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The Indies' Guide to Game Making. This article originally appeared in issue 246 of PC Gamer UK.

The Indies' Guide to Game Making

You might have heard that “It's never been easier to make a game.” And it's true. But how do you actually make one? What do you make it 'in'? How much does it cost? I don't know, but I do know a lot of indie games. I'll also cover how much these tools cost, what your rights are when it comes to selling your work, and what platforms they can make games for. Contents The built-in sprite editor isn't bad. What is it? Price and licence: The limited version is free, basic version is £30, a version for teams is £60. Makes games for: PC and Mac. iOS and Android versions are £120 extra each, HTML5 is £60.

Link: Tutorial:TIG forums tutorials Consistent rules are simpler to code. Case Study: Spelunky Developer: Derek Yu Get it:for free How long does Game Maker take to learn? It shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks to get the hang of Game Maker. What prior knowledge or skills are helpful? What can't you do with it? 8 Must-Have Android Apps for Programmers. Every programmer knows that nothing can replace a well-equipped laptop or desktop computer as a workplace for the brunt of programming, but sometimes working on-the-go is a must – especially if deadlines are approaching.

8 Must-Have Android Apps for Programmers

Whether you are a professional programmer or just learning the trade, you are going to have to code every day if you want to become a great programmer. Here are eight fantastic programming applications for Android smartphone users that will let you take your work or practice with you wherever you go. DroidEdit If you are looking for the ultimate source code editor for your Android phone, you’ll have a hard time finding one that’s better than DroidEdit.

It’s packed with features for speeding up your work, like search and replace and keyboard shortcuts. Programmer Keyboard Most programmers that have tried to get work done on their phone keyboards know that this can be a real pain. HC-16C Programmer’s Calculator Syntax Highlighted Code Editor C4droid Java Quick Reference Cards. Learning by Designing Games (with useful resources, #GBL) By Justin Marquis Ph.D., first published on When people think of gamification or game-based learning, they most often envision a classroom with students sitting at computers, playing games.

Learning by Designing Games (with useful resources, #GBL)

What they never imagine is students in small groups out in the field interviewing people, in the library conducting research, sitting around a table with paper and pencil sketching out scripts and storyboards, or sorting through usability test results. These scenarios all represent the seldom considered side of gamification – game design and development. 10 Great Learning Game Design Links. Construct 2 vs GameMaker vs GameSalad vs Stencyl. Making Games in Collaboration for Learning. Free Graphics for Games. 8 Free Game Design and Development Courses and Resources Online. See our list of the top free online game design and development courses.

8 Free Game Design and Development Courses and Resources Online

Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you. Info on Free Online Courses in Game Design and Development Game design and development involves various fields, from graphic design and programming, to math and probability. Some of the courses below have additional software requirements, but most of these software programs are free and can be downloaded through links on course websites. These free, online courses are self-paced and don't award grades or academic credit. Free Courses in Game Design Blender 3D Design at Tufts University This undergrad course at Tufts University trains students on how to use the Blender software for modeling and 3D animation, which can be used in game design.

Students must have the free software program, Blender, downloaded to a computer; other recommended software includes Adobe Acrobat Reader, Python and a media player. Game creation from A to Zinc - Free Games List No frills No fuss just great games (and game creation)! Game Creation Tools. Alice Alternatives and Similar Software. The Big List Of Game Making Tools.