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David and Shelby are a adventurous couple that have been traveling and camping the national park system.

Your Guide For Delaware Water Gap Tubing, NJ - Aimless Travels - Travel Tips, Checklists, and Guides. Delaware Water Gap tubing in NJ is the ideal activity to partake in during the summer in New Jersey! We’ve actually gone Delaware Water Gap tubing for the last couple of years. However, there are definitely some critical tips and pointers you need to know before you hop onto your tube and go on your river tubing adventure. Where To Start And End Your Delaware Water Gap Tubing Adventure It is so important to make sure you start your Delaware Water Gap tubing up river so that you can (obviously…) float down river! Depending on how many people in your group are going on the float, make sure you leave at least one car where you’ll start your float and one car where you’ll end your float. This is so important! If you forget this step, you’re going to wind up at your destination without a car…and you’re going to have to make a HUGE hike to where you parked.

This is the location of where we start our Delaware Water Gap Tubing in NJ: Poxono Boat Launch: Old Mine Rd, Hardwick, NJ 07825 1. 2. 3. Pacific Coast Highway: Road Trip From San Francisco To Santa Cruz - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Do you only have a few days in California, but are really interested in doing one of those traditional scenic drives along the California coastal highway? We look forward to sharing with you our road trip planner with all of our favorite (and not so favorite) spots that you should definitely hit if you’re thinking of a small road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. Driving Highway 1, or more commonly known as the Pacific Coast Highway, is something that everyone should have on their traveling bucket list (it’s definitely on ours)!

But, we get it. Sometimes, life gets in the way and prevents you from making that kind of committed drive. If you only have a few days, consider flying into San Francisco and renting a car to drive to Santa Cruz. The drive, without stops, only takes about an hour and a half. Stop 1: Muir Beach Muir Beach was our first stop during our road trip. Fun Fact: We actually came across this beautiful beach by mistake. Our Opinion Of This Stop: Stop 2: Devil’s Slide. What Makes The Japanese Tea Garden Special - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. The Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most popular features in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in California. It features 5 acres of land with various Japanese-inspired styles of paths, koi ponds, trees, plants, sculptures, buildings, and, of course, a tea house that is located in the central part of the garden.

It has become known as the oldest public Japanese gardens in the United States! When Is It Open/How Much Should I Plan On Paying? Good news: It’s open year round! From March 1st through October 31st, they are open from 9:00am-6:00pm. Some bad news: It does cost money to enter. Quick Note: Make sure to arrive early in the day, as parking and traffic can be a nightmare during the afternoon. The Backstory Of The Japanese Tea Garden This beautiful garden was originally built in 1894 as a feature of the California Midwinter International Exposition. The care of the garden was passed on to his family after his death in 1925. Peace After World War II What Can You Expect To See?

4 Things You Need To Know When Backpacking Near NJ - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Growing up in New Jersey really limits many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, specifically camping and backpacking. Of course, there are a lot of campsites around the tristate area that you can pay a small fee to rent out, but they are usually right next to other campsites (and people). While that is nice, do any of you prefer the style of camping that allows you to really live off of nothing and just appreciate the outdoors? I sure do! Many people assume backpacking around New Jersey is impossible.

Unlike out west, many areas around here forbid backpacking, camping, and open fires unless it’s at an official campsite. During the summer of 2017, David did some research to look into areas that allowed backpacking. Harriman State Forest is located in New York and allows backpacking within a certain distance to two lean-to shelters-Bald Rocks and Tom Jones. 1. Tom Jones Shelter area: Both offered different hikes. 2. Quick Note: Our favorite time to go camping is definitely the fall. 3. Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide - Fun Vacation Ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

Have you and your friends been looking for a great spot to go on vacation with a group of friends? Salt Lake City, Utah may just be the perfect destination for you, that you may have never thought about. Back during August of 2014, David and a few of his friends decided to take a road trip across the country after they graduated college. We had just met a couple months before he left for his trip.

We talked throughout the month he was away, and he threw out the idea that my friend (who was dating his friend that was also on that same trip) and I should fly out to Utah to meet up with them. My friend met her boyfriend at the same time we met. Wakeboarding Utah was a beautiful state, especially during the summer. If you’ve never tried wakeboarding or wake surfing before, I highly suggest it! Quick Note: The guys we went with had brought their own wakeboards, so my friend and I were able to ride those.

