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Goa holiday packages - Goa tour packages - Goa trip - Musafir. About Goa Imagine endless beaches of shimmering sand, frothy spray and balmy, tropical weather.

Goa holiday packages - Goa tour packages - Goa trip - Musafir

Imagine a vibrant kaleidoscope of Portuguese and Coastal Indian cultures, which tinges the local cuisine, language and way of life. Now, imagine Goa. Once a trading post for the Portuguese, who first set foot here in 1510, Goa still retains much of its Portuguese colonial past in its architecture and heritage. Over the years, Goa’s allure has continued to draw visitors from around the world, who now seek out its beaches, its New-Age spirituality and inclusive, laidback way of life. Read more The local culture still retains much of the laissez-faire of the state’s Portuguese inhabitants, with siestas considered a daily staple.

Best Sellers For Goa Gorgeous GoaHave unlimited fun in Goa...From Rs 6,500 Fabulous GoaExperience the magic of Goa in comfort...From Rs 12,500 Splendid GoaFulfill your long awaited desires in the land of abundant beaches.From Rs 15,200 Goa Travel Guide. Save Money with a Credit Card – News on Banking & Insurance. Are you looking forward to save more than usual?

Save Money with a Credit Card – News on Banking & Insurance

Do you want something more than the regular bank savings account? Looking for an alternative to adjust the monthly expenses easily? It isn't Late to save your Taxes! (with image) · kjain9825. Five Things You Must Consider while Booking a Flight Ticket. Five Things You Must Consider while Booking a Flight Ticket Travelling has become second nature to most of us working away from home.

Five Things You Must Consider while Booking a Flight Ticket

For those living in places that would take over a couple of hours to reach, frequent flights have lessened the burden a great deal. No matter where you are or where you wish to go, you can count on some or the other form of transport to get you through to your destination. Both domestic and international flights have become more and more frequent over the years with international connections becoming stronger, whether due to business or interpersonal relations. Online booking, too, has made it easier to make travel plans without complications. Check all avenues online: There are a number of options to choose from when looking for the right one to purchase your tickets from. Compare rates: When you come across something good, it is better to compare the ticket rates with other options so that you are not disappointed once you have booked your ticket.

Finance World: Secure you Journey through a Student Travel Insurance. Have you received an admission in a University overseas?

Finance World: Secure you Journey through a Student Travel Insurance

Are you busy making arrangements for the life-changing experience ahead? Looking for the best student insurance plan? Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right insurance plan. Mentioned below are some of the most common types of coverage that you may need while travelling abroad: Types of Student Insurance Coverage Medical coverage: These funds allow you to receive medical treatment. Trip Interruption coverage: In case you need to cancel your flight for an important reason, this coverage provides for your travel back home. Passport coverage: In case you have lost your passport or credit card, it covers for your replacement documents as well as the money required to get them.

Emergency Evacuation coverage: In times when you cannot be transported to another destination, this coverage makes the arrangement and pays for a safe medical evacuation. — Tips for Equity Day Trading for Beginners. — Things to keep in mind while choosing loans.

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Affordable Flying is a Temptation for Travellers. Travelling was never so easy until air transport became accessible.

Affordable Flying is a Temptation for Travellers

It’s a world where one can dream of flying in the sky or visiting that relative who lives miles away. You don’t have road transport as the only option anymore. Also, air tickets aren’t a jackpot to conquer because anyone can afford them. Gone are the days when one would have to plan a holiday once in a year as flight tickets were expensive. In fact, the concept of holidays has taken a 360 degree turn. With increasing awareness about travelling and its benefits, people in India have begun to plan holidays very frequently. Top 5 simple tax saving strategies - Aegon Life - Blog. Are you one of those people, who works for 9 hours in a day to earn a living?

Top 5 simple tax saving strategies - Aegon Life - Blog

One thing that could be troubling you is the amount of taxes you have to pay to the government from your hard- earned income. You may be salaried individual or a business owner, paying taxes is mandatory for every income earner in this country. But, what would you do if half of your money is getting deducted in the form of taxes? Don’t worry, we have scribbled down a few easy tax saving strategies for you.

Make a Donation: Any philanthropic act done by you in the form of donations is rewarded by the government of India. You can check Aegon life policy premiums for further tax benefits. Other elements that avail tax benefit.Tuition fees for up to 2 children is deductible.Investment is fixed deposits.The amount contributed to Employee provident fund is also tax deductible. The above strategies regarding tax planning will help you save a lot of your income as well as it will multiply your wealth in some cases.