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Report a repair. This facility is only for reporting new repairs.

Report a repair

To request an update on an existing query, please visit the contact us page and fill in the form at the bottom. Before you report a repair visit the repairs section of our residents’ handbook to make sure the repair is our responsibility. Report your repair here If your repair is an emergency, you will need to call us on 0300 100 0303. Please do not report your emergency repair online. You will need an email address to report a repair online.

Setting up an email Affinity Sutton Repairs Affinity Sutton Repairs is our new in house repairs service. Community Building Services (CBS) are committed to providing a quality repair and maintenance service to clients and their residents. Check their ID A very unfortunate incident occured with an elderly lady being burgled by a person claiming to be an Affinity Sutton repairman.


Three ways to use iPads in the languages classroom. The thought of using iPads in the classroom might leave some teachers squirming: another change to contend with; another expensive gimmick that will end in tears.

Three ways to use iPads in the languages classroom

But the iPad has the unique ability to provide almost complete freedom of outcome without impinging on a teacher's personal style. In my classroom, iPads act as a: • computer• exercise book• homework-filing system and planner• mini-whiteboard• camera• mp3 and mp4 player• multimedia recorder• portable and updatable register The iPad's various applications can liberate teachers from needing to book computer rooms, recording devices, flip-cameras etc and enable fluid communication between teacher and student – at home and in school. In modern foreign languages (MFL), teaching practice sometimes makes the teacher seem like the font of all knowledge – it works loosely on the premise that most students will not travel to the country whose language they study.

Here are some ways the iPads work in our language teaching: TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice. Christmas 2014: Volunteering In London. Christmas is the season for giving, so what better way to spend it than helping out people less fortunate than yourself?

Christmas 2014: Volunteering In London

In return, you might learn new skills, make new friends, and it won’t do your CV any harm either. Why not join one of the 9,000 volunteering opportunities at Crisis at Christmas? If you’ve never volunteered before, why not start with one of our suggestions: Crisis at Christmas is looking for 9,000 volunteers this year, from 23 until 30 December. You can choose your volunteer role based on your knowledge and working skills and help rough sleepers in need. Have we missed any volunteering opportunities from this list? Alan Cristea - Howard Hodgkin: Green Thoughts. Alan Cristea Gallery is pleased to present Green Thoughts, an exhibition of new work by Howard Hodgkin, one of Britain's most celebrated artists.

Alan Cristea - Howard Hodgkin: Green Thoughts

The exhibition features nineteen new limited editions including a special hand-painted carborundum relief entitled For Alan (2014). Printed in seven colour variations, the work is a testament to Hodgkin's close working relationship with gallery owner and publisher Alan Cristea which spans over 20 years. Exhibited alongside the new works is a unique hand-painted version of the 20ft etching, As Time Goes By (2009). Hodgkin's work often refers to memories and personal experiences. The show's title Green Thoughts references Andrew Marvell's 17th-century poem The Garden.

Hodgkin's works have the appearance of spontaneity, yet they are the result of extensive layering and complex print processes. Green Thoughts will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with an introduction written by author and BBC journalist Andrew Marr. What's new in Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update? - Windows Help. Flower beards: The beard frenzy has now gone floral - Features - Fashion. It all seems to be about whiskers nowadays.

Flower beards: The beard frenzy has now gone floral - Features - Fashion

Big beards on men used to be worn by Yuppies in the early 1990s, but now fashionable men in their twenties and thirties are sporting them – even during the heatwave of summer. Suddenly, beards became a fashion statement. It’s not so much of a new thing though, they’ve always been cool, but for rather different reasons. Fashion editor Alexander Fury explains that “in the 1850s, the beard came into fashion as a symbol of authority, masculinity, orthodoxy. By contrast, the 1950s beatniks' and 1960s hippies' hairiness was an affront to the still-prevalent military diktats of short back and sides and clean-shaven face. Loading gallery In pictures: Flower beards 1 of 16 But most recently, the bushy beard’s masculinity has been turned off and instead adorned with flower power. It started gaining popularity on the social platform of Tumblr, when a blogger began “Will It Beard” project, and has since blossomed elsewhere around the internet.