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5 Positive Things to Take from a Break-Up – DialMyAngel – Medium. Summary: Breakup from a romantic friendship or marriage, both is difficult phases.

5 Positive Things to Take from a Break-Up – DialMyAngel – Medium

But, a strong belief in “Whatever happens, happens for greater good”, can strengthen an individual’s spirit and help immensely in getting over a breakup. Although, it is a good idea to talk about your feelings with someone before you can start the healing process and for this only expert counseling for relationships should be taken. When we breakup with someone close to us, whether it was your romantic companion or your life partner whom you married to, it is surely going to hurt.

It’s ok to be sad about the end of that dear relationship of yours but don’t let it cling along for the rest of your life. It’s essential that you bring positivity and peacefulness back in your life and to ensure that even if you have to take special counseling for relationships, then do that! In order to show you a positive path to fasten the healing process, we have curated a simplistic list of things you need to do. 1. 2.

6 Ways to Efficiently Deal With Stress at Work. Summary: Work stress is slowly becoming a known thing worldwide.

6 Ways to Efficiently Deal With Stress at Work

This might seem normal in the beginning but in reality, it can ruin the everyday happiness and peace of mind of an individual. Thereby, it’s essential to know how to handle this workplace stress in the best manner. No matter what kind of job profile you may have, stress sooner or later will scoop in and overwhelm you immensely. For some, this directly impacts their productivity or performance levels while for others, this excessive stress comes out in the form of feeling irritable, anxious or depressed. None of these signs stop here, if not dealt rightly at the correct time. How to get over depression - DialMyAngel. Tension, stress, anxiety and depression are commonly used words when we are faced with negative experiences Tension or Stress is the natural response of the body to any form of discomforting event that we might endure.

How to get over depression - DialMyAngel

It can be positive that is Eustress and help us in giving our optimal performance or it can be negative i.e. Distress and have deleterious impact on various domains of our life. Depression on the other hand is more severe and can impact relationships, work and daily functioning. It can be categorized in three forms depending on its intensity-: - Mild - Moderate - Major We may interchangeably use depression for stress in colloquial speech but there is avast difference between the two. Reduced/ Increased AppetiteDisturbed Sleep Loss of Interest TirednessHopelessness, Helplessness and WorthlessnessIsolationChronic frustration and disappointment. How to beat Exam stress and anxiety - DialMyAngel. Get Effective Counselling for Stress and Anxiety at DialMyAngel. Meet the Best Counselor for Interview Stress - DialMyAngel. Life Hacks to Deal with Stress.

Summary: Stress is an overpowering disease which is eating up beautiful lives emotionally, mentally and physically.

Life Hacks to Deal with Stress

It needs to be dealt properly to not affect normal life. Dealing with stress can be difficult at times but with proper stress management and professional counseling, one can get over it soon. Stress is a common phenomenon occurring in almost everyone’s life. Any work, job, relationship can cause stress. Regular exercise Regular exercise and sweating out yourself will regulate the endorphin secretion in your body. Get Effective Relationship Advice for Women at DialMyAngel. The Importance of Saying No to Your Children. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

The Importance of Saying No to Your Children

One of many aspects of parenting is knowing when to set boundaries for your kids. This post guides parents through the importance of saying no. How one should go about saying no is also described in detail. Many parents believe they aren't doing much harm when they say no to their children just to restore the peace in their homes. They don't want to deal with the wrath of their children when they don't get what they want. Damage caused by not saying no. What are some free counseling websites for depression? - Quora. Let's Put an End to Bullying. (Posted By- Ashi) We often confuse bullying with regular childhood teasing or taunting.

Let's Put an End to Bullying

Bullying is an act of aggression characterized by intentional, repetitive and power imbalance. It is the severity and duration of such behavior which marks the identification of bullying. It is high time that adults stop assuming that bullying is as normal as a part of childhood. Generally, in an Indian household, we believe in telling our boys to “toughen up” and not “express their emotions openly”. When we talk about bullying, it can be of various kinds such as physical bullying (direct violence, injury), social bullying (isolation, humiliating, spreading rumor), verbal bullying (ridiculing, abusing), cyber bullying.

Image source: Bully Victims They are characterized as impulsive, academically incompetent with the environment at home. Bullies have a tendency to target individuals with low self-esteem. Image source: Why do teens and young adults bully? Online Free Counseling for Relationships and Family Problems - DialMyAngel. Online Free Counseling for Relationships and Family Problems - DialMyAngel. Wok Stress Counseling: Dealing with Stress at Work - Dialmyangel. Break Up Help: Divorce and Break Up Counseling for Couples - DialMyAngel. Parenting Advice and Help - DialMyAngel. Relationship Advice for Women - DialMyAngel. 5 Best Couple Counseling Techniques You Can Try To save Your Relation. The conflict between husband and wife are common.

5 Best Couple Counseling Techniques You Can Try To save Your Relation

Though these should always be avoided by trying to understand behavioral differences of each other, sometimes situations go out of control and shake even the healthy unions. Sometimes the conflicts take the situation to the separation, which is never a good option to solve any problem. Before deciding to separate ways, couples should try to talk to each other and if it doesn’t work they should try some counseling techniques. Here are some techniques to help the couples save their union and married life.

Gottman Method The therapy was decided three decades back with research and practice on above three thousand couples in clinical settings. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Developed by Dr. Positive Psychology This counseling therapy works on positive emotions, character strengths and constructive institutions for a strong bond between the couple. Exploring Unconscious Roots of Problems Analyzing the Communication : marriage counseling. Free Online Counselling.