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Why Luxury Card Is Your Ideal Everyday Companion - Best Benefits× Patented brushed stainless steel front and carbon back-weighing 22 grams 2% value for airfare redemptions with no blackout dates or seat restrictions 1% value for cash back redemptions 24/7 Luxury Card Concierge®-Available by phone, email, and live mobile chat Exclusive Luxury Card Travel® benefits (e.g. amenities, room upgrades and complimentary food and beverages) Members-only LUXURY MAGAZINE® Cell Phone Protection, Lyft credits, Postmates discounts, Fandango perks and more Annual fee: $195 ($95 for each Authorized User) Earn one point for every one dollar spent Terms and conditions apply Rates & Fees× Luxury Card Concierge® While most prestigious credit cards offer 24/7 concierge, few of them match up to the personalized service that comes from Luxury Card Concierge®.

Why Luxury Card Is Your Ideal Everyday Companion -

Wyndham Rewards: Gold Status for Coronavirus Heroes - Wyndham is the latest hotel brand to announce an extension of elite status for current Wyndham Rewards members.

Wyndham Rewards: Gold Status for Coronavirus Heroes -

The company will also extend the benefits of Wyndham Gold status for all essential workers fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what you need to know about the Wyndham Rewards status extension and coronavirus heroes thank you bonus. Chase Extends Signup Bonus Minimum Spend Duration - Certain cardholders can now automatically receive more time to earn their Chase welcome bonus rewards.

Chase Extends Signup Bonus Minimum Spend Duration -

Following suit with American Express, Chase Bank has decided to make these extensions automatic to combat the overwhelming rate of customer service calls caused by the coronavirus. This information didn’t come without a little confusion, however. Miscommunication led many to believe that extensions were only available to those who received new cards in late 2019. In reality, it’s those who applied for cards in early 2020 who qualify for an additional three months. Delta & United Looking to Pre-Sell Airline Miles - There’s been no shortage of news from the airline industry, despite the lack of flights.

Delta & United Looking to Pre-Sell Airline Miles -

Coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact the industry, with many carriers facing the threat of bankruptcy. The latest news from the hard-hit sector is that United and Delta may sell miles to banking partners early due to coronavirus. What does it mean if United and Delta “pre-sell” airline miles to banks, however? Bitcoin Rewards A Reality with the New Fold Card - Cryptocurrency continues to be an attractive investment despite the recent volatility in the markets as a result of COVID-19.

Bitcoin Rewards A Reality with the New Fold Card -

Bitcoin is by far the most popular of the currencies, and now Visa is joining forces to bring cryptocurrencies into the world of credit card rewards. Here’s what you need to know about Fold, the new Fold Card, and how to earn Bitcoin rewards with every purchase. What Is Fold? The Best Ways to Fix Your Credit - There are several reasons why you may be dealing with imperfect credit.

The Best Ways to Fix Your Credit -

You might have missed numerous credit card payments. Maybe you recently filed for bankruptcy. Why It’s Important to Check Your Credit Report Now - Protecting your credit is something many take for granted.

Why It’s Important to Check Your Credit Report Now -

With the security features that come with most credit cards, it’s easy to assume that our credit is safe.As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shown, however, nothing is certain. This reality is especially true when it comes to credit and your finances. Here’s why it’s important to check your credit report now. What Is a Credit Report? Credit reports are a historical record of a person or company’s financial responsibility.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt During Coronavirus - Credit card debt is an issue that affects many of us.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt During Coronavirus -

As of 2020, the average American has approximately $8,000 in debt. With such high balances, repayment is an essential part of the monthly budget. Since COVID-19 is having such an immense impact on personal finance, however, should Americans continue putting extra money towards their credit card debt during coronavirus? Debt and Coronavirus – A Dangerous Combination. Contactless Payments Introduced By Upgrade Card - Social distancing is changing the way Americans interact in their daily lives.

Contactless Payments Introduced By Upgrade Card -

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are causing significant upheaval in personal finance, with many becoming wary of the possibility of contracting COVID-19 through cash and credit cards. Because of this fear, contactless payments are gaining popularity. Upgrade is the latest issuer to launch contactless payments with the Upgrade Card. Citibank Waiving Fees and Payments By Online Request -

In the latest coronavirus news regarding credit cards, Citibank joins the growing line of issuers offering financial assistance.

Citibank Waiving Fees and Payments By Online Request -

With unemployment rates continuing to skyrocket, more and more consumers must rely on their emergency savings to get by. Those who find themselves without funds to spare consider their credit cards a lifeline in these turbulent times. Fortunately, Citi cardholders can now submit requests online to have their Citibank late payment fees waived, as well as their minimum payments. Who Qualifies for the Citi Card Late Fee or Minimum Payment Waiver? Any consumer holding one of the many Citibank credit cards can apply for coronavirus credit card relief from this bank.

Get the Latest Credit Card Information and News - - Why Avianca Offers the Best Value Credit Card for Travel. In the current coronavirus climate, few major airlines are struggling as much as Avianca. Avianca, the flag carrier of Colombia, is one of the leading airlines in Central and South America.

