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ICON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL - CBSE Residential Schools in Karnataka, provides a nurturing environment committed to achieving excellence.The school is one of the finest centers of learning in India. It is a co-educational and also residential school.

Key Factors in Choosing the Best Boarding School For Your Child - Icon International Residential School. The decision to enrol one’s lad into a boarding school around Bangalore is never an easy one and mostly out of necessity. The intention is undoubtedly justified – to provide the best scaffolding for the child to reach lofty heights. But, how do we know which is the best school available? How convenient it would be, if there existed, a ready reckoner that would aid in the decision-making process. Unfortunately, there isn’t one and these choices are customized according to individual needs. It is influenced by a lot of emotional as well as practical aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the common factors that influence the decision to enroll a child into a boarding school include practicalities such as one’s financial situation, the location of the school along with the distance and connectivity to hometown, etc.

Benefits – Reason to Choose an International Boarding School. When you have already decided to admit your kid at a boarding school, but still, in a dilemma on how a boarding school will benefit your kid on their physical, emotional and mental development, this piece of information will help you with the same.

Benefits – Reason to Choose an International Boarding School

How safe are International Residential Schools for your children - Icon international residential school. The thought of a residential school often sparks separation anxiety and discomfort in parents and children alike.

How safe are International Residential Schools for your children - Icon international residential school

Apart from the emotional stress, certain practical aspects also have to be taken into consideration, before deciding to enroll one’s ward into a residential school. These could be issues such as distance from the home town, connectivity and frequency of public transport, location of the school, safety etc. Factors such as distance to home town, school being located in a particular town/city or connectivity is beyond one’s purview to be solved. But parents can definitely impress upon authorities of the school with regard to safety.

Therefore, with increase in unsafe incidents, one of the top concerns today remain overall safety and security of the child. A safe learning environment is of utmost importance which helps children focus on studies without any distractions. Safety in terms of health and hygiene reserves equal significance. Classroom Techniques to Make Learning Fun. Finding the right balance between fun and learning is a significant element in the current education system.

Classroom Techniques to Make Learning Fun

At Icon International Residential School, we always design our curricular and extracurricular activities in such a way that manages to cover & develop all the essential skilIs needed for a growing child in both their academics and other activities. In today’s educational culture, It’s a challenge to motivate and encourage students even for the best teachers. It’s easy to show similar lessons quite a long time after year essentially in light of the fact that they have worked before, without really thinking about students’ present interest level. All educational program still needs some types of activities at times to make learning fun. What to expect from a quality boarding school. Sending your child to boarding school can be an emotional experience.

What to expect from a quality boarding school

How would you know whether you’re settling on the correct choice and all the more significantly, how would you pick a quality boarding school? Here are a few advantages of boarding school from students’ perspectives; however, as a parent, how would you realize what to search for while doing your research? You can make the entire experience mess less stressful by being informed. Tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school. The responsibility of preparing your kid for boarding school is an overwhelming step yet a critical one.

Tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school

This preparation can take years or just months. Most schools would offer transitioning activities and these are strongly recommended. Not exclusively will your kid become acquainted with their environment, they will meet other students and befriend other kids who might be feeling a similar way. Some tips to help in preparing your kids for boarding school: Practical preparation It is critical to ensure all things are obtained well ahead of time, along with labelling, as you don’t want to feel panicked due to time constraints. Skills to teach Probably the best challenge your kid will confront is sorting out themselves for maybe the first time. Icon suggests that as parents, you have to tell them the best way to make a timetable of weekly activities and list things they require for every day.Instruct them to make a bed use a washing machine and dryer, fold and iron their clothes.

The routine. Top 6 Reasons Why Sports are Important in a Student's Life. Sports are an essential part of a student’s development and growth.

Top 6 Reasons Why Sports are Important in a Student's Life

They help in the advancement of psychological well-being and physical wellness of the body. By participating in sports and games, a student can increase different abilities, experience and confidence that are useful for building up their character. At Icon International Residential School, the best CBSE School in Mysore, sports is a significant element of our educational system. The school is well furnished with multi-sporting facilities that incorporate cricket, tennis, ball, volleyball and other indoor games. The school does not just expect to improve a student’s physical capacities yet also build a sense of good sportsmanship in them. Our school enjoys successful ad flourishing sports programs in collaboration with Gurukul Sports, Mumbai.