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Three veg-based cake recipes to help you eat your 10-a-day. Courgette olive oil bread Grating and salting the courgette for at least an hour leaches out excess water – the difference between a light and fluffy bake and a heavy and stodgy one.

Three veg-based cake recipes to help you eat your 10-a-day

This cake has a delicate crumb and just the right amount of spice. Einkorn flour is an ancient grain with a lovely nuttiness. You could also use spelt, farro or common wholewheat. Makes 1 large loaf500g courgettes, grated1 tsp saltButter, for greasing280g einkorn or wholemeal flour ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda½ tsp baking powder¼ tsp ground cardamom 200g olive oil200g light brown sugar3 large eggs1 tbsp vanilla70g knob of ginger, peeled and grated (around 50g after peeling) 1 Grate the courgette and toss with the salt. 2 Set the oven to 200C/400F/gas mark 6. 3 In a separate bowl, whisk the oil, sugar, eggs, vanilla and ginger together. 4 Tip into the prepared loaf tin, and bake for around 50 minutes, or until the bread is golden and springs back to the touch.

Spiced fudgy squash cake Parsnip cake (main picture) Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. It doesn’t get much more southern than these bourbon peach BBQ baked beans.

Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love

Peaches, bourbon, beans? YES!! Southerners, you sure do know good food! <–truth I know it may seem odd to add peaches to your beans, but, but, but, I promise it is not. No babbling today because I have this feeling that tomorrow I will be doing a lot of that (exciting news!). Tomato, mozzarella and polenta pizza – recipe. Everyone loves pizza, but it can be a faff to make the dough in advance, so I thought I’d try it with a big batch of polenta for change.

Tomato, mozzarella and polenta pizza – recipe

It works as a fantastic vehicle for any number of ingredients, but I stuck with the traditional trio of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh herbs. There was a moment when this “pizza” was placed on the table and the kids all looked at me askance, but, ultimately, the polenta pizza got a thumbs up.

(Serves 4-6) For the base: 200g polenta (not instant polenta) 800g water. Crab and Avocado Enchiladas. Crab and Avocado Enchiladas This Crab & Avocado Enchiladas recipe is brought to you by Old El Paso.

Crab and Avocado Enchiladas

So…pretty sure that whenever I’m in a restaurant and see the word “crab” on the menu, the first thing that comes to mind is not the rich, salty, delicious shellfish that I love to eat. Farro Risotto with Sausage, Mushroom, Peas, and a Poached Egg Recipe on Food52. Food - Recipes : Baked Spanish risotto. Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. Serious question.

Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love

What do you do when things in you mind are just not properly flowing? I ask because I am currently clueless about what to say here right now, how I should plan my day, and just generally how to organize my thoughts. If you could see my thoughts, they would look like the scrambled eggs you serve super old people. Just think extra scrambled, not chunky in the least, more the like confetti. Food - Recipes : Curried lamb mince scrambled with egg (Kheema ghotala) Nigel Slater’s orzo with brussels sprouts and sausage recipe. The recipe Bring a deep pan of water to the boil.

Nigel Slater’s orzo with brussels sprouts and sausage recipe

Salt it generously and add 150g of orzo pasta. Cook for the time it says on the packet, but check it regularly after 4 minutes. Drain and refresh with cold running water to stop it cooking. In a wide frying pan, warm a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, then add 400g of fat sausage skinned and broken into pieces (I like the Italian fennel-seed sausage for this) and let it cook for a few minutes, till golden brown. Food - Recipes : Venison massaman curry. Sausages with Carrot & Beet Mash + Ale & Onion Gravy. This is the kind of dish we want to make and eat during the first storm of the season.

Sausages with Carrot & Beet Mash + Ale & Onion Gravy

Read through Sean’s story and recipe. Then, fill your fridge with root vegetables and beer, and your freezer with sausages. Paleo Shepherd’s Pie. Many of the ladies in my life are shifting to a paleo lifestyle and while I don’t personally espouse any sort of specific way of eating (besides eating boutique, of course), I do sort of love the delicious, wholesome dishes at their paleo-inspired gatherings.

Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

When Katie (a new Eat Boutique contributor!) Mentioned paleo shepherd’s pies, well, she had me at pie. Welcome, Katie! – Maggie. Food - Recipes : Lasagne. Food - Recipes : 'Lion head' meatballs. Food - Recipes : Whole roasted masala chicken and potatoes. One-pan lentil dhal with curried fish & crispy skin. Food - Recipes : Pumpkin gnocchi. Katie’s Pasta Tritato with Fettucini. This is a recipe I posted on the blog a few years ago.

Katie’s Pasta Tritato with Fettucini

It’s one which I came up with one Sunday afternoon about 5 years ago when I lived in Melbourne and when, after a late Saturday night party, I was too hungover and exhausted to go to the shops to buy anything for dinner, so I went through my fridge to find out what I could come up with using ingredients lurking at the back of the fridge. The initial recipe called for a tub of shop-bought basil pesto-style dip. Obviously (and I have seriously learnt this the hard way with one particular recipe in my book) the idea of incorporating shop-bought, manufactured sauces and such in recipes is a total no-no as not everyone can get their hands on the same item I originally might have used in a recipe.

Also I prefer not to use commercially made sauces etc. opting to make them from scratch myself. Katie’s quick shepherd’s pie with roasted garlic cheesy mash. 600g lean organic beef mince (ground beef)1 brown onion, finely diced3 large cloves garlic, minced2 cups beef or chicken stock1½ tablespoons tomato paste1/3 cup Worcester sauce3 tablespoons HP sauce3 tablespoons BBQ sauce1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg4 sprigs fresh thyme leavesSalt & freshly ground black pepperOlive or canola oil for frying 3 large cloves garlic, whole, skin on 5 evenly-sized large floury potatoes, peeled, washed and cut into halves 2 tablespoons Natural Greek yoghurt 1/3 cup milk 50g Parmesan, finely grated A few extra fresh thyme sprigs Extra Parmesan for topping and serving Preheat oven to 180˚C (350˚F).Place garlic cloves onto a small baking tray and roast in the oven for 30 minutes or until soft on the inside (test with a small , sharp knife) remove and allow to cool then squeeze out pulp and discard outer paper.Fill a medium-large pot half-full with cold water, add a good pinch of salt then add in the halved potatoes.

Katie’s quick shepherd’s pie with roasted garlic cheesy mash

Food - Recipes : Lamb madras with bombay potatoes. Creamy Tomato Lasagna Florentine. Get your face right in there. You’re like, wait, though, isn’t that too close? PUH-LEEZ. You and I both know that a person can never be too close to those browned lasagna edges that are the perfect amount of chewy, and that’s exactly why we like to hang out together and get wild about all the foods. This creamy tomato lasagna florentine is layer upon layer of saucy tomato tang and garlic sauteed spinach nestled into a creamy blanket over the sauce, soaked up on all sides by thick and chewy lasagna noodles for a perfectly clean slice of comfort food.

And it is giving my whole self a hug today. This week the Crazy Train is coming by our house and we are hopping right on that thing. 30 Minute Spicy Ancho Turkey Chili. So here’s the deal: I’m obsessed with this chili. It’s hearty, zippy, and feel-good with Tex-Mex toppings that make my head spin in the best possible chili-loving way. And I know say this almost all of the time about 99% of the foods that I make and eat, so I totally understand your doubts (obsessed? Or overly dramatic?) , but someone might need to put a restraining order on me to keep me away from the absolutely cozy-to-your-toes combination of smoky ancho, ground turkey, nutty farro, and fire roasted tomatoes. Blueberry Mole with Chicken. This past week I was invited to participate in McCormick's Flavor Forecast for 2012. I took part in their webinar and watched as chef Mark Garcia went through the various ingredients and flavors that are going to be making a broader appearance within the culinary world this year.

