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Luxury Bus Service. Pre-Paid Tickets. Here you can find several packages of tickets from which you can choose.

Pre-Paid Tickets

The more you buy, the more free travel you receive. VIP members receives even lower prices, so it really pays to be a VIP member (The tickets are valid for 2 years from purchase date). Please note: You must register as a member and log in, in order to purchase one of these special packages. You can also register as a VIP paid member (or log to your account and choose to upgrade if you are a regular member) by clicking on this link and choosing the VIP membership before you choose any deal. This will automatically show you the lower prices available on each deal for VIP members only.

BestBus Luxury Accommodations Buses from virginia to new york. Luxury Accommodations. Enjoy Comfort and Luxury Travel with BestBus Prime. Luxury Bus Service. Luxury Bus Service. Luxury Accommodations. Enjoy Comfort and Luxury Travel with BestBus Prime. Best Bus from DC to NYC. Enjoy Comfort and Luxury Travel with BestBus Prime. Ultimate Comfort on BestBus Prime Bus Ride. Luxury Bus Services. Luxury Bus Trips from New York to DC. Bus Travel Deals Blog. Enjoy Comfort and Luxury Travel with BestBus Prime.

Luxury Accommodations. Luxury Bus Trips from New York to DC. Luxury Bus from Delaware to NYC. Prime buses NYC. Bus travel deals. Nearest bus stop. Luxury Bus Services. Pre-Paid Tickets. Book a Luxury Bus NYC to Washington DC. BestBus - Travel Benefits and Deals #TravelDeals. BestBus Joins the Call for Government Aid Amidst COVID-19 Concerns. [April 17, 2020 – Washington, DC] BestBus, a subsidiary of DC Trails, recently joined a group of more than 30 transportation companies from around the country in a plea to Senator Mark Warner (D) for financial assistance to deal with the blowback from the COVID-19 pandemic Warner heads the WH Task Force on COVID-19.

BestBus Joins the Call for Government Aid Amidst COVID-19 Concerns

Recently, the government announced a stimulus package of $2 trillion with $100 million going to U.S. transportation companies except private buses. The letter, authored by John “Jay” Sneed of Prevost Car Inc., chides Congress for their lack of response. Also included in the plea are several links to videos from private motorcoach owners and industry officials, including BestBus owner William Torres. “A lot of employees are suffering; the whole industry is suffering. According to the video, approximately 600 million people are moved by private motor coaches each year, more than Amtrak and nearly as many as the aviation industry, both of which received financial assistance. Useful Travel and Safety Tips for COVID-19 & Beyond. The current COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected citizens and businesses alike.

Useful Travel and Safety Tips for COVID-19 & Beyond

One major industry that has been touched is the travel industry – and by extension, business travelers and casual travelers/tourists. People have been hesitant to travel, and with the growing restrictions and quarantine, many simply are unable to. To help, our BestBus team has put together a list of things to remember when you a traveling that can protect you and your family. Travel Insurance One important rule to always remember is that while it may potentially cost more upfront, buying the premium level of travel insurance can help if you are unable to travel since it allows you to cancel for any reason. Basic coverage will not let you cancel if you are uncomfortable with flying or can’t for a number of reasons.

The decision to travel can be a very delicate decision and should be one that is made with extreme care and thought (especially during situations like we are experiencing now). BestBus Joins the Call for Government Aid Amidst COVID-19 Concerns. Bus Tickets to New York. Luxury Bus from Delaware to NYC. New York to DC Bus. Best Bus from DC to NYC. Bus Washington dc to nyc. D.C. Trails Acquires Luxury Bus Service. Motorcoach company DC Trails has recently acquired BestBus, adding the online reservation company to its expanding brand.

D.C. Trails Acquires Luxury Bus Service

BestBus offers daily runs and stops in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, D.C., and New York City. As part of its luxury bus service, BestBus provides WiFI, AC outlets, adjustable footrests, cup holders, and free bottled water on all its coaches. DC Trails has said it will continue to operate the BestBus line-runs and promises to keep offering safe, clean, convenient, and affordable services. The company is also in the process of adding 15 brand new VanHool motorcoaches to their fleet, replacing older models with more energy-efficient ones. Doing so will help reduce maintenance costs and increase route efficiencies, enabling them to provide better services to their valued customers. “With this acquisition, BestBus customers will now have the chance for the first time, to ride motorcoaches owned and operated by the same company,” the couple said.

Best Bus from DC to NYC. Find A BestBus Pick-up Location Near You. New York to dc bus. BestBus Travel Benefits and Deals. BestBus Travel Benefits and Deals Searching for the best bus travel deals is probably one of the first things you do when you're planning your trip.

BestBus Travel Benefits and Deals

Bus Tickets to NYC Penn Station from DC. Luxury Bus Services. BestBus Travel Benefits and Deals. 5 Events in NYC this November. If you plan on visiting New York this November for some fun and excitement, taking a prime bus to NYC can be a great way to get there in style and comfort.

5 Events in NYC this November

But what to do once you arrive? Well, there are no shortage of events going on this month, so BestBus has collected a few of them to help you narrow down the list. Here are five of the most popular things to do in NYC this November. 1. 5 Things to Do in DC this Christmas. Are you visiting the nation’s capital this Christmas?

