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iPadiPhone Course. By Sarah Jane Keller Steve Fyffe Paul Hegarty teaches students how to program applications for iPads and iPhones in a free online course that's the most popular download on Stanford's iTunes U site, with more than 10 million views. Students may covet seats in Stanford's popular iPhone and iPad application development course, but you don't need to be in the classroom to take the course. Anyone with app dreams can follow along online. Stanford has just released the iOS 5 incarnation of iPhone Application Development on iTunes U, where the public can download course lectures and slides for free.

Some of the most talked-about features of Apple's latest operating system include iCloud, streamlined notifications and wireless syncing. When Stanford's first iPhone apps course appeared online in 2009, it made iTunes history by rocketing to a million downloads in just seven weeks. Alberto Martín is an engineer and independent iOS developer in Salamanca, Spain. His apps provide him with extra income. Creating your first iOS app. If you already have Xcode, you can skip this step. If you want to develop apps for iOS, you need the SDK, which is provided with Xcode. Xcode only runs on Mac OS X (yes, Apple is doing that on purpose), so if you are running a windows (or linux, or pretty much any non-Mac OS X) operating system, you have a couple options: 1. Get a mac, by far the easiest, but it can be rather expensive. 2. 3. Now that's settled, onto the IDE.

Blog - makeanapp. ShoutEm - Make an App - Build Apps with Easy Application Creator. Windows phone and xbox live indie games development. 100 Tools to Develop the Next Killer iOS or Android App. <i><i><i><i><i><i><i><i><i>This post is #11 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 113. Time to compile: 6+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a week! </i></i></i></i></i></i></i></i></i> </i>*} There’s quite a list of people who are interested in creating iPhone/iPad and Android apps these days.

There’s truly something for everyone here. 100+ Professional Social Media Business Tools for Brands and Marketers I’m sure there’s more than 100 awesome tools for creating awesome iPhone, iPad and Android apps out there so if I missed something good leave me a comment to let me know! Post Navigation Random + Noteworthy Tools DIY (No Coding) App Creation Tools Development, Analytics and Management Platforms Mockup and UI Design Tools Mobile Ads + Monetization Test, Refine and Get Feedback App Promotion & Marketing Enhance App Functionality Other and Miscellaneous.

Build iPhone and Android apps or HTML5 mobile web app online. The Ultimate Teacher's Guide To Creating Educational Apps. It’s no secret that students love their smartphones. Most were seemingly born with one in their hand. They use them to chat, talk with friends, get news, and to learn. Wait, learn?! That’s right, EduDemic is pleased to share with you some of the best ways teachers can make iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch apps that will help students learn and feel a bit more engaged in class.

There are plenty of quality learning aids in the app store today, but is there an app specifically designed for your class? We have tutorials for both tech experts and also teachers who are new to the tech game. Either way, there is hope and making apps is much easier than you think. Why Make An App? You may have decided to create an app simply so you would seem hip. A 24/7 learning store at your fingertips.

Shop the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch to find apps for learning. Apps aplenty. Wi-Fi wherever Voice Memos VoiceOver Zoom White on Black For higher contrast, you can change the display to white on black. Mono Audio. AppCraft. iBuildApp :: Create Free iPhone App Using Online Interface Builder| Android, iPad. Create Mobile Apps | Conduit Mobile. Orientation to Android Training.