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BFIT Dehradun, was established under the aegis of Kartar Educational & Cultural Society since 2002, running institution affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal Central University.

World Environment Day 2017 (I’M WITH NATURE) 5TH June of every year is celebrated as world environment day.

World Environment Day 2017 (I’M WITH NATURE)

This day was started by United Nation to protect the environment from the environment evils like global warming and pollution in 1974, After then this campaign is being run globally. The aim of this campaign is spread awareness issues like wastage and losses of food, deforestation, increasing global warming and so many. The way of celebrating this day is unique itself like it is being celebrated according to a particular theme and slogan.

This year the theme and slogan for World Environment Day 2017 is “Connect with Nature on World environment day” Excess deforestation and pollution result as nature disbalance. World Environment Day Quotes:- “Connecting People to Nature” The theme for this environment day is “Connecting People to Nature”, implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the earth that we share. Chandro Tomar “ Revolver Dadi of India ” “Revolver Dadi” Chandro Tomar 80-year-old octogenarian and sharp shooter One of the world’s oldest female professional sharp shooter from India.

Chandro Tomar “ Revolver Dadi of India ”

She was born in a small village of in named John in the Bagpat district Uttar Pradesh. She also was known as Shooter data or revolver date. She has won over 25 national championships. She had gained fame and name in the world of shooting. If we think about our grandmother, then a lovely image with full of love and care will arise in front of us. Chandro Tomar has eight children and 15 grandchildren. She won various titles and medals with his sister in laws prakasho Tomar who did the same. “I wanted to do something useful with my life and show people my capabilities,” these are the words of this lady in an interview. “As soon as I shot my first pistol I was hooked. From the beginning, she wanted to do something new and interesting with her life.

At last, she dares to do this, and it was Tomar who was welcomed into the club with open arms. Reasons to do a Professional Development Course. In this ever competitive world, you should always look for improvement in your area of expertise.

Reasons to do a Professional Development Course

Taking up a professional course is important to improve your performance in a given career. In order to acquire more advanced and better skills, many people today go for these professional courses. It further gives you confidence along with basic information. Professional courses offer a large array of benefits, that is why it is highly recommended to enroll in such courses.

A professional course feeds our continuous need to upgrade our skills. Let’s take a look at the advantages of professional courses: 1. When you take up a professional course, you are exposed to not only the new and fresh ideas but it also keeps you updated with everything that is going in your area of interest. Courses To Opt For In Graduation For Biology Students If Medical Is Not Your Cup Of Tea. Choosing Science as a stream in your higher education opens- up a vast field for a student.

Courses To Opt For In Graduation For Biology Students If Medical Is Not Your Cup Of Tea

Science can again be divided into two categories in India- Pure Science which includes Maths, Physics and Chemistry; Bio Science which has Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Many students opt for biology in their plus two level. There is a misconception in India that biology students only have the option of medical entrance post class 12. But, the truth is other way round. A biology student has a vast scope before him/her in graduation if you have pursued bio science. Five Benefits Of Having An MBA Degree. These days the job market is quite competitive and one needs to make the right career choice to thrive in the intense competition.

Five Benefits Of Having An MBA Degree

With so many options on academic courses, one tends to get confused regarding which one to choose for their post graduation program. If you have a fascination towards businesses, global markets and you follow the news of sharemarkets and read business journals like the Wall Street Journal, then it is commendable that you have a love for being a part of the global business space. The right academic course for you is undoubtedly then an MBA and beleive me an MBA degree can take you to great heights in today’s competitive job market. Below is a list of advantages you can reap if you have an MBA degree. 1. The average salary of an MBA degree holder is always higher than the ones with a regular Master’s degree. 2.

An MBA degree can open diverse job options before you. 3. Good business schools open vast opportunities for MBA students to meet new people. Scholarship At BFIT Group Of Institution For Various Candidates. The BFIT Refund and Cancellation Policy. At BFIT Group of Institution, for withdrawal from any facility, the student and the parent of the student, is required to apply for withdrawal.

The BFIT Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund of fees/charges shall be considered as per the following policies of BFIT Group of Institution. Academic Fee For a student seeking refund before the commencement of the academic session, entire fees paid will be refunded. However, Rs. 1000/- will be deducted towards processing charges. For a student seeking refund after commencement of the course, ‘No Refund’, except Security Amount (after adjusting all valid dues) will be admissible.

Note: • Entire amount of Security/Caution Money Deposit will be refunded to the candidate.