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Aimless Travels - Travel Tips and Tricks

Aimless Travels follows the adventures of Shelby and David as they visit the many beautiful places around the world. Come start the Journey with us!

What Makes The Japanese Tea Garden Special - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. The Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most popular features in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in California. It features 5 acres of land with various Japanese-inspired styles of paths, koi ponds, trees, plants, sculptures, buildings, and, of course, a tea house that is located in the central part of the garden. It has become known as the oldest public Japanese gardens in the United States! When Is It Open/How Much Should I Plan On Paying? Good news: It’s open year round! From March 1st through October 31st, they are open from 9:00am-6:00pm. From November 1st through February 28th, they are open 9:00am-4:45pm.

Some bad news: It does cost money to enter. Quick Note: Make sure to arrive early in the day, as parking and traffic can be a nightmare during the afternoon. The Backstory Of The Japanese Tea Garden This beautiful garden was originally built in 1894 as a feature of the California Midwinter International Exposition. Peace After World War II What Can You Expect To See? The Tea House. Enjoying San Francisco On a Budget - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. When you think of San Francisco, what do you think of? The Golden Gate Bridge? Or maybe a movie or TV show, such as Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes or Full House? Whatever it may be, San Francisco, California is one of those cities that everyone has on their bucket list.

San Francisco can also be very expensive. But, what if I told you there were just as many exciting activities and ways to experience San Francisco without breaking the budget? We experienced San Francisco in a day for under $20, and so can you! Like Flowers Or Art? The Japanese Tea Garden is located in the Golden Gate Park. The Japanese Tea Garden allows its visitors to experience beauty, tranquility and harmony in a Japanese-style garden.

Yes, There Are Actually Bison Roaming in San Francisco They’re roaming in a paddock, that is. Originally, there was a bison cow and bison bull transported from Wyoming and Kansas to the Golden Gate Park. Check Out Muir Beach Getting A Little Hangry? Fun Fact: Well, you’re about to. Fun Vacation Ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah - Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide. Have you and your friends been looking for a great spot to go on vacation with a group of friends? Salt Lake City, Utah may just be the perfect destination for you, that you may have never thought about. Back during August of 2014, David and a few of his friends decided to take a road trip across the country after they graduated college. We had just met a couple months before he left for his trip.

We talked throughout the month he was away, and he threw out the idea that my friend (who was dating his friend that was also on that same trip) and I should fly out to Utah to meet up with them. My friend met her boyfriend at the same time we met. So, of course, you’re probably thinking: “Did you actually fly out to meet up with someone you barely knew? Wakeboarding Utah was a beautiful state, especially during the summer.

If you’ve never tried wakeboarding or wake surfing before, I highly suggest it! Quick Note: Memorable Moments We have a tendency to get injured when we’re around each other. Aimless Travels - World Travel Tips and Guide -