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Computational design

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Designplaygrounds - interactive and generative design. Folding Techniques Videos. AIR TutorialVideoList. Natural Systems Studio. Directed by Stanislav Roudavski and Gwyllim Jahn Location: Masters Design Studio, Melbourne University 2012 Images: Selected student work Photography: Rosie Gunzburg Natural Systems is a masters level studio focusing on foundations of programming utilising Processing and Shiffman’s The Nature of Code.

Natural Systems Studio

Generative Design Computing: Links for 591 Course. N-fold geometry. Digital fabrication in the architectural design process. VERTEX DIGITAL DESIGN. Grasshopper intermediate. Nervous System – explorations in generative design and natural phenomena. Have you ever done a puzzle that has no beginning or end?

Nervous System – explorations in generative design and natural phenomena

Where you don’t know up from down? Get lost in the infinite galaxy puzzle. The infinity puzzles are […] Read Article → Ever wanted to get a closer look at what goes into making one of our 3D-printed Kinematics dresses? The Electronic Cocktail Napkin Project. Authors (old page as appeared in Colorado 1994-1999) * Mark and Ellen recently moved (September, 1999) from University of Colorado to University of Washington.

The Electronic Cocktail Napkin Project

Check out the Design Machine Group for exciting new projects! Authors Mark D. Gross. NSO. Webinar: T-Splines and KeyShot. Kokkugia. Theverymany. SJET. Homepage. Programming Architecture - Genetic Algorithms - Structural Optimization Of Free Form Grid Shells - YouTube. Tools. O P E N S Y S T E M S. Generative Design. Geometry Gym.