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XForms/Comparison of XForms Products - Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Motivation[edit] You want to compare XForms browser products and understand each systems strengths and weaknesses.

XForms/Comparison of XForms Products - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Method[edit] We first identify key attributes of each product and justify why an attribute is relevant in a high-level comparison. We then present a table of the products with one column for each attribute. Key Attributes of XForms Product[edit] Product Name and Current Version[edit] License[edit] What type of license is being used? Cost Per 10 or 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 Users[edit] Satori. The charter for the project is focused narrowly on discovering pre-existing infrastructure and installed or running software.


For example, given a URL and some credentials, discover which server(s) the URL is hosted on, the topology of the infrastructure and what software is running on each server, as well as, pertinent settings for commonly encountered software like apache, varnish, and mysql. Quick overview Use Cases We expect that the output of a configuration discovery tool could be used for: Form Builder. Details Whether you need a large registration form or just a simple contact form, ProcessWire Form Builder helps you get the job done quickly and easily.

Form Builder

Building forms used to be time consuming and frustrating, but Form Builder makes it a simple pleasure. It will literally save you hours–and possibly days–of time. Angular Dynamic Forms. Dynamic forms is an Angular JS module that allows you to dynamic generate a HTML form based off of standard JSON schema complete with support for the following: Form Validation Extensible and customizable template driven design Default templates leverage bootstrap, but can be fully customized Install with bower $ bower install angular-dynamic-forms Add script reference to your app Add Angular Reference angular.module('myApp', ['dynamic-forms']);

Angular Dynamic Forms

Danhunsaker/angular-dynamic-forms. Joshfire/jsonform. Design your application using Persistent Graphs and OrientDB. Mrt09_poster_1 - mrt09_poster.pdf. Microsoft Word - CMDB Federation white paper vision v1.0 final.doc - CMDB Federation Specification (DSP 0252) - DSP0252_1.0.0.pdf. DevOOPS bootstrap admin theme v2 released! Plunk, Pen or Fiddle? I’ve experienced some frustration recently with all of the big three code sandboxes: JSFiddle, Plunker, and CodePen.

Plunk, Pen or Fiddle?

I’d originally picked Plunker because it provides the ability to create separate datasource files that can be used in my Plunks. This is extremely useful, especially when demonstrating how to load an external data source. About a week ago while viewing my own post in Appliness digital magazine (shameless plug) I noticed that I couldn’t access the source code in the embedded iFrame. I wasn’t sure if this was an oddity with Appliness so I made a mental note to check it out. The very next day I received a comment from a visitor stating that they were having the same problem when viewing the site on their phone.

CodePen For looks, you can’t beat CodePen. CodePen’s additional features are very slick and useful. CodePen felt great, looked great, and provided optional upgrades. JSFiddle Your ads will be inserted here by Easy AdSense Pro. Database Schema - OneCMDB. From OneCMDB The backend database tables contains four tables.

Database Schema - OneCMDB

CI and ATTRIBUTE - stores all information about the current state of the CI's and it's attributes. Crud php datagrid. Fidelin_b - Repositories. Spring in Practice - SiP_sample_ch11.pdf. Network Dependency Graph - Neo4j GraphGist. Query 1 — this query has been used to initialize the console Test run OK.

Network Dependency Graph - Neo4j GraphGist

Network management and impact analysis with Neo4j. Network management is a use case where graph databases and graph visualization solutions like Linkurious can greatly help.

Network management and impact analysis with Neo4j

With a concrete example, we are going to see how graphs are the perfect tool for impact analysis and network maintenance. Bad network management can be expensive Operating an enterprise network is no easy task. It involves keeping track of a continuously evolving set of servers, processes or services. All of this is expected to operate continuously. When it doesn’t, it can result in : diminished productivity for employees ;loss of business and insatisfaction from customers and partners ;and even worse in some sectors (health, transport, military) ; For example, in September 2010, Virgin Blue’s airline’s check-in and online booking systems went down. Network management is critical but oftentimes this function is operated in poor conditions.

Network management is a graph problem In a tabular oriented world, networks are represented through tables and lists. Layouts - Publet Documentation. Layout templates are used to define html page skeletons.

Layouts - Publet Documentation

They may provide a <head/> section with common css and js files and meta information, header and footer parts etc. Each template/wiki page can specify which layout to be wrapped in. Database Schema - OneCMDB. Using CI Tools for Continuous Delivery? - Vishal Biyani. CI and CD: Introduction I was reading through the conversation at DevOps tool-chain group.

Using CI Tools for Continuous Delivery? - Vishal Biyani

The problem posted was difficulty of using Jenkins as a delivery pipeline. Specially when it comes to complex workflows for example diamond dependencies, fan out & fan in etc. Source of Truth_ Using Open Source Tools to Manage and Monitor Large Deployments in Multiple Datacenters Presentation.pdf. Database Schema - OneCMDB.