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Generative Design Computing: Links for 591 Course
n-fold geometry
Digital fabrication in the architectural design process


Design as a Performative Material Practice (Summary) P e r f o r m a t i v e D e s i g n It’s emphatically about Material Capabilities. Peter Rice held the notion that textiles had the same buoyant future as steel. 1 His work and ideas were a catalyst that transformed the Design Process order to: Material, Structure and Form. Performative Design as a Material Practice decrees acquiesce to invent new structural types and ways to use materials. VERTEX DIGITAL DESIGN
grasshopper intermediate
Once a piece of jewelry has been designed and 3D-printed, whether it’s from one of our collections or a custom-made design, there’s still a lot left to do, like quality-checking, […] Read Article → Yesterday, Jesse and I took a hike in our local forest, the Middlesex Fells Reservation. The Fells is the closest patch of wilderness to where we live and work. Founded […] Read Article →

Nervous System – explorations in generative design and natural phenomena

Nervous System – explorations in generative design and natural phenomena
Authors (old page as appeared in Colorado 1994-1999) * Mark and Ellen recently moved (September, 1999) from University of Colorado to University of Washington. Check out the Design Machine Group for exciting new projects! Authors Mark D. Gross The Electronic Cocktail Napkin Project The Electronic Cocktail Napkin Project
NSO We already discussed how an electronic cigarette work. We also already discussed the types of e-cigarettes and what brands you need to try. We do hope that by this time, you are already informed about E-cigs, convinced that switching to it would make your life better and the only thing left for you to do is buy one and start using it. NSO
Webinar: T-Splines and KeyShot This webinar, "T-Splines and Keyshot: Modeling and rendering in minutes and seconds--instead of hours," was originally recorded on May 20, 2010, using T-Splines v2.3 and a sneak preview of KeyShot 2 BETA (the current shipping version of KeyShot is v1.9). The webinar was presented by Kyle Houchens, T-Splines trainer, and Thomas Teger, VP Marketing at Luxion (the makers of KeyShot). Free trials of both T-Splines and KeyShot are available. Webinar: T-Splines and KeyShot


latest news Roland Snooks and Robert Stuart-Smith, Directors of Kokkugia are excited to announce the formation of two new architecture practices: Studio Roland Snooks and Robert Stuart-Smith Design (rs-sdesign). Kokkugia has always been a highly speculative research practice focused on imagining the future. Snooks and Stuart-Smith are now leveraging that research to establish practices that are focused on realising built projects and providing architectural services. kokkugia


theverymany THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes would like to present his:Best Wild Wishes for 2010* * according to the "etiquette" a new year best wishes card should be sent before Jan 1st - that if you are a purist - Jan 15th being the absolut deadline - Jan 14th is therefore more than on time... As "card" - here is a sample along 2009 of insider views of THEVERYMANY studio in Brooklyn - perfect timing before as changing for a larger space in order to build (and storage) larger projects/structures... Best wishes -and once again many thanks- to all the people who are making those experiments possible - especially:
Homepage Watch in HD! Structural optimization of Free form Grid Shells based on Genetic Algorithms. The movie shows some of the results of the research done at the Stuttgart University. For more information ( More… ) Watch in HD! Structural optimization of Free form Grid Shells based on Genetic Algorithms. Programming Architecture - Genetic Algorithms - Structural Optimization Of Free Form Grid Shells - YouTube Programming Architecture - Genetic Algorithms - Structural Optimization Of Free Form Grid Shells - YouTube
Radiolaria lets you manipulate a web of connected cells to create a huge variety of biologically-inspired patterns. Each object you create starts as a basic hexagonal mesh which you can change as much, or as little, as you want with a variety of tools. Choose a sharp, geometric look or a rounded, more organic style. Use attractive and repulsive forces to disrupt the pattern's initial symmetry, or give it a twist with spiraling forces. Click inside any cell to subdivide it into three smaller cells -- those smaller cells can even be further subdivided to add more intricate detail to your design. Nervous System | tools

Nervous System | tools


OPENSYSTEMS will showcase its awarded competition entry for The Peak, Hong Kong competition at Storefront Galley in New York. The exhibition is entitled The Competitive Hypothesis and examines the politics behind architectural competition. The show is organized by Think-Space in collaboration with Storefront gallery. Following the details: Exhibition: January 22 - February 15, 2013 The Competitive Hypothesis is an exhibition examining the politics behind the architectural competition. O P E N S Y S T E M S
Generative Design This is the second and final part of End of CAD. What is genetic representation? While we have clear representations of design in the biological world, this is not so in the design world. We have geometry and after many decades, material properties tagged on to it rebranded as BIM to which many aspects are now being added. This is certainly a very positive development and should have been the way design should have been the moment we started using computers for design. It was not; due to the enormous conservatism of designers who were only open to tools that allowed them to do better what they did on paper.

Geometry Gym

There's been a few private and public discussions about Parametric IFC and IFC for Content. As a prelude refer to and perhaps we need a twitter hash tag? Manufacturers and suppliers are caught in a difficult situation at the moment about generating BIM data and leveraging the best value (and success) in doing so. There is obviously a cost in preparation and there is little choice at the moment but to either generate pick which BIM software that native content can be created for or generate IFC as neutral data. Budget, time and expertise constraints make it highly unlikely anyone will author native content for all BIM software (and is a lot of duplicated effort).