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Could 3D printed hair follicles help with hair loss? Image copyright Thinkstock Hair follicles created by a process similar to 3D printing could one day be used as implants, L'Oreal has said.

Could 3D printed hair follicles help with hair loss?

The cosmetics firm is partnering with a French bio-printing company called Poietis, which has developed a form of laser printing for cell-based objects. Hair follicles have not been created this way before and the firms expect it will take at least three years to adapt the process. However, one hair loss charity said it was too early "to be getting excited". L'Oreal already uses 3D printed skin in its product research. "If we manage to bio-print a hair follicle we will enhance our knowledge of both hair biology and some of the mysteries of hair growth and loss," Jose Cotovio, a director at L'Oreal's Research and Innovation division, told the BBC.

5 Technology Trends Transforming the Fashion Industry - Fashion GPSFashion GPS. By Anish Singh, CTO, Fashion GPS The innovations taking place at the intersection of fashion and technology are profoundly amazing and transformative.

5 Technology Trends Transforming the Fashion Industry - Fashion GPSFashion GPS

In many respects, the fashion industry today bears little resemblance to that of a decade ago—and will change even more in the decade ahead. Legendary businessman Peter Drucker famously said, ”Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window.” Rise of the new geeks: how the outsiders won. Cheer up, Britain – the clever people have won at last.

Rise of the new geeks: how the outsiders won

Just look around you. If you went to a music festival, visited the beach or left the house this summer you'll have seen incontrovertible evidence on T-shirts. They were everywhere, declaring the wearer to be a GEEK, NERD or DORK in that big fat confident slab-serif typeface that usually says you're talking to someone who proudly attends PENN or NYU. Topshop brought out the three designs last Christmas, contestant Jordan Lee Davies wore the Geek shirt on The Voice in April, and they they were bootlegged quicker than you can say "gaga artpop torrentz".

What the Tech World Doesn't Understand About Fashion. "We desperately need the fashion industry," proclaimed Ayse Ildeniz, VP of Intel's new devices group, in the Wall Street Journal recently.

What the Tech World Doesn't Understand About Fashion

"Technology is going to turn the entire fashion industry inside out" Fashion and technology: the digital revolution presents the "biggest challenge for fashion brands" according to digital fashion pioneer Francis Bitonti who asks: "How will an industry where value is communicated by exclusivity and craft cope with this new space?

"Technology is going to turn the entire fashion industry inside out"

" (+ interview) The fashion industry has been slow to adapt to new technologies, says Bitonti, who warned: "Fashion brands are going to have to adapt to this, which is going to mean a shift in core values for many brands. " The New York-based designer initially trained as an architect but has recently focussed on applying advanced manufacturing techniques to fashion, jewellery and accessories, including a 3D-printed dress for Dita von Teese and a pair of 3D-printed shoes. "We want to redevelop everything from design methodology to material and form, to distribution and production," he said. Fashion meets the future as garments go hi-tech. Social media users curate the runway at Fyodor Golan's London Fashion Week show An interactive garment created by Nokia Lumias became the world's first interactive smart skirt Celebrities including Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof whip out their smartphones on the front row at London Fashion Week Apple launched its smart watch in September, allowing users to call and message friends with a click on the device.

Fashion meets the future as garments go hi-tech

Fashioning Technology. London fashion week: why technology is in fashion. At London fashion week the multibillion dollar worlds of tech and fashion are colliding like never before.

London fashion week: why technology is in fashion

For many, the launch of Apple’s new watch, announced this week with impeccable timing to coincide with the global fashion weeks, will mark an important turning point for fashion tech, a new sector with huge potential for growth. While Apple’s entry into the market is almost guaranteed to boost the industry’s profile, in reality the fashion industry has been driving fashion tech for years. Fashion tech is much more than just tech inside a timepiece, and nowhere is this more apparent than in London. In 2010, London Fashion Week was the first in the world to grant access to the masses by live streaming the runways. Why Has Apple Been Poaching Fashion Execs? SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Apple has long applied the rules of fashion to the design and marketing of its popular iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, desirable not only for their functionality, but for their slick aesthetics and symbolic value, differentiating Apple users from others and signalling their affiliation with specific social tribes.

Why Has Apple Been Poaching Fashion Execs?

But in the last couple of years, Apple has embraced fashion more overtly, making a slew of major hires from the fashion and luxury sector, including top executives like Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, and Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry. Of course, a big driver of these moves is Apple’s Watch, the company’s first foray into wearable tech — personal accessories with embedded digital technology — widely predicted to be the next big thing in consumer electronics.

Welcome to Forbes. Wearable devices: where fashion and technology collide. Future Of Fashion: Technology On The Catwalk. By Tom Cheshire, Technology Correspondent One thing never goes out of fashion: talking about wearable technology at London Fashion Week.

