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Top 5 Best GoPro Batteries 2018 - Buyers Guide (June. 2018) The last thing any camera enthusiast wants is to run out of juice while filming or taking pictures. It’s for this reason that we all strive to get the best batteries for our GoPro cameras. GoPro Company manufactures most batteries for their cameras but we also have other subsidiary companies doing the same like Powerextra and Smatree. Therefore, The endless number of GoPro batteries on the market plunge to limbo most prospective buyers rendering them incapable of narrowing down to the best ones.

Skip to the best GoPro battery on Amazon. 5. Powerextra GoPro HERO5 battery By: Powerextra GoPro Batteries Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, this is one of the best GoPro batteries on the market. More reasons why it’s a good buy: Pros: Its charger is quite reliableQuite affordable for its qualityOffers future firmware update 4. By: GoPro Batteries Featuring extremely advanced anti-vibration connectors, this GoPro AHDBT-001 battery is simply incredible. 3. By: Smatree GoPro Batteries 2. 1. By: GoPro Battery.