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Top 10 Best HDMI Cables in 2017. Share on Facebook23 shares on Facebook Share on StumbleUpon5 shares on StumbleUpon Getting top 15 best HDMI cables in 2017 reviews is not an easy task especially with their increasingly high numbers. Personally, I found most of them quite impressive and the competition is quite stiff. However, even with so many HDMI cables in the market, there are those which out-muscled the rest to emerge at the top. Today, getting a quality HDMI cable is crucial given the level of technology we are currently living in. Skip to the best HDMI Cables on Amazon. Contents [hide] Unboxing: HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable by Amazon Basics Which is The Best HDMI Cables? 15. By: HDMI cable Mediabridge I found Mediabridge quite surprising. If you are unaware of what to plug into your valuables, you can give it a try! In fact, it eliminates the need for you to stock various cables in your home for use on various appliances. 14. By: HDMI cable ISNOWOOD ISNOWOOD is yet another HDMI cable whose performance is top-notch. 13. 12.