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Arnaud01/lerni. - Vous êtes le red-en-chef. Vialogues : Meaningful discussions around video. Blubbr - Play & create video trivia games. Interactive Video - Adways Studio. Réalisation d’audioguide. Réaliser un audio-guide, par exemple pour un musée virtuel dans le cadre de l’histoire des arts dans votre école ou encore une visite guidée de votre ville est désormais possible facilement et gratuitement. est pour vous. Voici un webservice pour faciliter cette création, en passant notamment par l’application gratuite izi-cms (Android, iOS et Windows) et l’utilisation du site éponyme pour la publication du guide à l’adresse suivante: Le site propose déjà de nombreux audioguides, notamment de villes allemandes, qui pourraient également être utilisés pour des activités ciblant l’écoute. 3 étapes : Vous vous enregistrezVous créezVous publiez Création de jeux de pistes, quiz…Des audioguides en fonction de groupes ciblésCréation de récits multimédiaStatistiques complètes des visiteurs et temps de visitesObtention d’un stockage illimité pour vos contenus Vous pouvez créer plusieurs types de parcours : MuséesVisitesAttractions.

An Introduction to the MEAN Stack. The term MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript based technologies used to develop web applications. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. From client to server to database, MEAN is full stack JavaScript. This article explores the basics of the MEAN stack and shows how to create a simple bucket list application.

Introduction Node.js is a server side JavaScript execution environment. It’s a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. It helps in building highly scalable and concurrent applications rapidly. Express is lightweight framework used to build web applications in Node. MongoDB is a schemaless NoSQL database system. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. In this article, we’ll be creating a simple CRUD application using the MEAN stack. Prerequisites Before getting started, we need to install the various MEAN software packages. Git clone cd mean npm install Boilerplate Overview. Modules d'apprentissage interactifs et multimédia. Abandoning PHP for Python. I was always told to use the right tool for the job. After 12 years of working with PHP I'm still trying to understand what it's well-suited for. Back in early 2011 I was working for a financial data provider in London. I was working on a large, LAMP-based, client-facing project.

In any file of the codebase you could find HTML, PHP, SQL, some ORM usage, JavaScript and in some directories you'd find large amounts of files with no content at all. A lot of hands had created a lot of code. The technical architecture of the code could change with a developer simply deciding to do things in a different way from the rest of the team. I sat by a few developers who were into using Python in their spare time and really liked it's simplicity. This is the story of what key learnings I came across that helped me become a Pythonist. Python Essential Reference The first book I picked up was Python Essential Reference. Community-wide style guidelines Package Management Django's first tutorial RESTful and DRY.

Django on windows: how to make Django run in CherryPy as a Windows service | Random notes from Zena. Recently a client asked me to investigate the possibility to have a Django application hosted in a Windows environment. I looked around a bit and there are many ways to achieve this goal. I found the “pure Python” approach described here simpler to deploy and configure, yet very powerful and production ready for my needs.

I will explain how to install Python, CherryPy and Django on Windows, and how to configure them to serve a Django application from the CherryPy WSGI server, running as a Windows service. Install Python 2.7 First of all you have to install the Python programming language support for Windows. I used Python 2.7.5 Windows Installer. Then to be able to invoke the python command from the command line – no matter what the current work directory is – add Python to system path. Control panel > System > Advanced > Environment variables look for path variable, click on Edit and add this at the end: C:\Python27\;C:\Python27\Scripts; Install CherryPy Install service with: and start it with.

Python Essential Reference (4th Edition) (Developer's Library) eBook: David M. Beazley: Kindle Store. AppGyver.