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Naalbinding. The Vikings. To sew a sock in the naalbinding technique, you will need a blunt needle with a large eye and some thread.

The Vikings

The thicker the thread you use, the quicker the sock will grow. Fibres in very thick wool tend to split apart and distinguishing between the loops that you have added and the splits in the thread may be very difficult . Probably the most difficult stage in naalbinding is starting of the first series of loops around the central stitch . Study the following instructions and diagrams carefully before starting off. 1) First of all cut a length of thread about 18" - 46cm. long and make a loop at one end and pass the other end through the needle, (figure 48a). Socks of Nalbinding. Extant Example: A 10th century woolen sock of nalbinding has been discovered in the York Archaeology digs at Coppergate.

Socks of Nalbinding

This is often referred to as the Coppergate Sock. A stitch has been identified as the York Stitch, UU/OOO, based on the finding of this sock and that it is like no other in composition. After learning some of the other stitch types from Schmitt, I found the York stitch to be primitive in construction and difficult to manage at the same time. Nalbinding Socks: Methods of Construction.

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Nalbinding Socks: Methods of Construction

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Naalbinding - Mielke's Fiber Arts

Neulakinnas Nalbinding. The Knittnchicken - Naalbinding. Nalbinding. Nålbinding What the heck is nalbinding?


Funny you should ask...In order to portray a historically accurate viking-age gal, I need to have warm and historically accurate socks, mittens and hats. During the Viking-age (793-1066 AD) knitting and crochet were unknown to the good folks in Scandinavia, so they used another very effective and very old method for making these necessary garments: nalbinding. Nalbinding (also spelled nålbinding, naalbinding, nalebinding) is a method of creating a stretchy textile using short lengths of yarn and a single-eyed needle. Fabric is formed by looping the yarn through at least two previously created loops, gradually building up row upon row of loops. Nalbinding predates both knitting and crochet by at least 2000 years. Nalbinding as a practical needle craft survived longest in Scandinavia before it was supplanted by easier to produce knitting. Bibliography. SUSAN'S FIBER SHOP. Kiara's Naalbinding Page.

Undefined Welcome to my Naalbinding page.

Kiara's Naalbinding Page

I took a class on March 3, 2002 from Sigrid, whose webpage is the first one linked below. The sock above is my finished product started at that class. My second pair of socks went to the family reunion gift exchange a few years ago. I have now several pairs of socks and will be branching off into scarves after my current project is done. Links Sigrid's Naalbinding PageNalbinding Yahoo Group Lots of good sources and pictures in the Files section and the archived messages are a resource unto themselves.Naalbinding by PhialaNalebinding at Regia AnglorumNålebinding Techniques in the Viking AgeGerman Naalbinding Groups WebsiteStitch DiagramsJacinth's Info Mine - Naalbinding LinksNalbinding: How I was taught to do it by Sigridr ThorvaldsdottirNalbinding 101:Introduction to the "Asle" StitchFinnish Naalbinding SiteMittelalter Online German, I believeNaalbindning Fingerless GlovesBernhard's Nadelbinden SiteHat of NalbindingTriangular hat.

Basic Naalbinding. This is a very basic introduction to naalbinding, using the simplest possible stitch.

Basic Naalbinding

Unfortunately, naalbkinding is very hard to learn from a written description, even with lots of pictures. If you can, find someone who knows the technique to demonstrate. Once you learn, it is very simple. (Note: I learned from a book, so it is possible.) Materials: A large needle. Unlike knitting, naalbinding can only be done with short lengths of yarn (about 18 inches), which are joined together as the work progresses. The basic stitch: Start by making a loop in the yarn. Hold this loop flat as shown above. Since a single row of stitches isn't very useful, the next step is to learn how to work in the round. Naalbinding. Naalbinding, also called needle knitting, is a Scandinavian technique for making a sturdy, elastic fabric.


In regular knitting, each loop is only connected to those directly above and below it, but in naalbinding each loop is connected to at least one on either side as well. Naalbinding is slower than knitting because the entire length of yarn must be pulled through each stitch, but it will not run. (Expert naalbinders can be as fast or faster than knitters, but I'm certainly slower!)

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Naalbinding. The history, origins, construction and use of 'needle-binding' with specific reference to the 'Coppergate sock'.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Naalbinding