5 Things to Do in DC this Christmas

If it’s your first time, you might be wondering what to do once your luxury bus service arrives? Well, after checking into your hotel or dropping off your bags, try following some of these suggestions from BestBus. Below, you’ll find five must-do things for your Christmas visit to Washington, D.C.! 1. Attend the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony On the first Thursday of December each year, the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is held at the White House. 2.

As one of the country’s oldest train stations, Union Station is a great place to explore during the holiday season. Bus Tickets To New York. Nearest Bus Stop. Bus Travel Deals. Bus Tickets to New York. Bus from dc to rehoboth beach. Buses from VA to NYC. Find A BestBus Pick-up Location Near You. New York to Washington DC Bus Service. Dupont Circle to NYC BestBus. Book a Luxury Bus NYC to Washington DC. About Our New York to Washington DC Luxury Bus. FAQs About Our Bus Travel Deals. Luxury Bus Trips from New York to DC. Buy Bus Tickets to New York & Delaware. Traveling with BestBus. Happy Holidays from BestBus. Best Bus NYC. Bus Travel Deals. Bus Travel Deals. Luxury Bus Service. Luxury bus service from DC to NYC. If you’re looking for luxury bus service from DC to NYC, BestBus’s Prime Bus is a great choice.

Luxury bus service from DC to NYC

With wide leather seats from maximum comfort and legroom, you can take in the sights and sounds of your trip and ensure that you enjoy your experience no matter where you’re passing through. Still on the fence? We’re going to cover all the reasons to choose our Prime option! Everything You Need When you travel using our Prime Bus, you can access to everything you need for the most enjoyable trip possible. The perks include: ● Comfy, wide leather seats ● Personal trays and armrests ● Free movie streaming ● Free bottle of water ● Free Wi-Fi ● 110V outlets under each seat ● Restroom Not only that, you have the freedom to reschedule your ticket free of charge and a guarantee that you’ll reach your destination on time.

Who Is BestBus? Originally known as DC2NY, we began expanding our popular services into other cities, which led to the creation of our new, more inclusive name, BestBus! Who Do We Serve? Bus Tickets to New York. With the warm weather starting and spring in full force, lots of people are looking for ways to start taking in the sun and enjoying the city.

Bus Tickets to New York

If you want to get bus tickets to New York and enjoy its parks, street fairs, an food festivals, the BestBus team knows just the things to see to make your trip as memorable as possible. The Best Spring Activities New York Has to Offer * The Orchid Show Spring is a time of new beginnings, and The Orchid Show is a great event with a 2019 theme of Singapore. The 17th annual flora festival features a display with thousands of orchids in various shapes, sizes, and colors. . * The Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival When you attend the Sakura Matsuri you’ll have the chance to take in everything from Taiko drummers, J-rock bands, samurai-sword masters, and stand-up comics across the festival’s two stages. . * Shakespeare in the Park.

Bus Travel Deals. If you’re planning to take a trip this year, we offer some great bus travel deals to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your money.

Bus Travel Deals

Before you make your decision, take a look at our BestBus plans and ask yourself what you want out of your trip. We know you’ll find something in one of them that will make your trip a more enjoyable experience. Below, we cover our offers and why you should stick with us. BestBus Membership Options At BestBus, we offer two membership options, each of which is catered to people with different needs. These options are: ● Regular membership ● VIP membership The regular membership is for anyone that wants to earn points toward free trips, special members-only promotions, and reschedule or set on hold any trip up to 12 hours before departure. But if you want more bus travel deals from your trips, the VIP membership comes with all of the above perks and more. Bus Travel Deals. Taking the bus across the United States and exploring cities throughout the country is a great way to find out more about our nation and its history.

It’s why so many are now capitalizing on the latest bus travel deals from the leading companies. Our team at BestBus has significant experience as a tour operator and today we’re going to explain a few packing tips for your upcoming bus trip. Roll your clothes Rather than trying to fold your clothes neatly for the trip, only to find that the clothes you want to wear are a wrinkled mess when you arrive, you might consider rolling your clothes for your trip. Before setting off on the trip and capitalizing on bus travel deals, make sure shirts, pants, and sweaters are rolled neatly to ensure ideal wear at your destination.

Bus Trip from Delaware to NYC. Planning your bus trip from Delaware to NYC is one of the best ways to ensure you see all the sights. Our team at BestBus can help guide you as you make your plans. In this latest post, we’re presenting our guide to the best places to visit in NYC. Museum Mile This area of Fifth Avenue stretches from 82nd Street to 105th Street alongside Central Park and allows visitors the opportunity to explore all the culturally significant museums in New York City. On Museum Mile, you’ll find The Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, and Museum of the City of New York, each of which features uniquely captivating pieces that will elevate your trip experience. Get Luxury #Bus Service for DC to NYC with BestBus #NY.

New York to DC Bus. Who is BestBus. Reschedule a Bus Reservation from BestBus. Why bestbus are the best. Join the BestBus Traveling Community. Welcome to BestBus Prime! - The business class of bus travel. Bus from Delaware to NYC. Bus from Virginia to New York City with BestBus Luxury Bus.