Future Of Fashion: Technology On The Catwalk

Fashion meets the future as garments go hi-tech. London fashion week: why technology is in fashion. Fashion’s big brands follow the money to join the wearable tech revolution. Future Fashion: 10 Wearable Tech Trends to Watch. Are drag queens doing enough for feminism? Drag queens often get a bad rep when it comes to being "good" feminists, with accusations that misogyny is rife within the gay male and drag communities.

Are drag queens doing enough for feminism?

Words like “fishy” describe a queen who can pass as a biological woman, while gay culture is often critiqued for fetishizing masculinity above all else. Then you’ve got those who argue drag is just a parody of femininity, mocking women, both characteristics and the aesthetic; the butt of a joke made by men, in an arena that women often feel uninvited. Algorithmic Clothing Lets You Pick a Design Scheme. The Processing Foundation provides the glitch art, Print All Over Me provides the final printed design—all in the name of community Print All Over Me, a digital community that’s in the business of creating clothing and objects, and the Processing Foundation, a nonprofit program dedicated to offering software literacy to artists and visual literacy to techies, have teamed up. Go Backstage with Dior Virtual Reality. In a trend dubbed "retailtainment," the French label has created a branded VR headset that gives a look behind runway curtains With the runway being held in bigger venues, live-tweeted and relentlessly shared online, fashion has created a new inner sanctum—the backstage—and Dior is using VR to give more people a pass for that too.

Fashion, especially luxury heritage brands, live for exclusivity. With a population of celebrities, models and celebrity models, the backstage is what it’s all about. With Dior goggles strapped around your head, you can feel like you’re there where the glamour is… except you’re really not. The No7 Amazing Foundation Match! Today Boots No7 launch their Foundation Match Made Service. I know that many of you will be groaning with horror at the idea of yet another overbearing sales assistant applying stripes of different foundations to your jawline, but stay with me on this one. The match service from No7 doesn’t rely on the (sometimes dubious) eye of the sales assistant, neither does it rely on your own (often dubious!)

Opinion of which shade you should be going for. The assistant uses a handheld device to precisely read the different colour tones in your skin and match them to the best fit from No7’s skin-true shades. No space for human error here! Help Cancer Researchers In Your Sleep. Australia is creating an app that crowdsources computing power for researchers The DreamLab app turns your Android smartphone into a research tool while you sleep at night. Developed by researchers in Australia along with Vodafone, it uses the power of the crowd’s smartphones to give scientists an affordable and accessible supercomputer. Earthquake-Proof Street Lamps Keep Los Angeles Connected Post-Disaster. Phillips and Ericsson's street lighting ensures that one of a natural disaster's most worrying effects is averted: loss of mobile connectivity Humans are attempting to fit as many people into as tiny of locations as possible as population numbers increase. Los Angeles has taken some first steps to optimizing the space they already occupy.

Knock Out Cancer With an Interactive Punching Bag. A Futuristic Elevator That Moves More Than Vertically. ThyssenKrupp's space and time-saving MULTI elevators force us to rethink the future of in-building transport The future of elevators is speeding past at 3,600 feet per minute toward materialization, the approximate speed one can travel vertically without feeling the effects of rapid depressurization. Your Next Mailman Might Be A Delivery Robot. The Carry is a sidewalk robot can be bring your mail or deliver packages that drones simply can't carry.

Should Amazon Add This Rolling Delivery Drone to Its Courier Squad? - Innovation Toronto. Via A one-wheeled drone could solve several challenges of traditional and flying drone delivery Drone delivery has been discussed, promised and tested frequently over the past three years, with most of the focus on quadcopter and similar flying drone methods. Challenges to that model include some dangers of unregulated air traffic and a restrictive weight limit for feasible flying.

Fashion Items Meet Contactless Payments. Top ten wearable tech inventions. You may laugh at friends who are pretentious (and rich) enough to flaunt Google Glass, but Forbes has already proclaimed 2014 as The Year of Wearable Technology. This Google technology will calorie count Instagram posts. 3D printed pills, dildos, guns and babies.

Is technology decreasing our life expectancies? Technology may be able to extend life span, but humans must choose how to live it. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: The 'agent' is the new app model. Bionic hands: Disabled limbs replaced with mind-controlled prosthetics in medical first. Smart Bionic Limbs are Reengineering the Human. Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots - Business - Careers. Robots Don’t Mean the End of Human Labor. Will robots replace humans? Medical robotics: Would you trust a robot with a scalpel? Robot-assisted surgery. Robotic surgery: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. New Robotic Exoskeleton Is Controlled by Human Thoughts.

An Iron Man Suit for Factory Workers.