Memorable Moments We have a tendency to get injured when we’re around each other. Hiking. Why Playa Del Carmen Is Perfect for Couples - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. I’ll be honest…I was probably an incredibly naggy girlfriend to make this trip to Playa Del Carmen to happen. But, I’d say it was the perfect kind of couples retreat, offering tons of all-inclusive hotels and fantastic excursions that you just can’t find anywhere else for a better price. Is The Hype About 5-Star Hotels Really True?

Paridisus La Perla in Playa Del Carmen was the perfect amount of boujee, upscale, and modernesque that we were looking for. Our room made us feel right at home, with a huge bed, large indoor tub and double showers, double vanities, and a small living room. Paradisus La Perla was also an all-inclusive hotel adults-only (18 years and older). Memorable Moments The Market: For night one’s dinner, we spent it at the buffet at The Market. La Palapa: Dinner this night was interesting to say the least, but one of my favorite stories, which I am so glad I get to share with all of you. CAUTION! Quick Tip: Enjoy The Local Experience Through Fishing & Snorkeling. 15 Pictures From Garden Of the Gods That Will Make You Fall In Love - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide.

These pictures of Garden Of the Gods will be sure to make your mouth drop. Garden Of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is about an hour south from the Denver airport. The beautiful formations you’d see at the park are ancient sedimentary rocks made of deep-red, pink, and white sandstones, conglomerates, and limestone that were deposited horizontally, but are now tilted vertically due to uplifting. The rocks were once an ancient sea, eroded remains of an old mountain range, sandy beaches, and great sand dune fields. How did Garden Of the Gods get it’s name? Garden Of the Gods was actually named after a beer garden in 1859, after Beach and Rufus Cable stumbled across the rock formations.

How much does it cost to visit Garden Of the Gods? The park is FREE and will remain that way! The Ute Tribe The Ute tribe of Native Americans used to camp in the Garden Of the Gods. Activities Offered in the Park Can you rock climb in Garden Of the Gods? The Kissing Camels Balanced Rock. When To Go Rock Climbing in Rumney, New Hampshire. College students spend months thinking about where their perfect Spring Break destination is going to be. You may think of questions, such as: “Do I want to go somewhere tropical and warm? Or do something adventurous and crazy?” David and I decided to take on the adventurous and crazy option during March of 2016 when we visited Rumney, New Hampshire to rock climb and camp. The Plan That Pretty Much Failed Us We originally were planning to go to Great River Gorge, West Virginia to camp and rock climb since it was further down south and had warmer weather.

Unfortunately, after checking the weather, we decided to change our plans last minute because of an impending rainstorm to that location. Instead, we decided to stay a couple days up north in New Hampshire. Quick Tip: I think we would’ve thought twice about going to New Hampshire for Spring Break if we had found the history of Rumney weather beforehand. Camping Up North In Early Spring Is Not For The Faint of Heart 1. 2. 3. 4. Fun Facts. Fun Vacation Ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. 6 Reasons Why Lake Tahoe Is Perfect For Spring Break - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Lake Tahoe, California is known for having amazingly warm and mild winter weather while offering deep snow drifts and spectacular scenery, combined with technically challenging ski terrain. We decided to spend our Spring Break during March of 2018 in Lake Tahoe, and we weren’t disappointed.

You may be thinking: “Wouldn’t you want to spend spring break somewhere warm?” While somewhere warm might be enticing, Lake Tahoe, California is a Spring Break destination sure to win winter activity die hards all around. 1. It Can Be So Sunny, Your Face Will Burn To A Crisp Since Lake Tahoe is in the mountains, you may assume the weather there is always cold. But, it’s spring and California mountains have some of the most bipolar weather conditions. Our third day at Heavenly reached over 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was at the PEAK of the mountain!

Quick Tip: On the fourth night we were there, it had snowed at least 12-13 inches. It was such an amazing experience! The snow didn’t stop there. 2. 3. Enjoying San Francisco On a Budget - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. When you think of San Francisco, what do you think of? The Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe a movie or TV show, such as Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes or Full House? Whatever it may be, San Francisco, California is one of those cities that everyone has on their bucket list. San Francisco can also be very expensive. But, what if I told you there were just as many exciting activities and ways to experience San Francisco without breaking the budget? We experienced San Francisco in a day for under $20, and so can you! Like Flowers Or Art? The Japanese Tea Garden is located in the Golden Gate Park. The Japanese Tea Garden allows its visitors to experience beauty, tranquility and harmony in a Japanese-style garden. Yes, There Are Actually Bison Roaming in San Francisco They’re roaming in a paddock, that is.

Originally, there was a bison cow and bison bull transported from Wyoming and Kansas to the Golden Gate Park. Check Out Muir Beach Getting A Little Hangry? Fun Fact: Well, you’re about to.