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Top 5 Best Power Strips in 2017. Share on Facebook14 shares on Facebook Share on StumbleUpon84 shares on StumbleUpon When looking for the Top 5 best power strips reviews in 2017, I must admit that the competition was quite stiff. There is no doubt that power strip manufacturers are working around the clock to ensure that they introduce highest quality products into the market.

However, amid all the stiff competition, there are some power strips which out-muscled the rest top emerge the best. Which Is The Best Power Strip? 5. By: HOLSEM Power Strip Holsem is yet another power strip whose performance caught my attention. With 4 Keyhole mounting spots on its back, you can mount it on the wall or any other suitable location without much hassle. The surge protection ensures that your expensive electrical appliances such as Smartphone and computers are kept safe. 4. By: GOLDEN-NOOB Power Strip Golden-Noob’s power strip is quite impressive and combines both performance and an excellent design. 3. By: Poweradd Power Strip 2. 1.