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In the World of Golf Balls. The assortment of golf balls available today is quite large.

In the World of Golf Balls

These balls range from low-compression to Titanium cores, soft to hard XLs, VIs, Ultras, Tours and Premiers. This array of balls can be very tricky and can drive you mad. Guide in Buying Golf Iron Sets. Most of the golf clubs in your bag comprise of irons, so getting the right golf iron sets can significantly improve your game.

Guide in Buying Golf Iron Sets

Since there are various types of golf irons with different specifications, this article can help you get the ideal set of irons. Type of Golf Irons 1. Forged Irons. Golf Equipment Add-ons. Golf Equipment Add-ons Everyone knows that to play golf, one has to have a golf ball and a golf club.

Golf Equipment Add-ons

These are two of the most basic pieces of golf equipment available. However, these are not the only two. There are a lot more available to the player. To know more, here are the next top two most well-known pieces of golf equipment aside from the aforementioned two. Useful Tips for Buying your First Golf Club. For inexperienced golf players choosing a set of golf clubs for the very first time can be a very overwhelming task.

Useful Tips for Buying your First Golf Club

Although there are so many brands and styles that are available on the market, you really need to further thoroughly evaluate your choices. In order to become the best golfer in town, you must arm yourselves with the right equipment. Your golf head should be durable enough to withstand any harsh conditions outdoors. Golf Equipment TLC. Golf Equipment 101: A Beginner’s Guide. For those new to golf, the task of purchasing golf equipment for the first time can be a tad intimidating.

Golf Equipment 101: A Beginner’s Guide

After all, the sport has a dizzying array of tools and implements, all which can greatly affect game quality and performance. However, buying equipment does not need to be traumatic. Taylormade golf R11 Driver. One of the best clubs produced by Taylormade is the R11.

Taylormade golf R11 Driver

As their golf clubs consistently gain the top spot in golf driver reviews, their upgrades and improvements also make it to the top of the list of preferred drivers. Taylormade has always been known for their innovative golf club designs. This is their claim to fame, especially as they continue to provide golfers the clubs that can help them play better. As one of Taylormade’s best golf club driver, R11 golf driver is an improvement of the R9 golf driver. Not Just Golf Clubs and Swings: A Golfer’s Proper Diet for Better Performance. Apart from the technicalities of putting, swinging, aiming and the like, diet is also an important factor affecting the performance of a golfer in the field.

Not Just Golf Clubs and Swings: A Golfer’s Proper Diet for Better Performance

Certain food and drinks affect the strength and energy of the player throughout the game. Awareness of the effects of the healthy and unhealthy food to consume and necessary hydration and workout will help the golfer maximize the full potential of his mental and physical abilities. Consuming proper and nutritious food promotes physical and mental fitness supplemental to play any sport. Different Brands of Golf Clubs. While watching Tiger Woods swing his club, do you ever wonder what brand it is?

Different Brands of Golf Clubs

This is something that people who want to venture into the world of Golf should be wondering about. They play their games so well because they have such a good chemistry with their golf clubs. What are the most famous golf club brands? Tiger Woods uses Nike clubs. He has been using them since the year 2002.