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Beth Brown

Beth Brown manages content creation for various companies. He is currently writing marketing blogs for Connect with him on Google+ to k eep in touch and read his current blogs.

Strict Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing. When it comes to social media marketing, there are certain rules to abide by.

Strict Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Consider these important do’s and don’ts while adding content to your social media accounts. 1. Complete your business’ social media profile. 2. Share useful content. 3. Content Ideas for Your SEO Campaign. With just 8 seconds to gain customers’ interest, in a sea of competing content, no one has the time for lukewarm introductions and halfhearted spiels.

Content Ideas for Your SEO Campaign

In a world where everyone has ‘been there and read and seen that’ how do you capture interest and compel people to continue reading, hearing or watching? With people prone to switching off the second they get bored, whatever content you upload on your website should instantly provoke, challenge and grab the reader’s attention. There are several ways to generate ideas that can help you create provocative content for your online marketing campaign: 1. Stay updated in your niche. Stay abreast of what’s happening in your niche by reading books, blogs and publications. 2. Whether it is a comment on content that you have created or someone’s comments on content that is relevant to you and posted by someone else, pay attention to what people are thinking and asking and create content around that. What Are Long-Tail Keywords & How Do I Use Them? One of the most vital aspects of optimizing your website for search engines is the process of selecting and targeting specific keywords.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords & How Do I Use Them?

Doing this helps Google and other search engines know what your content is focused on, and they’ll be able to send traffic to your site when relevant terms are used. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? Long-tail keywords are keywords that are specific phrases of three or four words or more. Some examples might include terms such as “women’s gyms in New York” or “long red velvet drapes”. They can also include full sentences or questions such as “How do I fold fitted sheets?” Why Are Long-Tail Keywords Beneficial? Because there is such a vast amount of information online, making your content stand out can be a challenge.

Because long-tail keywords are much more specific, fewer people may be searching for them–but you’ll also have far less competition. How Do I Use Long-Tail Keywords? When you’re working on optimizing your site, remember not to keyword-stuff. 4 Tips to Choosing the Best Niche Keywords. How often have you actually researched your keywords?

4 Tips to Choosing the Best Niche Keywords

Monthly, yearly, never? Whether you’re building a website from scratch or looking to revamp your SEO strategy, knowing which keywords work and which don’t can make all the difference. 1. Begin with Research Although the phrase “keyword research” may put you to sleep on the spot, it can be the one element that makes or breaks an online business. If you aren’t taking the time to determine which keywords are best, all of your other hard work will be relatively futile. 2. After you’ve compiled a huge list of keywords, you need to brainstorm and decide which topics you really think are important for your business. Lead generationLanding pagesEmail automation tools The objective isn’t to create your final list of new keywords, but simply to think of new phrases that potential customers could search for when looking for content related to your niche. 3.

How to Write the Perfect Press Release. A press release is an important part of any public relations campaign.

How to Write the Perfect Press Release

These documents are generally short and compelling pieces that can explain product releases, announce company events, and explain any other newsworthy information about a company. Because a press release is meant to keep the media and readers informed, they need to be written well enough to pique a journalist’s interest so they might seek to cover the topic in further detail. Press release writing can be a little tricky. Below are some great tips from San Diego digital marketing companies on how to write a perfect press release. Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline Just like with any news or magazine article, the headline is the most important part because it is what will draw in the reader. Get to the Point Quickly Reporters and journalists are busy people. Add Quotes When Possible Keep It Short and Grammatically Flawless.