_value_of_high_school_internships_in_college_admissions_and_job_market.html ) = NO Internal request ( ) = NO Open House ( 2014-09-12 09:28:48 ) = NO Personal SL : ( EMPTY ) = NO Site Licence : ( ) = NO ACL Free A vs U ( 2100 vs 0 ) = NO Token Free (NO TOKEN FOUND) = NO Blog authoring preview = NO Search Robot ( Firefox ) = NO Purchased ( 0 ) = NO Monthly ( b94737da-545c-5fae-deb3-38b1ae680ceb : 1 / 1 ) = NO 0: /edweek/marketplacek12/2012/05/educatorspitch.html Can add to monthly ( /edweek/college_bound/2014/02/survey_shows_value_of_high_school_internships_in_college_admissions_and_job_market.html ) = NO Access denied ( -1 ) = NO Internal request ( ) = NO Site Licence : ( ) = NO.

I Want to Find an Internship in High School and I Can’t Find Anything! Home » High School » I Want to Find an Internship in High School and I Can’t Find Anything! First of all, you should be very proud of yourself for even thinking about internships in high school! I’m the Intern Queen and I wasn’t even thinking about internships at your age! Part of what is going to make you successful is exactly what you are doing right now: thinking about your future. Finding an internship in high school isn’t easy but here are some tips that might help your search! 1. Find an Advocate at School. 2. 3. 4. 5. For more internship tips, check out my book on internships, available HERE. About The Author lberger. KIPP high schoolers get a leg up on college. In all, 74 seniors from the West Philadelphia charter school with a college-prep focus are exploring careers and learning work and professional skills with paid summer internships. The program, in its first year in Philadelphia, is an expansion of the Future Focus initiative created through a partnership between KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) - a national network of charter schools - and Accenture.

Marc Mannella, chief executive and founder of KIPP Philadelphia, which operates DuBois and three other city charters, said the students are building their skills, building their resumés, and exploring career opportunities. "The beauty of this is, it fits together with our mission so well," he said. The summer experience follows Junior College Seminar, which all 11th graders at DuBois take to prepare for college. "We believe that in helping students to be career-ready, we're also helping them to be college-ready because they need the same type of skills," Smith said. Marketing Internships. With a rising demand for marketing professionals, marketing is one of the safest career options for young professionals. The marketing field offers many diverse disciplines such as advertising, branding, design as well as online skills and techiniques, including website development, email marketing, blogging and public relations, and marketing internships ensure that candidates get work experience that provides a competitive edge over others.

Interns get an in-depth understanding of the marketing industry while working under the guidance of reputable marketing professionals. Candidates can potentially secure permanent positions after successful completion of the program. Most companies give preference to candidates with a formal degree in business or communications, but creativity and originality are also vital components to a successful intern. Marketing is largely focused on reaching potential customers, so research plays a crucial role. Ready for a career in marketing? Top 40 Internship Interview Questions.