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CometChat v5.5 - Social Chat Evolved! - Blog. CometChat v5.5 – Social Chat Evolved!

CometChat v5.5 - Social Chat Evolved! - Blog

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Mobile Chat SDK for Android and iOS v1.1.6. Mobile SDK for Android and iOS v1.1.6 – Voice & Video chat and more!

Mobile Chat SDK for Android and iOS v1.1.6

The CometChat SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing application and lets you add chat functionality to your mobile app. As the mobile chat API has an intuitive flow, it makes the entire process of integration hassle-free and easy. We have come up with several features in CometChat Mobile SDK to enhance your users’ experience. What’s New? Audio/Video Chat CometChat’s most powerful feature is now available in our Mobile SDK with advanced noise cancellation technology. Block Users Avoiding someone? Announcements Now receive real-time announcements in the SDK File Sharing An extremely simple, easy and quick way for users to share images and videos with each other Multiple ways to Login You can login existing users directly using their user ID. Status Indication and Custom Message Now users can directly set their Status and Status Message from the Mobile SDK. Get The CometChat Mobile SDK for iOS & Android.

Quantified Mobile: 6 Mobile SDKs For In-App Screensharing and... Hey there - we’re Hipmob.

Quantified Mobile: 6 Mobile SDKs For In-App Screensharing and...

First off - happy new year! We help mobile developers and businesses increase conversions, and provide amazing customer support. How to Setup CakePHP Using Xampp On Windows - Blog. CakePHP is a web development framework that uses the MVC model.

How to Setup CakePHP Using Xampp On Windows - Blog

It is a free open source framework for PHP that uses the Mode-View-Controller software design pattern. Here, I will explain how you can set up CakePHP using XAMPP on a Windows 7 system. How to Install Drupal on Ubuntu VPS. Drupal is probably one of the best open source CMS, especially since the latest framework update.

How to Install Drupal on Ubuntu VPS

The PHP-based CMS is now very stable and adaptable to various platforms, which makes it a great proposition for individual bloggers, corporate websites, and much more. However, many people do not know how to install Drupal on Ubuntu VPS. You can now easily install it using this fairly straightforward process. Overview of the Drupal Developer Days 2015. Wolfgang Zeigler, the CEO – Head of Development at drunomics, acknowledged Drupal Developer Days 2015 as the best event in the history of the CMS.

Overview of the Drupal Developer Days 2015

The Drupal Dev Days are great events for developers to meet the community, engage in coding contests, and work on improving Drupal while sharing their experience. Held in Montpellier, France, the main focus of this year’s edition was coding contests, contributions to the community, and the Drupal 8 framework release. Small Event – Large Impact Despite being one of the smaller tech events, the DDD 2015 was certainly the landmark event in the Drupal calendar. 10 Reasons to Use Drupal - Blog. Digital agencies are able to provide a wide range of services to clients, all thanks to advanced CMSs available these days.

10 Reasons to Use Drupal - Blog

At a time, they may be engaged in developing a b2b website for a business to share data with multiple vendors, or may be developing an e-commerce website for an online retail business. A lot of businesses prefer to have their Content Management System strategy built around Drupal due to various reasons. Following are the 10 reasons for the popularity and preference of Drupal among digital agencies and businesses. CakePHP Structure - Blog. CakePHP is an open-source, free, and rapid development framework of PHP, which serves as a foundational structure for programmers and developers to create web applications.

CakePHP Structure - Blog

The primary advantage of using this framework is that it enables the user to work in a rapid and structured manner without compromising on flexibility and functionality. The Structure CakePHP framework features major classes including View, Model and Controller, along with some additional objects and classes that enable the users to develop in MVC more quickly and easily. Classes including Components, Helpers and Behaviors provide reusability and extensibility to enhance the functionality of the base MVC classes in applications developed using CakePHP. Component Class (Controller Extensions) It is a class which helps in controller logic. Deleting Blog Posts from VBulletin 4 Database - Blog. VBulletin 4 marked the launched of the Blog feature, which has been significantly improved in VBulletin 5.

Deleting Blog Posts from VBulletin 4 Database - Blog

The Blog feature of VBulletin 4 does not support extensive features in the admin control panel, and to a surprise to many, it does not sport a mass blog deleting option. When you have over 1,000 spam blog entries in our database, it becomes next to impossible to remove them from the admin control panel. That said all your data is ultimately available on the MySQL tables that the VBulletin framework deploys. CometChat v5.6 - One Theme to Rule Them All! - Blog. “You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

CometChat v5.6 - One Theme to Rule Them All! - Blog

. ” – George Lucas After bringing in some spectacular features in our previous release, here we are, with a new release of CometChat – CometChat v5.6! What’s new? CometChat v5.6 - One Theme to Rule Them All! - Blog. All-New CometChat Mobile App v1.5 - Say Hello, Hola or Bonjour! - Blog. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. CometChat Partners With Tapatalk! - Blog. CometChat Partners With Tapatalk!

We have partnered with Tapatalk, world’s leading app for online forums, to bring chat to the Tapatalk app! Yes, your site users can now chat directly from the Tapatalk app! Enjoy chatting on the web & the Taptalk app! How to Update Your WordPress Theme without Losing Customization. Most people usually paste the code snippets to the theme file to customize their WordPress themes. That works perfectly for beginners, but with only limited functionality. For instance, when a theme update is available, updating your applied theme will remove all the customization. In other words, you’ll have to customize your theme every time you update it. That being said; it’s still possible to update your theme to the latest available versions and make sure that all customizations are intact and functioning.

Editing BuddyPress Activity on Front-End. Earlier in 2015, the BuddyBoss released a Global Search feature for BuddyPress. The plug-in can now allow searches on every component on BuddyPress. Michael Eisenwasser, the founder of the company, created a series of free plug-ins following this news, for the benefit of mankind, or at least, the BuddyPress community! The BuddyPress Edit Activity is the latest contribution by the development team. The plug-in is a great tool that offers users the chance to edit activity posts, replies, and messages on front end, for a wide range of social networks. It’s more or less similar to the ‘Edit Post’ feature found in Facebook that allows you to edit posts and comments on posts. CometChat Mobile App v2.0 is here! Today, we’re thrilled to announce the update of our CometChat Mobile Apps in the Google and iTunes Store.

We’re back with some amazing new features that will definitely delight your users. Whats New? CometChat Network Support! PhpFoxer - Even more powerful with CometChat! PHP Chat Software - jQuery Chat Box Plugin for Websites from CometChat.