Despite the extensive reach of the airline, however, its entire fleet is grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic. Given the international travel situation, now might not seem like the ideal time to get a credit card from Avianca. Here’s why, however, Avianca is the best value credit card for travel during coronavirus (COVID-19). Can You Get a Credit Card If You’re Laid Off? - The coronavirus pandemic is causing severe disruption to the lives of millions of Americans. This disruption and chaos include unemployment figures that dwarf anything the nation has seen since the Great Depression.

Because of the economic hardships, many find themselves applying for additional lines of credit are one way to help pay the bills. But can you get a credit card if you’re laid off because of COVID-19? Credit Card Applications and Employment. Alaska and American Airlines Expand Partnership to Offer More Reciprocal Miles - If hard times bring us closer together, then the reinvigoration of the Alaska and American Airlines partnership makes perfect sense. The rapid spread of the coronavirus continues to send shockwaves through the airline industry, leading to layoffs, cutbacks, and talks of corporate bailouts. Yet in the midst of all this, these airlines recommitted to their codesharing partnership and also launched a reciprocal initiative.

This initiative allows members of both loyalty programs to reap shared benefits and earn points when flying with either airline. Moreover, Alaska Airlines has announced plans to join American in the oneworld alliance in 2021. These moves could not only bolster both companies, but also give their frequent flyers something to look forward to when the travel bans lift and feelings of normalcy return. Coronavirus Causes Higher Credit Card Skimmer Risks - As more consumers rely on online shopping during the COVID-19 quarantine, credit card skimmers are taking advantage.

Credit card skimming has long been an issue, both online and at popular self-service spots like gas stations and ATMs. However, certain circumstances – such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday – present increased opportunities for online credit card theft. The coronavirus pandemic offers a similar landscape, with more consumers purchasing essentials, ordering delivery, and supporting small businesses from the safety of the Internet. Not to mention, the virus also has both shoppers and businesses distracted.

COVID-19: Delta, United Frequent Flyer Elite Status News United Airlines is the latest company to announce that it will extend the status of loyal customers through 2021. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, United joins fellow U.S. carrier, Delta, in extending frequent flyer elite status for members through January of 2022. United’s announcement came on the heels of Delta’s statement that SkyMiles Medallion members will keep their current status through January 31, 2022. United is following Delta’s lead, extending the same offer for MileagePlus members with Premier status. American Express Extends Welcome Bonus on Credit Cards.

What’s a Good Credit Card for Someone with Bad Credit? - Using Credit Cards During Coronavirus - COVID-19 Tips - Bad Credit Score? Do You Reall Need a Secured Card? - COVID-19 and Personal Finance: When Is It Okay to Break Credit Card Rules? - Credit Card Stocks Soar - Get a Credit Card Now? Apple Card’s Privacy Policy Update Allows for More Data Sharing - Travel Credit Card - Is It a Good Time to Apply? - How to Quickly Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Coronavirus Travel Policies for Airlines Continue to Evolve - HSBC Premier Membership Now Offers Easier Eligibility for Customers. What to Know About the COVID-19 Stimulus Checks - The Federal Reserve's Latest COVID-19 Updates - Restaurants Call for COVID-19 Swipe Fee Cuts - What Are the Easiest Credit Cards for Bad Credit to Get? -

Organizations Warn of COVID-19 Scams - Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Scams - Coronavirus Outbreak - Get Tips for Using Credit Cards. Goldman Sachs Downgrades U.S. Economy Forecast - Apple Customer Assistance Program for Apple Card Opens IHG Rewards Club Lowers 2020 Elite Requirements - Fed Announces Hefty Interest Rate Cut Due to COVID-19 - FICO Antitrust Probe Opened by Department of Justice - New Radisson Hotel in Anápolis, Brazil Opens - Chase Sending Reduced APR Offers to Customers - New Radisson Hotel in Anápolis, Brazil Opens - New Radisson Hotel in Anápolis, Brazil Opens - New Radisson Hotel in Anápolis, Brazil Opens - Harley Quinn Movie Fans – The DC Power Visa is The Perfect Companion. CFPB Complaint Filed Against Fifth Third Bank Over Unauthorized Accounts -

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Is AAdvantage Dining Really Worth It? - Is AAdvantage Dining Really Worth It? - Credit Cards and Coronavirus - What to Know - Airlines Waive Cancellation Fees Due to Coronavirus - Credit Card Debt in America Grows. Amtrak Introduces New Fare Structure - Chase Renews United Airlines Credit Card Partnership Through 2029 - Virgin Atlantic Joins KLM, Air France, and Delta - Airport Lounge Access from Capital One Coming 2021 - MGM Data Breach: How to Protect Against Fraud CardWorks to Ally with Ally Financial - SmartHealth PayCard: the First Medical Credit Card -

Dodge Auto Loan Debt With a DrivePlus Credit Card -

Best Credit Cards 2020

Hit the Dunes with the 2020 Jeep® Gladiator Mojave - Hit the Dunes with the 2020 Jeep® Gladiator Mojave - Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Cards Get a Facelift - Barclays Announces New Credit Card from Emirates - World of Hyatt Bonus Journeys Returns - CenturyLink Field Transitions to Cashless Transactions for Events. Delta Announces Changes to SkyMiles Credit Cards - Changes Announced to Visa® Interchange Fees - Harley Quinn Movie Fans – The DC Power Visa is The Perfect Companion. A Brief History of Credit and Credit Cards. How To Pick A Travel Credit Card. Underrated Credit Cards for Online Shopping.