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Want to Write for us? We are looking for the guest contributor for our blog. We welcome voluntary articles and blog posts. Mail us if you are interested in writing for us.Beta Compression is a place to share original articles, videos, infographics on any topic. We give preference to articles on topic business, technology, and SEO. Whether you want to contribute a single article or become a guest author then the Beta Compression is the place for you.

10 Blogging Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid - Beta Compression. Judging by its simple premise of just sitting in a lonely enclosure and wandering about the world wide web, it’s easy to say why people often conclude that “Blogging” is an easy surf.

10 Blogging Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid - Beta Compression

They take blogging as a no-brainer job and jump into it without considering considerable factors. If you are just starting out on blogging, regardless of whatever information you might have been fed with, or regardless of how sweet the words that lured you into considering blogging might have been, I beg to say “Blogging Is Never A Walk In The Park”. But more often than not, you won’t realize how tasking blogging is until you jump right into it. Going straight to the point, read along: Some Blogging Mistakes Newbies Make. Getting Overloaded With Ideas When I started blogging, I used to get tons of ideas on the go, ideas come in the bathroom, toilet and even when in the middle of a serious engagement.

But just because it’s a great idea, in general, doesn’t make it a suitable one for your blog niche. 7 Social Media Automation Tools Every Marketer Should Use. Digital marketing success is an outcome of unremitting efforts, where a single comma (rest) can let you survive, but not period (full stop).

7 Social Media Automation Tools Every Marketer Should Use

Every module of digital marketing is wholesome of repetitive tasks which sometimes look like a tedious process for employees to work on. When it comes to social media marketing, marketers involve in more tedious works. But social media automation make the tasks easier than ever to get done.In fact, automation in any field is driven by tools and technologies. Social media marketing automation is not In fact, automation in any field is driven by tools and technologies.

Today all sorts of companies in the digital field are harnessing the power of social media automation with the finest tools available in the market to reap the real benefits from SMM automation. 7 Top-notch Tools for Social Media Marketing Automation Agorapulse ( You will get 2 in 1! Agorapulse has focused on your followers as well.

IFTTT ( Buffer ( How the Retina Helps Us To See - Beta Compression. It’s estimated that the retina makes up somewhere between 65-70% of your eye.

How the Retina Helps Us To See - Beta Compression

Most often when we talk about the retina, we are referring to a thin tissue of nerve cells at the back of your eye; the rest of the area is a fluid-filled area called the vitreous chamber. The retinal tissue at the back of the eye is held in place by the pressure of the vitreous fluid (also called the ‘vitreous humor’). This very small orb of tissue and fluid connects us in many vital ways to the world. It helps us navigate and survive our surroundings, enjoy the aesthetic beauty of art and nature, and is one of the most important ways we communicate and bond with each other as humans. That’s a tall order for an organ, less than one inch in size. Here’s how the retina works. The two primary types of photoreceptor cells are called rods and cones. However, each of us is different in the number of rods and cones we have.

This content is proudly brought to you by Moorfields eye Hospital in Dubai. How to Hire Reliable SEO Company: Stay Alert Don’t get Hurt. The SEO world could be pretty misleading and confusing at times.

How to Hire Reliable SEO Company: Stay Alert Don’t get Hurt

When you start looking for a good firm offering expert SEO services, you get numerous emails and calls from SEO companies that make tall claims and tell you that they could be assisting you in getting to the topmost ranking on the search engine results page or they could be assisting you in building links for proper search engine optimization. You must be in dilemma. How would you be differentiating between a good SEO company and a bad one? How could you decide which search engine optimization partner would be the right one for you and who should be avoided? Here are a few important things that you should consider before hiring any professional SEO company or individual for your business website. Evaluate Portfolio of SEO Company You must scrutinize their portfolio and see if they are transparent on the basic issues or not. You should not get misled by seeing impressive logos of reputable companies on their page.