They also posted the 6 trends of the Flavor Forecast up on their website, along with some recipes that went with each one. They all looked and sounded delicious, but I was particularly intrigued by the Blueberry Cardamom Mexican Atole. The idea of blueberry and chocolate alone was enough to make my stomach start growling, but the physical appearance of the atole reminded me a lot of mole sauce, which is what inspired me to make this dish. Ricotta & sweet potato gnocchi with buttermilk mornay, fresh figs, and pancetta. So. I made this gnocchi on TV today. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I attempted to demonstrate how to make this gnocchi dough on TV today. What I actually did was just kind of mush my hands around in a pile of egg yolk, ricotta, and sweet potato. Food - Recipes : Stir-fried pasta with orange and curry. French lentils with sausage, yogurt & pasta. Sausage and Sweet Potato Zucchini Lasagna.

So that settles it. This vegetable-loaded, sweet, creamy, spicy Sausage Zucchini Sweet Potato Lasagna is the only dinner I’m making for the rest of 2014. It’s simple, seriously yummy (who knew sweet potato sauce could make a certain food blogger lick the inside of the blender while happy-jigging around the tiny kitchen?) Chicken katsu. Food - Recipes : Roast spatchcock chicken with a burrata and slow roasted tomato salad.

One Pot Taco Pasta. Food - Recipes : Pork sausages with pineapple salsa and rocket salad. Bouillabaisse With Roasted Yellow Squash & Chickpeas. Green Lasagna Rolls. Crustless Brie, Vegetable and Egg Bake. Ricotta Scrambled Egg and Asparagus Tacos. Roasted Red Pepper Mac & Cheese – VIDEO. Spaghetti with chickpeas. Anyone running the marathon this weekend? Food - Recipes : Steamed fish with Chinese greens and plum sauce. Beef Taco Pasta. I’ve been a little under the weather this weekend, so you know what that means? Food - Recipes : Pappardelle with curried meatballs. Rigatoni with figs & brussels sprouts. Chipotle Sweet Potato and Brown Rice Egg Skillet.

When I first started eating vegetarian, one of the things I noticed right away was the lack of flavor restaurants would use in their vegetarian options. It was almost as if vegetarian was synonymous with: “oh you don’t eat meat? That must mean you want a big pile of vegetables with nothing else or pasta, lots of pasta.” It’s not that I wouldn’t gladly eat my weight in fresh vegetables, it was just I wanted something more. Of course, this all changed when I moved to California (did you hear there is a vegetarian restaurant opening in Sac?

Plus all the other amazing restaurants that have wonderful vegetarian options?) Of course, a lot of this flavor comes from herbs and spices. Glorious mess: Yotam Ottolenghi's comfort food recipes. A spring cottage pie — Mostly Eating. Baked Pasta with Spinach, Ricotta, and Prosciutto, Recipe from Martha Stewart Living Television, Turkey, Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna. Indian Spiced Pita Pizza. Baked Mushroom Risotto w/ Sautéed Eggplant. Mushroom Cannelloni w/ Cauliflower Béchamel. Super Easy Skinny Veggie Crockpot Lasagna. One-Pot Pastalaya recipe on Food52. Veggie Paella w/ Saffron & Orange. Tagliatelle with tuna meatballs and fresh cherry tomato sauce. Traffic-light vegetarian paella. Food - Recipes : Cauliflower and chorizo risotto with seared squid. Sweet Breakfast Couscous with fresh fruits. Food - Recipes : Low-fat chicken and mushroom pie.

The new vegetarian: Mushroom cannelloni with creamy walnut sauce. Skillet lasagna. Food - Recipes : Spiced spring lamb with black-eyed beans. Recipe Flash: BBQ Lentils. Almost Cheeseless Pasta Casserole Recipe. CBGB Pizza. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Fried Sage and Shaved Chestnuts. The ideal dinner companion. Meatless Monday: Eggplant, Mozzarella and Saffron Rice Bake. Smitten Kitchen's Harvest Roast Chicken with Grapes, Olives, and Rosemary.

Food - Recipes : Light smoked haddock fish pie. Food - Recipes : Middle Eastern-style shepherd's pie with aubergines, courgettes and saffron yoghurt. Broccoli-Basil Mac and Cheese Recipe. Annabel Karmel's back-to-school family recipes. Meat-free lasagne with polenta, chargrilled veggies and feta. Easy cheesy: one pot mac & cheese. Food - Recipes : Low-carb falafel with roasted veg. Food - Recipes : Lasagne. Empire roast lamb.